It’s that semiannual time of year again, folks.

BCC’s coverage of the 180th Seminannual General Conference started last Saturday evening with the Relief Society Broadcast, and will continue throughout the coming weekend and into next week. As is our custom, we will be providing you with the Only True and LivingTM live blogging, Twitter feeds, and analysis of the proceedings throughout the weekend. As always, free babysitting will be provided, courtesy of Times & Seasons.

(As an added bonus, at Kevin Barney’s request, we will also being using talks from the upcoming General Conference in all of our Sunday posts for the next year.)

What you need to know:

1. Live-blogging, with BCC perma commentary, photos, and open threads for all sessions here at By Common Consent, starting about 45 minutes before the Saturday morning session.

2. Twitter Updates throughout the weekend at Twitter.com/ByCommonConsent. Use the #ldsconf hash tag on Twitter for more (albeit inferior) updates from the Twittersphere.

3. Extra treats between sessions, posted here at By Common Consent.

4. In Depth Analysis of Selected Talks just hours after the last session concludes on Sunday afternoon, with more in the following days.

General Conference coverage is one of our favorite features at BCC, and we want to make the experience great for as many people as possible. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for what we can do better, what you’d like to see more/less of, and encourage you all to participate in the coverage!


  1. Hey now, no hating on the Twitter First Stake! We have a grand old time spamming our followers with commentary and snippets from Conference!

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    I love that lolcat!

  3. Can’t wait! BCC coverage makes conference so much more meaningful for me every time, when I get to hear what other people think and discuss the implications of all the talks, not to mention the ties and hair of the speakers!

  4. Who will be on site this year?

  5. Chris H,
    All BCC permas are currently in conclave, waiting for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them in the form of a keyboard. After that happens, the Chosen Ones will be wafted magically to SLC, and be revealed to the masses Saturday morning.

  6. I would’ve liked the cat in a tie. And possibly cufflinks.

    Overall, nice job.

  7. I hope the brethren urge action re Gliese 581 G.

    Please join the Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=155405237815666

  8. StillConfused says:

    #7 — awesome!!

  9. Excellent news.

  10. Hunter! Long time, no see!

  11. mpb, agreed. Maybe a jacket is overdoing it but I think next year there should be a vote at least. But don’t let Scott B. fool you. This is a dictatorship. I plan to publish the BCC GHI someday to prove it.

  12. We are planning an SLC snacker for those who are in town for conference. Those interested please email me or mfranti.

    my email:

    markcquinn at comcast dot net

    Thanks, and hope to see you.

  13. Former UK resident says:

    hope the brethren urge action re Gliese 581 G

    “Brother X, we’d like you to serve as a mission president to the twilight ribbon around a tidally-locked super earth. Please kiss your grandkids goodbye because they will be dead when you return.”

  14. Peter LLC says:

    Thanks, and hope to see you.

    Be careful what you pray for!

  15. I can’t wait for the photos, they’re great every year.

  16. It wasn’t a prayer, Peter, but it was sincere.

  17. I agree, jjohnsen — As stunning as some of the Ensign GC photos are, it’s nice to see the behind-the-scenes-feeling photos that Team BCC comes up with.

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