General Conference: Teh Contest

We already know how you’re going to follow General Conference this year: by following our open thread and our Twitter feed. We also strongly suspect that most of you lot will be watching in your pajamas, sitting in a hammock. Now you can show us, and win.

Throughout this weekend email us a photo of you/your family watching General Conference or following us online. We’ll censor out the obscene photos (for our own private library) and pick the most original. The winner will have the honor of getting the McNaughton treatment from Matsby: a good photoshopping & captioning of your exploits. Your fame will last through time immemorial. Email your photos to the admin email listed under our about page. Questions? Ideas? Share ’em below.

image courtesy of the GST Archives.


  1. So did you delete smb’s comment about misspelling “the”? We have learned by sad experience …….

  2. Are BCC permas eligible?

  3. Aaron, everyone is eligible. Especially you.

  4. John Mansfield says:

    Will the follow through on this one go the same as BCC’s Flame War Barbecue Contest?

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Hey man, there was one winner! Was it you or was it your friend that won? I don’t remember. Anyways, if you really want the T-shirt I can probably get it to you.

  6. Mansfield’s just bitter because his ribs sucked.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    no, honestly I think he won it, or it was at someone’s house and he was there. But yeah.

  8. come on evans. i throw you an out like that, and you punt?

  9. Steve Evans says:

    My ribs have been off lately. I can’t throw stones.

  10. So is Taliban Dan here following GC, the BCC thread–or both?

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