Welcome WVS!

After numerous guest posts, applications were submitted and waivers were filed with the PTB, and we are pleased to announce that W.V. Smith has agreed to contribute to By Common Consent on a regular basis. For more about WVS, check out his bio page.

All hail WVS, BCC’s newest perma!


  1. Welcome! To BCC!

  2. Lucky (said in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite).

    I look forward to your posts. I really appreciate the comments you have made on my posts at FPR. You are really a positive contributor to the Bloggernacle community.

  3. Umm, what is the PTB?

  4. I appreciate the 50.00001% of the BCC permas who voted for me. It feels like an honor. Steve Evans told me to say that.

  5. Cheers! Actually, our parliamentary rules are more like the council of fifty. Unanimous, with the option to leave.

  6. Excellent.

  7. Wonderful.

  8. Yay! I’m not the bottom of the list anymore! Oh… I mean… fantastic to have you aboard! (seriously. boap is awesome)

  9. hail

  10. Chris H (3)
    PTB = Powers That Be

  11. Welcome WVS. I have really enjoyed BOAP as well and look forward to more from you in the future.

  12. John Mansfield says:

    My first experience with WVS was a partial differential equations class, so I’ve spent a few more hours with him than most readers, though it was directed only in a particular dimension (or two or three: we were studying PDE’s not ODE’s). My next was with him officiating in the Provo temple, the sort of juxtaposition that is one of the valuable things about BYU. It is nice to see the BOAP-like side of BCC enhanced.

  13. WVS is outstanding; glad to have him.

  14. And there was much rejoicing.


  15. Yay!

  16. That’s good news. The diaries and autobiographies and other resources at BOAP are wonderful. Thank you.

  17. Boap.org is the best resource on the web for Joseph Smith Data. Good to see you here.

  18. It is nice to see the BOAP-like side of BCC enhanced.

    And the Non-BOAP-like side of BCC diminished!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

  19. Yeah, I too want to express my appreciation for BOAP. It was one of the first Mormon resources on the web I stumbled into, and I loved it ever since. Glad you’re a perma on BCC.

  20. I echo the feelings of others. I’m a long-time fan of boap.org. I look forward to your posts WVS.

  21. I feel like a prized recruit has just signed with the wrong team. But welcome anyway, WVS. Remember, you’re a free agent in 12 months.

  22. WVS is a good man and a great blogger (in no particular order).

  23. Sorry Dave. WVS decided to take his talents to South Beach instead of playing for Cleveland, I guess.

  24. An excellent addition!

  25. Thanks all. Now you will pay.

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