The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 9

Another Image of Faith and Devotion

I'm a thug, a bully, a street fighter...and I'm a Mormon!


  1. Well, he’s certainly going to make an impression!

  2. heeheehee!

  3. Awesome.

  4. Straight Edge FTW

  5. shark has been jumped.. lol

  6. The field is white, the eyes are black, and the fingers are turning green.

  7. Sharon LDS in Tenn says:

    There’s more than one way to bring something good to it’s lowest level.

  8. Ha ha. Love this.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    Very clever. We could use a little street cred around here…

  10. Genius. Pure genius.

  11. Yes, Sharon. Yes there is.

  12. Cynthia LDS in Calif says:


  13. Please sign/watermark these, Matt. You need all the credit you deserve when these things go Mormon viral.

  14. I agree with Ronan. Lest we have another Times & Seasons fiasco. ;-)

  15. Latter-day Guy says:

    Matsby, again, has been touched by the numinous.

  16. Well then, we need to bring charges against this Numinous fellow. Can’t have him running around touching people. I wonder if he’s spent any time in Lincoln Park lately.

  17. The perfect Sunday accessory for that thuggish blue pin-striped dress shirt you wear each Sunday.

  18. Excellent.

  19. Too funny!

  20. This one might the best so far (except perhaps Moroni at the World Cup) – and that’s saying a lot.

  21. I’m glad to see Mormonism casts such a wide net. :)

  22. Latter-day Guy says:

    16, The touching happens most frequently in church/religious settings. Make of that what you will.

  23. Feel the gospel!!!

  24. Letters are in the wrong order.

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