BCC Zeitcast 56: Publicity, Advertising, & the New Mormon.org

In this episode of the BCC Zeitcast, Scott B. is joined by Kyle M, a frequent guest blogger at BCC and a professional from the world of advertising and marketing, for a conversation about the recently publicity campaign the LDS Church has undertaken through Mormon.org. Download this episode here or subscribe to the BCC Zeitcast in iTunes. (And don’t forget to leave a rating/review in iTunes!)

Links for your convenience:

1. Kyle’s new band, Shakedown At The Majestic.
2. Kyle’s post at BCC describing his work in advertising.
3. Kyle’s solo blog.
4. Kyle’s Twitter feed.


  1. Kyle is cool; this is a great conversation.

  2. I heart Kyle. And not just ’cause he plays bass.

  3. Kyle can’t hear you, KLS–he’s standing too far back in the shadows. By the drummer.

  4. Stage pass, Boz.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Kyle is the real deal. Great conversation guys.

  6. I thought that the most interesting thing Kyle said was about the way approval for certain elements of the advertisements works in his industry–that the bosses are able to give thumbs up/down, but not allowed to edit or wordsmith them at all.

    I would be curious to know how much of that same line of thinking is being used at Mormon.org.

  7. The second other really interesting thing Kyle mentioned (and probably most important thing) is how these sorts of campaigns are meant to be viewed “as a whole,” rather than having select profiles picked over and scrutinized, like we tend to be doing in the Bloggernacle.

  8. aw shucks. Thanks guys.

  9. Great job, guys. And again, with the excellent intro Scott.

  10. “We are not all old white guys in Utah.” Corporate personality images cannot be “manicured” any longer (10: 50). I like the discussion mucho.

  11. I really enjoy Zeitcast — makes me feel like I hang out with the cool people.

    So how could I be cooler than a skateboarding photographer and get profiled? I know — squirrel-suit jumping Mormon!

  12. Martin,
    It’s true. Kyle and I are both pretty cool. The rest of the group is pretty vanilla, though.

  13. Best opening ever. Good job–great Zeitcast.

  14. I should stop bothering with podcast interviews and just do intros.

  15. Mad Men music!! You are the King of Intro.

  16. I’m a school teacher…

  17. In case anyone is interested, GST, Matt Page, SB2, and I just recorded the single worst podcast in the history of the universe. On my honor, it shall never see the light of day.

  18. Don’t tease us like that.

  19. Scott lies, it was awesome.

  20. Seriously, it’s beyond bad. Completely incoherent, with SB2 and myself alternating the role of reading GST’s instant messages while his microphone was malfunctioning.

  21. But hey, you know what was a GREAT podcast? This one, with Kyle!

  22. Yes, this was a great podcast.

    Kyle was right to call it the definitive commentary on the mormon.org ad campaign.

  23. A1 podcast.

  24. Beck was at CNN’s Headline News…

  25. Great Zeitcast. Thanks.

  26. meems,
    If you’re game, just say when!

  27. heh! Okay.

  28. Scott, if you don’t release the bad, how will we know the good. This is why there is opposition in all things.

    Release the Crapp-en.

  29. The problem with releasing the Crapp-en, B.Russ, is that it will leave everything covered in a gigantic layer of poop. Is that _really_ what you want?

  30. Scott, you gave your word of honor the Crapp-en would never see the light of day. For that, I am pleased, because the Zeitcast is my only interaction with “cool” people, and I would hate to be disillusioned.

    Therefore, you must herd GST, LB2, and Matt Page and do it over.

  31. LB2?

    Oh my.

  32. B.Russ,
    Your wish is granted.

  33. Cynthia L. says:

    Scott, it’s my new alter ego. Think LBJ, but with less Vietnam escalation and more hair.

  34. ElderChantdown says:

    What a cruel joke. Careful CONtrol. Satan sure is clever. And we sure are deceived.

  35. Chant it again, Elder.

  36. This interview was really useful in understanding the mormon.org campaign. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Here’s how you know that Kyle knows his stuff: the part where he says that with user-generated content there should be a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but no massaging of what is actually said.

    The television ads and some billboards (including an Alex Boye one near downtown Minneapolis) are running in the Twin Cities area.

  38. Re #33:

    Since LBJ without Vietnam would be my favorite president…does this mean the Cynthia L/SB2/LB2 is actually my favorite president.

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