Tuesday Morning Lived Mormonism Poll: The Blame Game

Consider yourself and your fellow church members. When something is wrong in our local society (define it however you choose), who do we tend to blame for the problem?

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  1. Of course it’s our fault. Everything is always our fault. Don’t you read the comments on the SLTribune??

  2. Who’s we?

  3. It is super important to attribute blame. And it is safe for us because nothing is ever our fault.

  4. Eric S, actually this poll looks about right. 20% of the time it’s our fault, the rest of the time it’s someone else :)

  5. I don’t understand the question.

  6. John Mansfield says:

    Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame.

  7. Usually, I just hear that most problems are because of “The World”

  8. Peter LLC says:

    I picked “blame schmame” because it’s Yiddish.

  9. Peter (#8),

    Thanks for explaining that “blame schmame” is Yiddish. I was wondering who “Schmame” was.

    I always thought everything was either Bush’s fault or Clinton’s fault, depending on your political preferences.

  10. I’m curious if we have a tendency to blame ourselves for problems or others. That’s all.

  11. Peter LLC says:

    Well, the word “schmame” is itself not Yiddish, but the process of constructing it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shm-reduplication

  12. I blame the kittens

  13. #7 – I think the World is Them.

    I picked “Blame Schmame” because I didn’t feel like pointing any fingers today. Also, I didn’t really understand the question.

  14. #6 : well, it could be my fault =)

    John, I think you’ve outdone yourself in ambiguity. Next time, don’t post a question at all, just give three options: Yes, No, Maybe. I predict a ratio of 1:1:3.

  15. Mommie Dearest says:

    What if you define local society as including fellow church members? And what kind of problems are we talking about? Some problems have blame signifiers in neon signs, and some are, uh, more subtle.

    Don’t blame me if the question is confusing. :-)

  16. Left Field says:

    Evidently, over 100 people understood the question, or decided to answer anyway. But “ours” and “theirs” are not intelligible answers to the question, “who do we tend to blame?” But even after #10, I’m still unclear about the antecedents for “we,” “ourselves,” and “others.” Are we trying to determine if I blame myself personally? If I blame Mormons? If I blame Gentiles? If I blame everybody but myself? If I blame my local society? If I blame people not in my local society?

    I’m hopelessly confused, but I guess I can blame myself for that.

  17. Try to find a way to blame yourself___(even if you don’t believe it). It’s the only way a problem will get ever get solved.

  18. I thought we blame DKL.

  19. and I’m never quite sure if he’s ours or theirs.