Embracing the Law: A Conference on D&C Section 42

What Nate said.

(I’m considering just saying “what Nate said” when it is my turn to present.)

Details, Schedule


  1. Will these papers be published? I’d like to read Russell Fox’s “Thou Wilt Remember the Poor”: Liberation Theology and a Radical Interpretation of “The Laws of the Church of Christ”, considering the bad-mouthing liberation theology gets from Glenn Beck and others.

  2. Kristine, we all want to say “what Nate said” when we present. :)

    Zefram, there will be podcasts of the sessions available at http://mormontheologyseminar.org within a week or two of the conference. And the Mormon Theology Seminar is trying to publish the proceedings of their conferences (proceedings from conferences on Alma 32 and 2 Nephi 26-27 have been reviewed and accepted for publication).

  3. And there’s always that one journal people could submit their papers to… :)

  4. BYU Studies?

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