Welcome mmiles!

After penning five* excellent guest posts (and many years of excellent comments), we are pleased to announce that the ever-impressive mmiles has signed a contract with By Common Consent in her own blood, promising to contribute to BCC until the Constitution no longer hangs by a thread. For more about mmiles, check out her bio page.

All hail Sister Miles, BCC’s newest perma!

*There is some question about the authenticity of one of the posts, as it appears that her husband may have been the actual author. Our investigation is ongoing.


  1. cool beans, m!!

  2. Excellent news.

  3. Are mmiles and m&m the same person?

  4. Welcome!

  5. Run to the hills, mmiles, before it’s too late. Save yourself!

  6. Hooray for our team!

  7. Cool. mmiles rules.

    I didn’t know authors had bio pages.

  8. Susan,
    Is this a confession that you’ve never clicked on my name in the sidebar? Harsh.

  9. Yeah!

  10. “Are mmiles and m&m the same person?”


    And the cool kids just got a lot cooler.

  11. Excellent. I needed another place where I could read her posts.

  12. “Are mmiles and m&m the same person?”

    I think she might see that as an insult. ;)

  13. This is good news. Welcome mmiles.

  14. dobro pozhalovat

  15. michelle-(aka m&m),
    Not an insult, just really amusing.

  16. Scott B:

    Because of your comment, I clicked on your name in the sidebar and learned that you grew up in Idaho. I didn’t know that you were a spud too! :0)

  17. Oh, and hooray for mmiles!

  18. Not an insult, just really amusing.

    I thought so, too.

  19. Hi, mmiles!

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