Sunday PM General Conference: The Ezra Taft Benson Memorial Conference Thread

(Yawns, stretches fingers, flexes neck muscles…)

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(On site today are Kristine Haglund, M Miles, and the Crawdaddy himself, John C.)

Two more hours, folks. You can do it.

People Not Looking For Tickets

Opening Hymn: Come, Rejoice (#9?), arranged and conducted by Ryan Murphy

Lead, Kindly Light (#97), arr. Mack Wilberg

Elder Perry

The more things change, the more they stay the same…except for technology.

…a record player is something we used to go to the family room and play so we could listen to music. Imagine that, we had to go to it, instead of carrying it around with us everywhere.

Not only do young men of the Aaronic Priesthood receive the power and authority to be agents of the Lord in carrying out their priesthood responsibilities, but they receive the keys of the ministering of angels.


Young men of the Aaronic Priesthood, I testify to you that the Lord is bound by solemn covenant to bless your lives according to your faithfulness. If you will heed the voice of warning of the Holy Ghost and follow His direction, you will be blessed with the ministering of angels. This blessing will add wisdom, knowledge, power, and glory to your life.


Parents of these magnificent young men and women, we charge you with the sacred responsibility of teaching your children the doctrines of the holy priesthood.

Bishops, …please be certain each young man who is worthy to receive the Aaronic Priesthood understands the obligations and blessing which come to him as a bearer of the priesthood. Help them learn to magnify the priesthood now by giving them important assignments and by helping them serve and minister to others.

Around the Conference Center

Young men, I challenge you to build your lives on a foundation of truth and righteousness. It is the only foundation that will stand the pressures of this life and endure through the eternities.

Prepare yourselves for the great blessing of receiving the Melchizidek Priesthood. The Lord needs you to prepare yourselves for His service, especially the great responsibility you will have of declaring His gospel to the world.

Elder Bednar

The Holy Ghost is manifested to men and women on the earth both as the power and as the gift of the Holy Ghost. The power can come upon a person before baptism; it is the convincing witness that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Through the power of the Holy Ghost sincere investigators can acquire a conviction of the truthfulness of the Savior’s gospel, of the Book of Mormon, of the reality of the restoration, and the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith.

These four words–“Receive the Holy Ghost”–are not a passive pronouncement; rather they constitute a priesthood injunction–an authoritative admonition to act and not simply to be acted upon. The Holy Ghost does not become operative in our lives merely because hands are placed upon our heads and those four important words are spoken. As we receive this ordinance, each of us accepts a sacred and ongoing responsibility to desire, to seek, to work, and to so live that we indeed “receive the Holy Ghost” and its attendant spiritual gifts.

Inside the Conference Center auditorium

What should we do to make this authorized admonition to seek for the companionship of the third member of the Godhead an ongoing reality? Let me suggest that we need to 1) sincerely desire to receive the Holy Ghost, 2) appropriately invite the Holy Ghost into our lives, and 3) faithfully obey God’s commandments.

We cannot compel, coerce, or command the Holy Ghost. Rather, we should invite him into our lives with the same gentleness and tenderness by which He entreats us.

Everything the Savior’s gospel commands us to do and to become is intended to bless us with the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Praying, studying, gathering, worshipping, serving, and obeying are not isolated and independent items on a lengthy gospel checklist of things to do. Rather, each of these righteous practices is an important element in an overarching spiritual quest to fulfill the mandate to receive the Holy Ghost.

Quoting Brigham Young: Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and be sure to keep the Spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and not turn away the still voice; it will teach [them] what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it. They can tell the Spirit of the Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, hatred, strife, and all evil from their hearts; and their whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness and build up the kingdom of God. Tell the brethren if they will follow the Spirit of the Lord, they will go right.”

Elder Lawrence

Your bright and energetic youth are the future of the church and…a prime target of the adversary.

There are no perfect parents and no easy answers, but there are principles of truth we can rely on.

In these last days, what the world really needs is courageous parenting.

Parents are responsible for the protection of their children, that means spiritually as well as physically.

Parents who love their children cannot afford to be intimidated by them.

[Well, there went sleepovers. I wonder if Scout campouts will still be ok. I know my brothers’ first experiences with arson occurred at Scout camp ;) I, of course, was a perfect angel at Girls’ Camp.]

Parents, be strong and of a good courage. Be not afraid.

Ah–President Uchtdorf with the rolled R’s!

Ryan’s eyebrows go up when the congregation goes flat. Just so you know what that means :)
Elder Malm

[I wonder if the IKEA dresser is named after him?]

Just like a young…tree grows bit by bit into a sturdy tree,…we can grow step by step in our capacity to
be solid

Through the healing Atonement of Jesus Christ…we may have the strength to stand tall and strong and
to have our souls filled with light, understanding, joy and love.

Peace is a gift from God and it only comes through the Spirit of God. In our day-to-day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a lasting impact.

Now, the hollow tree that I told you about no longer stands. Some youths put firecrackers into the empty space, which caused the tree to catch on fire. [No doubt it was during a sleepover.] …Beware of things that will destroy from the inside out, whether big or small.

The promise to enter into the rest of the Lord, to receive the gift of peace, is far from a temporary, worldly satisfaction. It is indeed a heavenly gift.

Elder Mazzagardi

Elder Mazzagardi’s granddaughter: Grandpa, what is sin?

Sin is the intentional disobedience to God’s commandments; it makes [Him] sad; and its results are
suffering and sadness

Elder Mazzagardi’s granddaughter: How does [sin] get us?

Sin gets us slowly and subtly, like how a tree pulls up a sturdy post.

When I was a teenager, my curfew was 10:00 pm. [Oh, man–teenagers are really getting hit hard this afternoon!]

We must be alert not to letsin grow around us

Decisions about standards to follow must be made in advance, not when temptation appears. Our parameters must be:

–This I will do because it is right, it comes from the Lord, and it will bring me happiness.
–This I will not do because it will drag me away from truth, from the Lord, and from the eternal happiness He promises to the faithful and obedient.

If we sin, we must look for help quickly, because alone we cannot escape sin’s trap. Someone must help us get rid of the deadly embrace.

Just as the tree I have described brought sadness, pain, suffering, and entrapment, another tree can bring the opposite. Dear brethren and sisters, stay strong and make good choices that will allow you to eat the fruit of the tree of life. If, for any reason, you have erred or left the path, our hand is extended and we say to you, “Come. There is hope. We love you, and we want to help you be happy.”

[It seems to me that almost all of the strong warnings about sin this conference have had equally strong assertions of the power of repentance immediately following. I can’t remember hearing quite so much about mercy and grace and forgiveness before (although that could be just because I’ve been exceptionally wicked and in need of forgiveness lately :)]

Elder Arnold

Each week as we partake of the sacrament, we covenant…that we are willing to take upon us the name
of Christ. Someday each of us will have to account to our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, for what we have
done with His name.

“As I thought about the role of the fence, I realized that it was a protection, just as the commandments and my parents’ rules were a protection. The commandments and rules were for my own good. I realized that obedience to the commandments could save me from physical and spiritual death. That enlightenment was a pivotal point in my life.”

[I love that we’ve gone from Swedish and Brazilian accents to Utah farming analogies–we really are starting to be diverse.]

Our kind, wise, and loving Heavenly Father has given us commandments…to bless our lives and to
protect our good name

The commandments are clear, they are protective, they are not restrictive, and the…blessings of
obedience are numberless.

Our Lord and Savior invites us on a daily basis to cleanse our names and return to His presence. His encouragement is full of love and tenderness.

Before you act,…ask yourself, “Would you think it, say it, or do it, knowing [Christ] is there?” For surely He is there.

In that glorious day when we stand before the Savior to report what we have done with his name, may we be able to declare, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith,” I have honored Thy name.

Elder Ballard

[Elder Ballard appears to be a fly fisher (and a sneaky one at that)]

The use of artificial lures to fool and catch a fish is an example of the way Lucifer often tempts, deceives,
and tries to ensnare us. Lucifer knows our hunger, or our weaknesses and tempts us with counterfeit lures…

Lucifer does not catch and release!

The battle over man’s God-given agency continues today. Satan uses addiction to steal away agency.

Satan knows how to exploit and ensnare us with artificial substances and behaviors of temporary pleasure. I have observed the impact when one struggles to win back control, to become free from destructive abuse and addiction, and to regain self-esteem and independence.

I am grateful for doctors who are trained to prescribe proper medications to relieve pain and suffering. Unfortunately, too many…become addicted to and then abuse prescription medications.

Now, brothers and sisters, please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I’m not questioning prescription medications for those suffering treatable illness or great physical pain. They are indeed a blessing. What I am saying is that we need to carefully follow the doses prescribed by doctors. And we need to keep such medications in a safe place where youngsters or anyone else cannot gain access to them.

Medical research describes addiction as a “disease of the brain.” This is true, but I believe that once Satan has someone in his grasp, it also becomes a disease of the spirit.

Any kind of addiction is to surrender to something, thus relinquishing agency and becoming dependent.

No matter what addictive cycle one is caught in, there is always hope.

If anyone who is addicted has a desire to overcome, then there is a way to spiritual freedom, a way that is proven. It begins with prayer–sincere, fervent, and constant communication with the Creator of our spirits and bodies.

There is hope for the addicted…this hope comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and by humbling
oneself before God…

Fervent prayer is key to gaining the spiritual strength to find peace and overcome an addictive craving

Set aside all pride and turn your life and your heart to Heavenly Father.

Ask to be filled with the power of Christ’s pure love. You may have to do this many times, but I testify
to you, your body, mind and spirit can be transformed, cleansed and made whole–and you will be freed.

Our love for our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be reflected in our daily choices
and actions

May we all be aware of the artificial flies being presented to us by the counterfeit fisher of men, Lucifer. May we have the wisdom and spiritual insight to discern and refuse his many dangerous offerings.

For those of you who have fallen prey to any kind of addiction, there is hope because God loves all of His
children and because the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ makes all things possible.

I have seen the marvelous blessing of recovery that can set one free from the chains of addiction.

President Monson

Wow, he even inverts Robert Frost :)

We have been spiritually fed

I express deep appreciation for the truths we have been taught

I hope we will take the time to read the conference talks

President Monson, of his counselors: They serve selflessly and effectively

How blessed we are to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ

We live in a troubled world

We are here on this earth to deal with our individual challenges to the best of our ability

Endure to the end we must, for our goal is eternal life in the presence of our Father in Heaven

We are deeply grateful for you and for all that you do to further the Kingdom of God on earth.

May heaven’s blessings be with you. May your homes be filled with love and courtesy and with the spirit of the Lord. May you constantly nourish your testimonies of the gospel, that they will be a protection to you.

Conference is now over. As we return to our homes, may we do so in safety. May the spirit we have felt here be and abide with us as we go about those things which occupy us each day. May we show increased kindness toward one another. May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.

May we show increased kindness toward one another; may we ever be found doing the work of the Lord

I love you; I pray for you. I bid you farewell ‘til me meet again in six months’ time.

Closing Hymn: Sing We Now at Parting, arr. Mack Wilberg

It’s a brutal arrangement to have to sing anytime, lots of tricky parts to keep in tune, even when the choir isn’t exhausted at the end of the day. And starting in unison, pianissimo, a capella, with the organ coming into expose any lapse in intonation is every tenor’s nightmare! Brother Wilberg rehearsed the men on the opening phrase at least a half-dozen times. Also, the women’s diction on “mercy.” /end choir nerd geekout


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  3. Here’s some fun to start us off—photos of over-the-top conference protesters:

  4. Root beer floats here at the M’s. The natives were restless, but are now fed, happy and lethargic.

  5. We also have Amish-made cheeses to eat with Wal-Mart crackers. We’re broad-minded like that.

  6. Mmmm Amish food is WONDERFUL

  7. The gays do anti-Mormon signage way better than the fundy Christians do.

  8. Nothing like 3 bowls of popcorn floating aroung the living room as the final session begins.

    The word of the session is HOLY GHOST.

    The candy bowl is filled with pumpkin gummies, gummy worms, and some other assorted items.

  9. This is the first year out of 5 or so that I’ve watched conference online that the actual feed has worked consisently. Ahhh, technological advances.

  10. Whoever said the prayer looked a lot like Captain Von Trapp, at least when his head was bowed.

  11. StillConfused says:

    Guy saying opening prayer used to be my stake president back when I first went to law school. In my first ever temple recommend interview during my first year of law school he went off on me about how I should not be a lawyer because there were enough lawyers already (he is a lawyer)

  12. I nominate that “pronography” should be a secondary word.

    There also should be a “major” word worth 2x candy, as well as a ULTIMATE word…any suggestions?

  13. I thought they discouraged giving your talk in the prayer.

  14. Two long prayer/talks in a row… weird.

  15. Much as I appreciate Brother Mack, I *really* enjoy hearing the non-Wilberg arrangements.

  16. I believe it has been established that hte ULTIMATE word for every session is Hagoth.

  17. Is this arrangement of Lead, Kindly Light a non-Wilbergian arrangement? I’m not well-versed enough in music to be able to tell.

  18. Lovely arrangement of Lead, Kindly Light. The author of this text is in the process of being declared a saint by the Catholic church.

  19. StillConfused says:

    Love the tie

  20. Yes, Hagoth is the ULTIMATE word. Alex, are you handing out the $100 bills?

  21. Funny, I’ve recently been thinking of buying a record player…

  22. Man, those record players that we’ve brought into our homes are degrading!

  23. I think that was our first visual aid of this conference (unless I missed the others). Was the pulpit in the Tabernacle really that low, or was it just lowered to accommodate his grandson?

  24. StillConfused says:

    Record player, ha — talk about the 8 track players. Those were awesome

  25. If someone says the ULTIMATE word in this session, I will give every member of my immediate family $100.

  26. Lead Kindly Light is one of my favorites. That was lovely.

  27. Alex, no, it’s Wilberg, ca. 1999 (I think)

  28. Bill’s insisting on barbecuing ribs and said he would make my potato salad recipe. I know he thinks I’ll make it. But no. I worked yesterday and I work tomorrow and there’s an abundance of food prepared already.

    I want popcorn for dinner.

    And I love Elder Perry. Did his grandson stand there the whole time he gave that talk?

  29. #22 – Elder Gong used an awesome family history tree with photographs

  30. StillConfused says:

    Mole — should it stay or go?

  31. Kids these days…

  32. Sorry about the text/picture thing. I can’t figure out how to fix it.

  33. OK, So we’re on a bit of a delay now. My brother in law just came in with a stack of LARGE CANDY BARS and a list of BONUS words, which are:


    THe first person to identify that any of these words are spoken wins a candy bar.

    We had to pause to explain everything. We’ll fast forward back to live action during the next song.

  34. Sister Cook also held up a For The Strength of Youth pamphlet this morning during her talk.

  35. this sounds like a talk prepared for a priesthood session.

  36. Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe Elder Perry is 88? He certainly does not look it.

  37. Yay Ezra Taft Benson!!!

  38. benson again.,,,

  39. Yeah Scouting!!

  40. StillConfused says:

    I am zoning out. I am not a young man. I am an old woman

  41. Ezra Taft Benson quote FTW!

  42. narrator,

    There have been a few like that. It sort of amplifies the feeling of being an afterthought (as a woman) that pervades General Conference anyway.

  43. StillConfused – How can you, as an old woman, help the young men of the church be worthy of holding the Aaronic Priesthood?

  44. There was a picture of a baby (I’m assuming her granddaughter) during Sister Cook’s talk as well.

  45. Oh Alex, while that is a good question, it makes some of us feel like our worth is only in the supporting of the priesthood.

  46. EZRA paid off the first large hershey bar.

  47. Well, hey, I’m an old man, too, so the question can be easily redirected to me.

  48. “Holy Ghost” is really paying off.

  49. Alex #43 That’s pretty much the objective of 50% of lessons in the YW manual – just substitute “young” for “old.”

  50. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #46: I wondered about that. He sortof slurred over the Ezra.

  51. Mommie Dearest says:

    An old man was once an important young deacon

  52. I can’t eat any more M&M’s…he’s saying HOLY GHOST too much!

  53. I think Elder Perry’s talk should have been given in Priesthood session, and not a general session. Seriously, how do our young women feel when they get to sit and listen to someone talk about the great power and responsibility and blessings their peers have? I would imagine they think, “Wow, the boys have power and responsibility, and I have… hmm, nothing, really. What’s the point of me being here?”

  54. (Sorry, delayed postings — the non-Wilberg arrangement was the 1st hymn, before the prayer. Lead Kindly Light was Wilberg’s, and is a lovely setting too.)

  55. Can’t help it . . . tunning out . . .

  56. yes, they’ll definitely be hyped up on sugar the rest of this session.

  57. Is it customary still outside of Mormondom to say “close quote” after a quote? I never hear “open quote”. It is helpful to know where a quotation ends, but I sometimes wonder if it is really necessary or if it is just tradition.

  58. “Act and not be acted upon.” That’s a shout out to my alma matter, BYU-Idaho. We love that quote up there.

  59. StillConfused says:

    Amazing hair.

  60. I wonder if “gift of the Holy Ghost” originally referred to the gifts of the spirit–tongues, prophesying, etc–before it turned into this ambiguous thing that it is today.

  61. CJ Douglass says:

    After Packer and Perry – I start to wonder if the morality/the world is burning talks will diminish in 10 years. Prob. not.

  62. LaurieinKC says:

    Ariel, precisely. As has been noted, the elevation of men over women is so pervasive that to some in the church, it extends even to the elevation of boys over their mothers in terms of who is to run the home if the father is absent. This misguided view can find support in GC talks. [Thankfully, Elder Oaks offered a different view today on this issue.]

  63. “that which we should most desire, EVEN the holy ghost.”

  64. The candy bowl is empty and and will not be refilled until the next talk.

  65. Rob, I’m on a diet, so my words for the session include:


  66. Mommie Dearest says:

    The gift of the Holy Ghost is not ambiguous to me. This is good stuff

  67. Aaron B, we can’t stop laughing over here…

  68. Aaron–You should have no problem dropping a couple pounds with those words.

  69. Aaron, if I hear “Queer Studies” I will buy you whatever (“healthy”) meal you would like. I’ll stand behind it.

  70. DISCIPLE just paid off a big hershey bar.

  71. Half of Elder Bednar’s seeming youth is in his voice. He’s got the vocal register of a 20-year-old.

  72. Our diet version in the Gonzales home is extra-hard high fives every time the word is mentioned. Our hands are starting to hurt, which just makes it more fun.

  73. Aaron B, I’m now hoping with all of my might that one of those words are said. Man… That would complete my General Conference experience.

  74. StillConfused says:

    He also has the hair of a 20 year old

  75. #66 I just don’t understand the distinction between the pre-confirmation and post-confirmation ability to be led by the spirit.

  76. “We can not command, compel, or coerce the Holy Ghost. Close Quote — Elder Bednar

  77. Aaron B,

    Just do not play that game at FPR, it will kill your diet.

  78. Elder Bednar’s hair looks much more grey in person than it does when he is under the spotlight at the pulpit.

  79. What happened to Bednar’s blonde locks?

  80. #58 Brandt,

    Leave it to Rexburg to cherish to dumbing down of an amazing concept.

  81. 78 — Impossible!! There isn’t a gray hair on his head.

  82. As a non-parent, this talk is going to be taken rather like I took the talk for AP holders earlier. Sigh.

  83. #80 – Chris,

    Nostalgia is what Rexburg is built upon. Plus, it became just about scripture up there, since Bednar used it and because he is an Apostle we must treat it as such.

    Ahh, Rexburg!

  84. Mutual theme? Is it mutual again?

  85. Bednar citing the near death experience and vision of Brigham Young of Joseph Smith and the adoptive cosmology of heaven.

  86. That’s what I thought when I met him! I was stunned!

  87. Lots of talks directed towards the youth in this session…good for them, this gives me fodder to write about.

    To bad many teens tune out…it’s been my experience that there isn’t much that “connects” them to the speakers topics and stories.

  88. Brandt,

    I will have a couple of good post about BYU-I this week at some other blog. You will want to check them out.

  89. Mommie Dearest says:

    #75 I don’t think I’m experienced enough about it to put the pre-confirmation/post-confirmation difference clearly into words, but on a journey to experience holiness in this world (if that is a part of one’s journey), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is a big boost.

    Learning about the Holy Spirit is like trying to catch a fish with your hands. But what a beautiful fish.

  90. StillConfused says:

    My style of parenting, “Knock it off. You are getting on my nerves.”

  91. Chris,

    Will we get another guest appearance by Sheldon?

  92. Just as addictive as drugs?

    Let me introduce you to heroine . . .

  93. Teenage boys leave the church because they play video games? Really?

  94. StillConfused says:

    Oh holy crap. She hid the controllers. Now that is mature parenting

  95. #89 what exactly was the big boost?

  96. I think the “just as addictive as . . . ” line of thinking is abused. Its a cliche thats just as addictive as . . .

  97. StillConfused says:

    “Nothing really good happens at night.” My husband would disagree

  98. The HG goes to bed at midnight.

  99. Quit riding your hobby horse Stapley! Dangerous.

  100. Alex (#93), it’s not so much that video games cause them to leave the church, but it’s been my experience that playing the video game takes control of their lives, and church becomes secondary. That’s been my experience.

  101. Mommie Dearest says:

    more holiness

  102. Yay for parents making united decisions!

  103. StillConfused says:

    Anti-sleepovers. No way. Are you kidding. Are they going to cancel Halloween next? Sleepovers are fun. Lock the kids in a box if you want. But they will find a way out

  104. Uh-oh, my 9 year old is going on a sleepover next weekend…

  105. “nothing good ever happens at night”
    like the night of Sep 21, 1827. nothing but trouble that night.

  106. I have a real problem with this talk. Certainly some kids respond to a firm hand, but just as many rebel when their parents get strict on them. It requires a nuanced approach that’s tailored to each child. But there’s no nuance here — only being hyper-protective.

  107. If the HG goes to bed at midnight, then I guess Elder Bednar’s talk about having the constant companionship of the HG wasn’t true…

    I can think of a lot of awesome things that happen at night. For example, sleep.

  108. Evil sleepovers!

  109. I made far better choices knowing my parents trusted me enough to not be waiting up for me. That trust more than once was the cause of my choosing well.

  110. So sleepovers are bad, or we should be careful about sleepovers…

    I wonder which way the people of the church are going to lean.

  111. Many young people have had their hand dipped in warm water and wet their sleeping bag at a sleepover.

  112. Now you can’t have a sleepover!? Oh man! Parents, don’t let your children do anything interesting and NEVER trust your friends. :(

  113. A lot of my social developments and fondest memories of childhood came from sleepovers as well. But I guess development and enjoyment of life takes a backseat to good ol’ pragmatism.

  114. I am so, so grateful my parents never had “interviews” with me. Except when my dad was bishop. And even that was just plain awkward.

  115. I am surprised they just had a Seventy cancel scouting in the church. No more “sleepover” camping trips allowed.

  116. Grrrrrrr….

  117. Left Field says:

    Rays clinch the AL East!

  118. StillConfused says:

    Not only did I let my kids have sleepovers, but I hosted them all of the time too. And I didn’t stay awake and watch them the whole time. Oh Noooooooo

  119. Brandt #91,

    Sheldon is actually writing his dissertation. I might try that myself.

  120. Larry Lawrence seems to dislike my family as we fit most of what he just said to a T. Sigh.

  121. Oh great, the feelings that parents use to decide the actions of their children. Lets not use our brains and think. Lets just make all the decisions based on feelings. Same wonderful logic that determines Nothing good ever happens when it gets late.

  122. Yeah, boy, lock them up and never let them experience anything, that way when they actually do leave home, they will be fully prepared for the freedom life offers them. Good plan!

  123. StillConfused says:

    #115… only sleepovers for girls are evil

  124. And now that sleepovers have been condemned in GC they’ll be even more rare.

  125. I think its really healthy to put limits on God’s power such as “the holy ghost goes to bed at midnight.” I think He loves it too.

  126. His vocal delivery wasn’t great either.

  127. I think Elder Oaks’ remarks about the priesthood line not superseding the personal line apply particularly well to this talk.

  128. This talk bothered me. I feel that my parents raised me right. Letting me make my own decisions, being a friend as well as parent. And that is how my wife and I plan on raising our two sons.

  129. And I don’t mean that in a snarky way. Just that these types of decisions are going to be different for each family.

  130. 128 — Only 2??

  131. Well, at least I have an excuse not to go to these giggly all night sleepovers with the Girl Scouts. I tend to get very grumpy there.

  132. 130 – he has three sons, but they are planning on being very strict with the third.

  133. What a cute accent.

  134. Other good things that happen at night:

    Meteor showers
    Lunar eclipses
    Midnight showings of movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter
    Priesthood sessions of conference
    Family Home Evening
    Stage productions
    Aurora borealis
    Aurora australis

  135. We don’t let our kids do sleepovers. The issue is, if you want to say no to one particular sleepover, it makes it a lot easier if it is already a policy for all sleepovers. It offends the hosts less when it is a parenting policy instead of a pick and choose kind of thing.

    Both my wife and I had bad experiences at sleepovers as kids – it definitely wasn’t all of them, some were great memories, but several were way out of line.

    Of course, our oldest is just into her teenage years, and it might be difficult to keep this up, but for now our kids are ok with it.

  136. Full of all kinds of waste? ewww.

  137. At least Elder Lawrence didn’t say that sleepovers are an ABOMINATION. That would have cost us a Large Hershey Bar.

  138. The best thing about the last talk: he mentioned prawn, so DH and I got to kiss, which distracted me from what he said for the next half minute. I love conference ‘drinking games!’

  139. Suddenly I can’t stop thinking of Dr. Strangelove.

  140. CJ Douglass says:

    Anyone know where homeboy is from?

  141. Sweden, I think

  142. Elder Per G. Malm is from Sweeden.

  143. StillConfused says:

    Sleepovers are like empty trees because … (we love analogies)

  144. He’s from Sweden

  145. 140 — Sweden.

  146. we might attempt to fill the emptiness with things of no lasting value… like sleepovers.

  147. Can I still have sleepovers with my wife? Or does nothing good happen then too?

  148. 130. Currently 2. We’ll see.

  149. I feel kinda empty and proud and uh…SOL.

  150. My wife and I love sleepovers. Thus, we’re the proud parents of 8 children.

  151. Is this a snark contest in these comments or what?

  152. StillConfused says:

    Sleepovers will not make the eggs whole again

  153. Best parenting anecdote of conference. :)

  154. We are too negative. Ya know?

  155. “Is this a snark contest in these comments or what?”

    Are you just discovering this 9 hours in?

  156. I agree with #127.

    By the by, I made some exceedingly poor decisions at sleepovers as a teen. I took advantage of my parents’ trust in me many times over. They trusted me and probably should not have.

  157. Swedish pancakes made it into conference!! Church is true. Lemon and powdered sugar.

  158. LOL firecrackers ,….. then an analogy.

  159. The beautiful green trees on the path… were hollow.

  160. 143 — Sleepovers are like empty trees because….

    things explode at sleepovers.

  161. Is this a snark contest in these comments or what?

    Yes. You’re losing.

  162. StillConfused says:

    Where is this guy from

  163. #146: or blog comments

  164. Elder Mazzagardi is from Brazil

  165. I like my members of the Godhead nice and infantilized, with bedtimes and all sorts of restrictions. Not too much sugar, Holy Ghost!! You’ll be up past bedtime!

  166. StillConfused says:

    The tree of sin looks like …

  167. Re #134

    On the other hand the bad things that happen at night list includes midnight showings of the Twilight series

  168. Is this the tree of sin? No, this tree is only the symbol of sleepovers.

  169. This guy sounds like he’s in the mafia.

    And there’s another visual aid.

  170. the HG goes to bed at 10 pm

  171. HOLY CRAP!

  172. Again the night!

  173. If one more person uses the pulpit of General Conference to limit the abilities of MY God or tell My God where and when he can and cannot have influence, I’m going to smack them.

  174. As a night person I’m feeling very discriminated against during this session. Some of us can’t feel the Holy Ghost in the early morning hours!

  175. #172: which must mean he’s always sleeping…you know, time zones…

  176. When two GAs give the same talk (more or less), is this better or worse than two young women wearing the same dress to the prom?

  177. StillConfused says:

    Apparently we are supposed to be afraid of the night. The GAs are reading too many vampire books

  178. #176 — I agree completely.

  179. Most of my sleepovers as a youth were fine, but the few, negative “firsts” happened under the roof of someone else’s home.
    It is strange how so many things that were acceptable as a youth are now discouraged because of the times we live in. At least that’s the reason for the dissonance that I’m giving.

  180. StillConfused says:

    I read that most molestations happen in one’s own home not in a friend’s home. So I had my kids have sleepovers away from home all the time.

  181. Back Row #176: WORD. My stake has leadership meetings on the first Sunday of every month at 7:00 AM. It’s unholy, unnatural, and contrary to all righteousness.

  182. nat kelly says:

    I would love to see this guy giving his talk in his first language. It’s very impressive that he can pull it off, but I feel like he can only convey so much genuineness and meaning when he’s speaking in a language he doesn’t seem completely comfortable in. I think we English-speakers could handle having to listen to a translator or two. (Or nine.)

  183. Loophole: If you wanna go out after midnight, announce piously to your parents, in your best Aussie accent, that in Sydney it’s only 3 pm.

  184. 7 am meetings are also “impure.”

  185. 184 — That would be excellent. And forget the translators. After all, we believe in the gift of tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Those with enough faith would be able to get the messages.

  186. StillConfused says:

    Aren’t large families essentially sleepovers?

  187. LaurieinKC says:

    I was invited to a sleepover while a young teen, and it was there that I was introduced to the Church.

  188. Good point Still. I’m putting 6 of my kids up for sale on eBay as soon as this session is over.

  189. Did I just hear scooby doo impression?

  190. I have the name Russell – so I’m pretty much set. I just feel bad for the Edmunds and Gregorys of the world. I think this guy is discriminating against them unfairly.

  191. Actually, Stiill (@188), I think that large families are the RESULT of sleepovers.

  192. Jared Webb says:

    Someone struck a nerve with the sleepovers. Wasn’t he just saying to be careful? Isn’t it true that when a group of young people get together after midnight mischief isn’t far away?

    Also, I don’t think he was limiting the Holy Ghost so much as saying “Be prudent and follow the Spirit.” In fact, I am pretty sure the only people that have said that the Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight were commenting here, not speaking at conference ;-)

  193. StillConfused says:

    Ahh Scooby Doo reference in a talk would totally redeem all of this over-controlling parenting crap.

  194. This guy s having trouble not transitioning to a scooby doo impression

  195. midnight huh? well i guess 3rd shift public servants, police officers, ER staff and the like, are really out of luck

  196. I was named after both of my grandfathers. Often when I think of my name I am reminded of them.

  197. Jared, yes. I am criticizing the Lord’s holy anointed bretheren and I will suffer, Until then, however, I plan to continue.

  198. StillConfused says:

    Cow photo… that deserves a large candy bar

  199. I wonder about the “close quote” thing too.

  200. I don’t understand farm metaphors. I’m too urban and sophisticated.

  201. So I need to know… We keep hearing about when it is too late to go out, but when is too early?

    When I was in high school, I had early morning seminary, and I also delivered newspapers in the morning, so I was up and out of the house between 3 and 4 am. Was that too early?

  202. Jared Webb says:

    Whoa, I never said anyone was criticizing anybody, just sharing what I thought he meant rather than what he said.

  203. StillConfused says:

    Oh man… a female cow who over eats and is bloated. “You stupid cow.” And she dies. Stupid female cow. She needed a priesthood holding bull to protect her.

    Oh … and wheat causes death.

  204. close quote…

  205. CJ Douglass says:

    break through the fence and – DIE!

  206. The song “Farmer’s Daughter” comes to mind after seeing that photo.

  207. 194

    Jared, winking emoticon aside, the Elder Mazzagardi spoke of teens going to clubs where “late hour and loud music makes it so the Holy Spirit can’t reach them.” That might not be an exact quote, but it was effectively that.

    I’ll concede that the night club is not the place to go seeking revelation, but I get extremely frustrated by people trying to say that the Holy Ghost is unable of doing something.

  208. hagoth220 says:

    i HATE YOU whoever menitoned the scooby doo voice. I just started laughing hysterically and had to leave the chapel.. CURSE YOU

  209. Wheat is bad!!! I’m going to throw out the food storage after this is over.

  210. @208 Now I feel bad for googling that after all the porn talk.

  211. Alex #203, It always bugged me on my mission that it was against the rules to stay up past the handbook time, but not against the rules to get up earlier.

  212. Fun fact: The word “stupid” has only been used three other times in General Conference since 2000.

    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, April 2010 (“stupidity”).

    Elder F. Melvin Hammond, October 2002 (used in quotes, as an example of something not to say).

    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, April 2002 (“stupidity”).

  213. I love Elder Arnold.

  214. “the savior invites us to cleanse our names and return to his presence.”
    I always thought the savior was the one doing the cleaning… maybe this is just a difference of metaphor but it makes me a little uncomfortable.

  215. I concur with Hagoth!! Evil!

  216. No one appears to be moderating here.

  217. (191) – That is the funniest thing I’ve heard since 1 p.m. PST.

  218. I’m not going to defend how he used the story, or every implication of it, but as someone who watched cows die in pretty miserable situations as a kid, I can totally relate to Elder Arnold’s tears. If you’ve never had to help an animal give birth after she’d wandered into hip-deep mud, shut up.

  219. I had a companion who like to get up on P day (“Power P Day”) at 3:30 a.m., to get more out of the day.
    I (a morning person) loved it.

  220. Jared Webb says:

    @B. Russ Are the speakers saying the Holy Ghost can’t do something, or are they saying that we can drive him away by making bad decisions?

  221. ariel, I agree, it’s an important distinction.

  222. StillConfused says:

    Video. Wow. Though fly fishing is boring.

    Killing fish. Oh my.

  223. Farmer’s Daughter is a song by Rodney Atkins. Maybe if you google Rodney Atkins, your results will be viewable.

  224. I really feel like they missed an opportunity to use a clip of Brad Pitt fly fishing in A River Runs Through It.

  225. Never heard such an eloquent description of deceptively killing a trout.

  226. gotta love those little graphic presentations. Oh and I apologize for the scooby doo comment, I had to leave the room because thats all I could think about and could not control my laughter.

  227. B.Russ, I don’t think these admonitions are intended as metaphysical ruminations on the scope of the Holy Ghost’s powers. Claiming the “Holy Ghost can’t do X” is just Mormon-speak for saying we can’t be in tune to hear God’s promptings if we’re doing A, B or C.

  228. StillConfused says:

    Now I am craving some southern fried trout.

  229. Fishing is of the devil.

  230. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    What dictionary is that definition from?

  231. We had to pause the feed. Really wish they would have more songs this afternoon so that we can get caught up with the live feed! Just got to Elder Ballard’s talk!

  232. Ballard likes to talk about pornography to YSA, He did it the last 2 times he spoke to us, im just waiting for him to throw it in there. Then i get to go eat some food as reward

  233. Don’t touch Satan’s fly!! It might become an addiction.

  234. Russell,

    Elder Arnold’s talk may have been my favorite, because it was so real and sincere. I loved it.

  235. I wish we were having Salmon for dinner now instead of chicken.

  236. Mommie Dearest says:

    I love a good fish analogy

  237. Has anybody added up the number of talks we’ve had today that have started out with an object lesson?

  238. Leadership meeting at 7:00 AM? Try Stake Priesthood Meeting at 7:00 AM every three months and the leadership meeting BEFORE that! The Stake I grew up in had priesthood meetings at 7:00 PM. I miss that time slot.

  239. StillConfused says:

    #235 FTW

  240. Marijuana is not addictive

  241. Marijuana can be prescribed, so did we just get an approval for those that use it as prescribed?

  242. We had salmon for lunch.

    Although that’s an impressive menu Elder Ballard just gave us.

  243. StillConfused says:

    He places too much emphasis on the second syllable of addiction.

  244. StillConfused says:

    Back pain = heroine, no kids, mental illness.

    Man, another talk in panic mode. Can we please just go back to Jesus loves us?

  245. Does anyone know how GC is scheduled? Are speakers just assigned to slots, or are talks looked over and then the speakers are assigned? And who does the scheduling?

  246. The occasional person does get addicted to MJ, kind of like the occasional person becomes an alcoholic. His placement of MJ next to meth, though, was very misleading. I’m glad he’s addressing prescription drug abuse, though.

  247. 245: Really? You are paying too much attention to the wrong stuff.

  248. 222 Jared, his words were the former.

    Either way, I think its a bad line of thinking to follow. I think that many times when we are in our darkest places are when the Holy Ghost works the hardest to try to save us. I think it is very possible to have deep spiritual experiences wherever, whenever, under almost any circumstances.

    And I don’t think being in a nightclub at 10:01 is a de facto “bad decision” to which you refer. If he were referring to some sort of sinful activity making you less receptive to the spirit, fine. But he didn’t, he said that the spirit wouldn’t have effect solely based on location and time. An idea I find ridiculous, unscriptural, and unhealthy.

  249. Mommie Dearest says:

    marijuana is not physically addictive, but it is psychologically addictive

  250. Nate–I know that Elder Packer is now always given a time slot right after a musical number so they can use that time to move him into position at the sitting podium.

  251. MJ has just been made an infraction, similar to a speeding ticket, in CA.

    On a different note, I am glad prescription drug abuse is being addressed in GC.

  252. So, which is more addictive, heroine, prescription drugs, or video games?

  253. LaurieinKC says:

    What is NOT addictive?

  254. Texting is a procedure.

  255. Mommie Dearest says:

    hmmmm, is blogging addictive?

  256. #248, alcohol can be physiologically addictive. Not weed.

    Cannabis dependency syndrome is psychological and akin to being addicted to exercising or playing solitaire.

  257. I wish Church leaders would BAN video games outright. Since I hate them, this would allow me to feel smug and superior to the rest of you, without having to make any changes in my own behavior.

  258. Mommie, you’re talking to a psychiatry professional. Anything can be psychologically addictive. It’s rather irrelevant, certainly it doesn’t justify placing anything in the same category as meth.

  259. Nate – speakers are given time slots (which session, what order, and how long), and then left to pick their topics.

  260. 246, If only that’s all that members of the church needed to hear.

  261. Another fun fact, related to Aaron B.’s #65 comment: The word “queer” has been used in General Conference only 5 times since 1897:

    Bishop H. Burke Peterson, April 1974. Quoting a poem by Esther H. Doolittle that included the line “Still all the furniture looks queer.”

    Elder Mark E. Petersen, April 1954. “When I was in school one time, I accompanied the class to Provo and went through the institution down there for the mentally afflicted. We saw one young man there who had a queer tendency in that he always wanted to be striking himself on the head.”

    Elder Richard L. Evans, October 1951. “And I believe the opportunity we have with our children and with the visitors who come here prompts us more than ever to have in mind that we must be in some respects set apart and in some respects different—not queer that is not the connotation of the word as applied in scripture—but I think we should be peculiarly honest, peculiarly dependable, peculiarly industrious, peculiarly willing in our work, peculiarly kind, peculiarly hospitable, peculiarly understanding, and peculiarly, happy.”

    Elder Stephen L. Richards, October 1944. Quoting a poem by Will Carleton that included the line, “Over the hill to the poorhouse—it seems so horrid queer!”

    Elder Orson F. Whitney, October 1914. “I thought it rather queer that people who proclaim in effect that they know nothing about God, who declare that no man has ever seen Him, and that He cannot be comprehended, should be found here in our midst trying to tell us ‘The Truth about God.'”

  262. Gambling, video-gaming, texting, prescription drugs, heroin, pornography…I wasn’t expecting much from this talk, but Ballard is doing right by painting the issue of addiction in appropriately broad terms. Good job, sir.

  263. Jared Webb says:

    @B. Russ I think we agree more than you think. I just want to give the speakers the benefit of the doubt. We are able to decide to turn the spirit off, no matter where we are, just as we can decide to turn him on wherever. I _hope_ that that is what he meant, not that location x at time y is impenetrable to the spirit.

  264. I think the texting teens probably just didn’t want the bishop to hear what they were talking about.

  265. I’ve heard anectdotally that prescription drugs are a huge problem among LDS kids who would never try “illegal” drugs. Probably a good thing it’s being addressed.

  266. Aaron,

    They might also ban using the iphone during Priesthood session. Be careful.

  267. StillConfused says:

    “Pray always”… is that an addiction?

  268. Um, anecdotally.

  269. 258, it’s also been linked with abnormally high incidence of schitzophrenia.

  270. @252 Yeah I’ve noticed that over the past few conferences.
    @261 Cool, thanks. I knew they weren’t assigned their topics, that’s about it though.

  271. StillConfused says:

    But if they ban Angry Birds on the iPhone I am afraid there will be mass exodus from the Church

  272. Russell is an anti-technology luddite. Of course he loves it. I agree with it, but not as much as my wife does.

  273. I suppose it isn’t considered addictive texting for those who are deaf…

  274. Excellent, a shout-out to the basic 12-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s still around, because it works about as well as anything.

  275. I had a mission companion who insisted that Chapstick was addictive and against the spirit of the Word of Wisdom. Lots of chapped lips that winter.

  276. Mommie Dearest says:

    I know of my own knowledge that weed is psychologically addictive, like many other things, such as playing tetris, computer gaming, eating junk food, & etc. And Ballard is right, all addictions are giving up a portion of your agency.

  277. My wife has just made an important observation about texting: we text each other when we are in the same room, even when side-by-side, so that we can have a private conversation when others are present.

  278. 277 – that is awesome!

  279. Count me as another person who is glad prescription drug abuse is being addressed – and is even more glad that prescription drugs are being praised at the same time.

  280. I am worried that I may be addicted to General Conference. I’ve been watching for 10 hours, talk after talk after talk.

  281. Regardless of giving up agency, there is a huge difference between a tetris addiction and a meth addiction. It’s kind of offensive to those people who deal with physical addiction (i.e. my patients) and those who treat them (i.e. me) to conflate the two.

  282. “We saw one young man there who had a queer tendency in that he always wanted to be striking himself on the head.”

    Yeah, what is it with the gays always smacking themselves in the face? Seriously, what is that about?


  283. Counterfeit Fisher of Men – I like that.

  284. Ray, I agree. I’m so glad he didn’t say “avoid prescription narcotic drugs altogether.” Correct use can be a great blessing to many people.

  285. Mommie Dearest says:

    I didn’t conflate anything. That was your observation, not mine.

  286. Wait a minute says:

    I know this is late, but Larry Lawrence was my sidter’s Stake President and she followed his firm hand approach and no sleep overs with her kids. My wife and I were SO grateful we did not live in that stake and feel we had to follow that advice. How did it turn out? My nephew rebelled right after graduating from high school. He felt completely stifled.

  287. I feel like pointing out that I am actually really grateful for this talk. As a drug prevention specialist, I am acutely aware of the variety of addictive behaviours that are common in our society, and I hope that members of the church will recognise that addiction is not just limited to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and pornography.

  288. #288
    All because of no sleepovers???

  289. right MD, I’m trying to clarify why I found his comment bothersome. psychological addiction is important, as your comment observed, but I wish he had made a distinction or at least listed them separately.

  290. Just to be clear, I loved the talk overall and I think it was very needed. I just hate hearing people suggest they understand drug addiction because they are “addicted to chocolate.”

  291. I add sugar to the list of addictive substances that can harm us.

  292. StillConfused says:

    Amen #293. Sugar is a huge carcinogen but gets very little press.

  293. 290- You beat me to it. Cause/effect inferences are my favorite. I did have sleep overs and rebelled. I also ate a lot of Granny Smith apples in high school and rebelled. Draw whatever conclusions suit your current persuasion.

  294. President Monson is really, really good at these concluding remarks. He’s got it down to an art.

  295. I think it is heroin; isn’t heroine a female hero?

  296. 295 Psh, thats nothing. I used to watch Saved by the Bell, and I got married in the Temple.

    Ergo . . . .

  297. StillConfused says:

    Both heroine and heroin are evil and addicting. Remember Wonder Woman!

  298. Mommie Dearest says:

    I agree there is a world of difference between addiction to video games or marijuana, and physical addictions like meth, pills, heroin, or nicotine, and for that I am grateful.

  299. Prayer/Talk coming up.

  300. In all seriousness, I look back on certain adult figures from my youth and wonder if it isn’t possible to develop an addiction to moralizing.

  301. Thanks to all the folks here at BCC!! It’s been another great gathering here.

    Thanks everyone for joining in on the WORD OF THE SESSION game we play here at my house.

    It’s been a great conference. Now let’s go out and apply it.


  302. Whoooaaahohohoho,

    Wonder Woman (may) = Addicting


    Wonder Woman =/= Evil

  303. StillConfused says:

    Okay, I missed it on the last session but what is the glowing orb at the top of the organ pipes?

  304. A tremendous thanks to Kristine Haglund, Marintha Miles, and John Crawford for covering General Conference. You three did a fantastic job!

  305. I actually think it can be potentially harmful to teach kids that one sip of alcohol can turn them into a drug addict who lives in the gutter (or a van down by the river.) Is it possible that some kids who rebel go completely nuts precisely because they’ve been taught that’s what will happen?

  306. StillConfused says:

    Wonder Woman = immodest clothing = evil

  307. StillConfused–no idea!

  308. 308 – I’m fully in agreement with you there.

  309. Wonder woman is hot.

  310. Wonder Woman = Supernal

  311. Loved conference. The message that “Jesus loves us” was pervasive even in the specific calls to repentance and caution.

  312. StillConfused says:

    My husband says that the glowing orb is the eye of God. I say that it is the on button for the organ.

  313. EVEN!

  314. our savior, EVEN Jesus Christ. Seriously, I never hear that outside of GC.

  315. StillConfused says:

    Is that a grammatically correct use of the word EVEN

  316. Not to mention “approbation”!

  317. I think it is just a light. Maybe it is the Eye of Sauron, though.

  318. Wait a minute says:

    It was the uber tight control that contributed to the rebellion. How do I know? Why I asked my nephew! I think he is a pretty good judge of why he rebelled.

  319. Thanks everyone!

  320. Well, it is time to get dinner made and watch more Buffy. So I’ll be clocking out now, but I’ll check back in later.

    It’s been fun, everyone!

  321. Second the motion in #307 – super job covering conference, Kristine, Marintha, and John.

  322. Is it okay to not allow sleepovers because you are worried about the fact that sexual predators are everywhere? Or will kids still rebel regardless of my reasons?

  323. Thanks, all. It’s been real.

  324. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    We try to teach our children NOT to say “stupid” and its interesting now that hearing it in a setting like this feels like watching a movie where a word pops out that you don’t want the kids to hear.

    My High School friends for awhile wanted to go to the midnight showing of “Dawn of the Dead” week after week. I was always glad that in order to gracefully get out of joining them on that activity, I could use the excuse that my mother had a nothing good happens after midnight philosophy. I do remember the police scolding us for ice blocking at 2:00 AM, and because I had been out that light, no driving the family car for awhile.

    Sleepovers in my day and age….you could only see on TV what was on the 3 major networks or pbs. You could listen to a handful of albums and records that were usually played on speakers. You could play board games or atari. You could call girls from one telephone that was in a central position in the home. If someone dared to hide the sports illustrated swimsuit edition in their room, you could mingle about what was hidden and what was not. No, I’m not a big fan of sleepovers in this day and age.

  325. nat kelly says:

    I’m with Alex.

    Buffy time!

    Though right now, I have to catch up on some Angel episodes before I can watch more Buffy, because they’re about to relate to each other again.


  326. John Taber says:

    #28: I’m fairly sure (from what I recall) that Terry was up at the podium with Elder Perry the entire talk. I remember President Hinckley (or whoever conducted) coming back to the podium and saying, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

    Incidentally, Terry lived next door to me in the dorm at BYU, right after our missions. He said the entire conversation was prescripted, and he was doing his best to read the teleprompter.

  327. #306 – it’s just an architectural feature, like an oculus (the circular opening at the apex of a dome). It’s 38-1/2 inches in diameter, gilded with gold leaf, and lighted by a dedicated spotlight. In his book about the conf center organ, John Longhurst says they started with a snow sauder, covered it with clay, and dimpled the surface with L’Eggs containers.

    (Still posting late …)

  328. Anything’s addictive. It’s why the prophets talk about moderation.

  329. Yeah, that was for narrarator who I think is full of crap regarding marijuana. Although I’d use it in a hearbeat if I got cancer.

  330. The Priesthood session is available online now…it may have been available immediately after the meeting last night…that’s fantastic

  331. I just read this thread. Got to agree with WillF and Matt W about the unmoderated snarkfest. I usually like the conference threads but not this one. Conference thread meet police blotter. And I like police blotter, for what it is.

    It’s like you were all having a sleepover or something. Behave!

  332. “Sleepovers are an abomination.” -Captain James T. Kirk

  333. PS: The peanut gallery is roasting, it seems…

  334. #334 – Amen.

  335. Listen, don’t make fun of the “sleepovers” comment. They’re not as innocent as what they used to be as when we did them. My daughter is now 22 and I let her do sleepovers as a child. She told me a few years ago that when she’s a mom she won’t allow her kids to do so and why.
    It’s really quite good advice not to do them. Let them play in the daytime and have your kids safe inside your own home at night.

  336. MSG- I agree. Sleep-overs were not so innocent when I was a kid in the 1970’s. I was exposed to far more than my parents would have allowed in our home. My siblings had the same experiences. We grew up on the East Bench in SLC County.

    My kids have not attended slumber parties and have been on only a few sleep-overs with a friend or two. A late-nighter allows for a fun time without the worry and the next day having a grumpy sleep-deprived kid.

  337. I also do not allow sleepovers and do not allow my children to sleep over at friends’ homes, for reasons others have already stated.

  338. Maybe I am cold-hearted or something, but for those of you shocked by the tone: Are you sure that you have followed a BCC Conference thread before?

  339. Can we get some juicy details about why sleepovers are some damnably evil and atrocious? I was discussing this with my wife, and while she said she can understand the concern, she wasn’t able to give any concrete examples. I am really quite in the dark here.

    I guess the sleep-overs I had (and went to) in the late 1990s and early part of the next decade were extremely docile events. No sexual experimentation, no trashy magazines, no late-night cable movies, no drugs/alcohol, etc. In fact, all we did was stay up talking, watching movies (usually classics like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Legally Blonde, etc), falling asleep during movies, and eating. And I was the only Mormon present every time!

  340. was up in the internet free mountains listening to conference – just enjoyed it all over again via these comments!

    Sleepovers off the table? I don’t think so – I just think that there is a time and a place for them… like between the ages of 6 and 11… most of my kids’ friends are “too young” for sleepovers (according to their parents who want them to stay home until they’re 12) until mine are “too old” for sleepovers…

  341. Wait a minute says:

    We know some folks that have as a rule they will not allow their children to go to a sleepover unless the friend is a member of the church. Our oldest son (now 19 and starting his mission papers), has two friends that are members but his best friend is not. The two member boys both were expelled from school for drug related offenses in high school. The non-member, a faithful protestant, is as trustworthy and good as they come. If we had followed a hard-and-fast sleepover rule as stated above, which situation posed the greatest danger to our son? I just think common sense and listening to the Spirit should be the guide.

  342. StillConfused says:

    So I went to my brother-in-law’s house after conference. He is in the second quorum of the 70. He was talking about the guy who gave the stupid cow talk. I quoted the number of times that stupid or a derivative thereof has been used in general conference since 2000. He was amazed. Until my husband squealed that I learned it from BCC.

  343. Alex, my mom is a marriage and family therapist…she stopped giving me examples of why sleepovers are bad because I jsut didn’t want to know.. it could be a random friend of an older sibling, step father, or other relative visiting the immediate family that you know and trust.

    anyway, carry on talking about stupid cows.

  344. I haven’t been back and re-read or re-listened to the sleepover talk yet, but I took it as just some friendly advice from someone that’s already been through the battles. My problem is that I don’t think GC is the place for friendly advice from 70s, as it can too easily lead to entrenched Mormon cultural mores that were never the intent to begin with.

  345. And the generation gap widens…

  346. ” it could be a random friend of an older sibling, step father, or other relative visiting the immediate family that you know and trust.”

    And it can just as easily be any one of these people in your own home. So why not just lock all of our children up in the attic and feed them a bucket of fish heads once a week until they reach adulthood?

  347. So who (GA) exactly talked about sleepovers? and What did he say?

  348. Fish heads. Is Iron Chef on?

  349. Listen, you just have to be extra careful with your kids
    even as early as 3rd or 4th grade. Around that age there are kids who know a lot for their age (seeing mom with different boyfriends, or an older sibling, etc.) and they try to experiment with other kids who may not know as much. I was stunned at the loss of innocence from my daughter’s 3rd class to her 4th grade class–same kids. My daughter told me there were “whore houses” and that boys went to meet girls. She wanted to know what “oral sex”
    was. This isn’t middle school age this is elementary school age. I did not expect that. I wish someone would have told me–that’s why I’m telling you. You don’t have to go
    overboard about it–just know that things are happening
    earlier with our kids than with us at that age so be aware.
    And that’s what the GA was alerting you to. My husband is a non-member so I’m not someone saying have only LDS playmates–not at all.

  350. Alex…then don’t worry about it. I’m just trying in short hand to express the concerns my mom expressed to me-the trends she saw in counseling..generally in the child’s home it is a step parent and in other’s homes it is the list of people I mentioned. These are genearlizations, trends, lies damned lies and statistics. YMMV

    I’m not a keep kids in a box person, but I do respect my mother’s advice. We do late nights. Surely you are old enough to decide what works for your family.