Dialogue, Volume 43, Number 3

The Fall issue of Dialogue is up on the website, and should be arriving in your mailbox soon. (You are a subscriber, right?)

As luck would have it, this issue includes an essay by Chase Kimball on the difficulties of lived Mormonism in China, which coincides rather nicely with this amazing announcement from the Newsroom. It’s hard to know exactly what “regularize” might mean, but I hope it will mean that Chase and his friend John can worship together someday.

There’s lots more, of course–some beautiful essays on responding to climate change by Ed and Carrol Firmage, a solid smackdown of Intelligent Design Theory by SB2’s brilliant dad, an exhaustively-researched piece on C.S. Lewis by Blair Hodges of Life on Gold Plates, and one of my favorite sermons yet.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kristine. I just renewed and it looks like a terrific issue.

  2. Kristine,

    I shared the previous issue of Dialogue with a friend who attends my ward with his fiance (a fellow ward member) and their son. He was uninterested in all things Mormon until I showed him Dialogue. Now we discuss the topics that he is reading about.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work. You are making and impact.

  3. Thanks, Emily.

    And thanks, L-d Sus. That just made my day! Let me know what you think of the Firmages’ essays, eh?

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    I just read the Chase Kimball essay. Well done.

  5. I keep trying to access the electronic version through the new site, but can’t seem to figure it out. Is there some magical registration I need to accomplish? Luckily I can still access it through metapress, but would love to use the new site.

    Any hints/advice as to how to do so with the new site?

  6. Kari–all current subscribers were sent an email in June with their username and password. It’s quite possible that a spam filter caught it or that it just made no sense out of context and got deleted–lots of people have had trouble. You can click the Log In tab and enter those (or just use your email and the forgot password reset), and then you’ll be able to access all the content.

    (If you’ve renewed in the last week or two, it’s possible that we haven’t reset your subscription end date in the database).