Happy Hallowe’en, Losers!

Tis the season for a teeth-rotting, diabetes-inducing candyfest. But life isn’t just about hot apple cider and peanut M&Ms — no, it’s also about lots of crappy candy, the dregs of the pillowcase that you will eat with derision in November when you run out of anything good in the pantry. We’re overdue for a poll, people.


  1. We’re giving away little bags of pretzels this year. Saw a big ol tub of them at Costco, with Halloween theme individual serving packages. Sorry, kids! We don’t even have a dentist in the family so there’s no excuse. I was just feeling extra mean I guess.

  2. Might as well throw in some razor blades, Cynthia.

    Actually that would be a funny halloween giveaway — pre-sealed Mach3 cartridges.

  3. Salt water taffy. Or worse, the black and orange flavored halloween candy. Blech.

  4. My dad used to buy a bag of raisin boxes to give out each year. He’d throw them in with the other normal candy that my mom bought. At the end of the night there’d still be a full bag’s worth of raisin boxes. I don’t think in all the years I helped pass out candy that I ever saw a kid choose raisins.

    Raisins, FTL!!!

  5. Eric Russell says:

    Evangelical tracts.

  6. the seemingly endless supply of tootsie rolls really is horrific.

  7. Glad to see sanity here. No one voted for plain M&M’s. Raisins. Ugh.

  8. I chose candy corn though I did immediately think upon seeing the Twitter link that the apostrophe was pretentious. Well done.

  9. Sam probably gives beets.

  10. The apostrophetic pretentiousness of Hallowe’en is offset by the apostrophetic hickishness of Bit O’Honey.

  11. Kevin Barney says:

    Out of those choices Bit O’Honey is clearly the worst.

    We always give out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, on the theory that there are always leftovers and so if we’re going to end up eating them we want something that’s actually good.

  12. Bit O’Honey is followed very closely by all things candy corn. Those things ruin Halloween.

  13. Don’t do peanut butter anything. Allergies!

  14. Mark Brown says:

    Those spongy, orange-colored circus peanuts.

  15. Umm…why are Good-n-Plentys not on the list???

  16. Aaron Brooks says:

    Yeah, way to support your dentists, people! No votes, so let’s take those toothbrushes off the list. One year we ran out of candy, so I started handing out little sample tubes of toothpaste, I had a whole boxful. In my defense, they were those new (at the time) vanilla flavored ones :) This year we’re giving out glow bracelets. Surprisingly inexpensive, and the kids love them.

  17. From that candy research sidebar link a few days ago:
    “Bit-o-Honey, for example, might be called a lower tier member, but why bother? It says to your trick-or-treaters, “Here, I don’t care, just take this.” The lesson of Bit-o-Honey is: you lose. ”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  18. Nothing is worse than Tootsie Rolls. I hate that Tootsie Rolls exist.

  19. Latter-day Guy says:

    Don’t do peanut butter anything. Allergies!

    I’m sorry, Susan, but you’re forgetting the true reason for the season: natural selection.

  20. Bit-O-Honey: nasty and removes your teeth.

  21. Candy corn is wretched, but I’d totally to re-treating to your house if you were giving out razor cartridges.

  22. Researcher says:

    I always make my kids stop at home part way through trick or treating, and we remove all the Laffy Taffy and Bits O’Honey and other filling-removers as well as those bright yellow spherical candies (choking hazards) and then we pass them out to subsequent trick-or-treaters. (Should I be admitting to this in public??)

  23. I never give out chocolate; I’d eat all of it otherwise. Usually I get the Willy Wonka mix – laffy taffys, sweetarts, runts, etc. I’m never tempted to break into it ahead of time.

  24. Kevin Barney says:

    Regifting treats? Not sure whether that’s brilliant or an abomination…

  25. I actually like candy corn, or at least, they are addictive enough that, if left to my own devices, I will continue to eat them long after my sugar craving has been curbed, but I had to cast my vote for their bastard cousin. The only redeeming factor for the candy corn is that you can eat it all in one bite. Those pumpkins take at least 2 bites to finish, and once you bite through one of those babies, the full shame of what you are doing comes crashing down upon you. But what to do? One cannot simply leave a piece of candy half eaten, and so you swallow the other half, feeling the shaming burn as it slides down into your stomach. Then the sugar kicks in, and you get nauseous for your trouble. And deep down, you know you deserve the pain.

  26. The orange and black wrapped peanut butter taffy things that are taped to miniature Bible-themed comic books. Awful, awful, awful.

    And to those who voted Bit O’ Honey: feel free to ship them to me! My wife and I LOVE Bit O’ Honey!

  27. Cynthia L. says:

    Yeah our kids are little so they are done trick-or-treating before most are getting going. We take all their rejects and hand them out until they’re gone. Then we go back to whatever we bought.

  28. Americans have strange taste in candy… ;) we didn’t have halloween in Sweden when I was a kid, but the absolute FAVOURITE “candy” we’d get were little boxes with raisins (usually around Christmas, and usually with mandarin oranges as well, equally enjoyed by everyone). Everyone loved them. But that’s a non-favourite here?
    I couldn’t vote, because there was no Hershey chocolate on the list. Of all disgusting chocolate in the Universe, Hershey’s wins the all-time low in my book (and I consider myself a chocolate connaisseur (connaisseuse perhaps)) !

  29. O, Heather O, have you been reading that -other-post?

  30. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    I swear that those candy corns actually taste like honey to me. Gonna have to check that this year.

    Bit o’ Honey on the other hand taste and smell like something that I pulled out of the drain.

  31. @Researcher: we did that SAME thing when I was a kid! I personally think it’s genius and its own kind of natural selection. :)

  32. @WVS — not beets. Scoops of ice cream.

  33. I like raisins, am allergic to chocolate.

    We will be giving out real candy bars.

    Candy corn makes me sick, so ….

    But still, I grew up rather poor, one should be grateful for whatever that is edible comes your way as free food.

  34. I love the glow necklace idea…we will be doing that.

    We normally do fish-pretzels-toy like bouncy balls, rings or now glow necklaces.

  35. StillConfused says:

    I think I listed my Halloween cache for this year. If you come to my house, you will get a bag that contains:
    Glow necklace (because they are awesome)
    temporary tattoo (to put on your sister’s forehead right before church)
    halloween button (for year round flair)
    A popup ghost (small springy choking hazard)
    Eyeball candy with red goo inside (hopefully a permanent stain)
    Body organ gummy candy (a treat and an anatomy lesson in one)
    Sticky wall spider (love to watch them crawl down the window — at least until they are covered in dog hair)
    mini play doh (a natural selection device — see who eats it)

    On year when I was a teenager and at a friend’s house, she didn’t have any halloween candy, so we gave out sliced cheese.

    I have been known to save Halloween candy until the next year to give out. And my kids are suspicious when their stockings contain Halloween candy AND Easter Candy. I figure eventually they will eat it. In the meantime, it makes for a great stocking filler!

  36. Mommie Dearest says:

    Scoops of ice cream, FTW!

    I buy a bag of mini Snickers just in case we get any doorbell ringers. We haven’t had them in years. But the Snickers won’t go to waste. (Instead, they go to waist.)

    I voted for candy corn. For once I am firmly in the mainstream.

  37. StillConfused's Husband says:

    The grossest ones I got as a kid:
    Chocolate covered orange sticks (orange jelly inside)
    Bag of Hard Nuts

    Both from Aunt Myrna

  38. Cynthia L. says:

    I grew up in a very ethnically diverse neighborhood, with many immigrant families. Most just didn’t give out candy on Halloween, but sometimes they tried. One thing I can tell you is that what fits the definition of candy varies WIDELY from country to country. That is all.

  39. Sons of Fresno, rise with me now to the defense of the noblest of snacks, the raisin!

  40. Love the apostrophes. Old scho’ol!

  41. Scoops of ice cream. No way. They could be dosed.

  42. Bit O Honey is one of my all time favorite candy, I help myself to it out of my kids candy bags before just about anything else. We call it the candy tax. Thank heaven for new fangled composite fillings I can enjoy them with no fear. I can’t believe you don’t have the nasty orange and black jack o lantern taffy in your poll. the worst.

  43. #26, #42 – me too: huzzah for Bit O’Honey !

  44. Can I just say, this is an important poll for both Macro and Micro Mormons.

  45. Steve Evans says:

    We cannot let these endless high level discussions of bad candy distract us from the immediate need to give bad candy to our neighbors.

  46. But Steve, we can’t really understand what bad candy is without these high level candy discussions.

  47. I am not from Fresno, but I like raisins enough to eat a handful nearly every day for twenty years now. Usually on cereal. Great stuff.

  48. I will not defend the raisin nor will I defend the Central Valley.

  49. I like candy corn and Bit O’ Honey and Tootsie Rolls, but maybe only because I can’t get them here, and so it is nostalgia for its own sake.

    Handing out anything besides candy is wrong and should be frowned upon by all right-thinking people. The fact that no vandalism results from such idiotic numbscullery is evidence of the decay of American youth.

  50. Sweet Gospel Lovin' says:

    Candy corn is the nectar of the Gods who inhabit Kolob. Granted, whether there be one type of candy corn on Kolob or many we do not know. But all those of you who deny the spirit of the candy corn having once tasted it, it would have been better had a millstone been tied about your neck and cast into the sea ye fiends of the infernal sugar shaker.

  51. Tom Weber says:

    I’ve always HATED those annoying dentist handouts (toothbrushes, toothpaste, probably little bottles of ACT and Listerine, too). Before I graduated from dental school I solemnly vowed never to be one of those dentists, and I’ve remained true to my vow. Halloween/we’en is candy time!

  52. Chocolate wax–I mean Hershey’s Chocolate–deserves a place on the list. It’s fine as part of a real candy bar, but when the wax chocolate stands alone, it’s disgusting.

    American smarties (chalk-like candy) also deserve a place on the list.

  53. 44-46
    The church really should come out and say what candy is glorious and what candy is abominable.

  54. And let my voice be among the outcry in support of Bit O’Honey. I don’t love it, but I do like it. And Halloween is the only time I ever see it.

  55. Floyd the Wonderdog says:

    Last year I gave out kazoos. I also gave out dog biscuits for the canine T-or-T’ers. More than one teenager ended up with a dog biscuit by night’s end.

  56. Bit o Honey. Yuck.

    The rule used to be that when the kids returned, Mom and Dad got first pick of some of the candy. Now that they are all out of the house, I’m thinking of dressing up like a monster sitting on the porch with a container of candy. When the kids come up, I’ll scare them, they’ll drop their bags and run away. Before they get back to collect their bags, we’ll have picked the good stuff out and replaced it with Bit o Honey.

  57. Sadly, my wife and I will not be giving out any candy this year. Not because Halloween is on Sunday, but because we have dinner with her folks every Sunday evening, and will therefore not be home. Otherwise we would be handing out mini Snickers, Twix, and Baby Ruth bars. Mini ones because we are still in the category of poor young married folk and cannot yet afford to purchase the full-size candy bars.

    Incidentally, the best houses I ever went to when I was younger were the folks on my newspaper route. I would go later and, since they knew me, they’d give me all the left-overs. And because they were mostly older, retired people, they would give out king-size candy bars and cans of soda. Awesome!

  58. Last Lemming says:

    I just assumed that they had stopped making Tootsie Rolls and that whatever people handed out was left over from thirty years ago when they were trick-or-treaters.

    I offered smoked oysters one year. Didn’t get any takers.

  59. StillConfused says:

    #57 – Your town celebrates it on Sunday? Everywhere I have lived moves it to Saturday night

  60. I’m amazed at so many responses from folks who actually buy big batches of treats for Halloween. And very jealous. In my town very few kids go around the neighborhoods. The Mormons and their friends take their kids to the Ward Trunk or Treat (which I find depressing, even if no one gives candy corn) and the nonMormons go to the mall.

    We always buy modest amounts of chocolate, but only get two or three groups in the whole evening, and have lots left over.

  61. don't know mo says:

    @ 35…Now I have a stomach ache from candy corn AND laughing so hard

  62. Mostimportantly says:

  63. Still Confused – I think Champaign is going to be allowing trick-or-treating on Sunday. I don’t actually know for sure, and I don’t even know how to find out!

  64. I like candy corn if it’s the chocolate kind. The pumpkins are an abomination. Bit O’ Honey is deliciously delectable. Tootsie rolls (of all flavors) are one of my most favorite treats in all the world. Here’s what’s really nasty:

    -Peanut butter “taffy”
    -imitation chocolate (usually the stuff shaped like eyeballs and such)
    -gummy candy such as the little hamburgers or SpongeBob crap
    -chocolate Twizzlers
    -butterscotch discs (or any other grandma candies)

    We won’t be home for the trick or treaters, but I do plan to go buy up all the decent clearance candy Monday morning and eat a disgusting amount of it while my kids are at school. Bwahahaha!

  65. We are trick or treating on Sunday here. One of the newspapers did a poll and only 30% were planning to go on Saturday. It’s kinda weird to show up at your neighbor’s house a day early and expect them to be ready for you. Good luck with that.

  66. Steve Evans says:

    Sunny you are dead to me. No love for gummies? What about this one?

  67. No one mentioned the old Charlie Brown stand-by: Rocks.

  68. Here’s what’s really nasty:
    . . .
    chocolate Twizzlers

    Yeah, you’re kinda dead to me too now. Why do you hate joy? Who hurt you Sunny?

  69. Or, to quote from another thread –

    It’s hurting you. And you know it.

    You dig deep to hide the shame you feel because of it, digging deeper into the very nerves which cause you to run away from yourself.

    Scrambling for identity, you experiment with other candies, never able to escape an overwhelming, and uncontrollable, feeling of shame. You wish for a shadow to cover your head which will never be torn.

    I know exactly what it’s like. Stop making yourself feel inferior when you say “my candy corn is as good as chocolate Twizzlers,” because you know thats not true.

  70. Latter-day Guy says:

    @65: It’s hurting me. And I know it. I… I… I can’t… No more… please…


  71. Steve Evans says:

    You know you’re in trouble when you mention the girth of your gummy candy.

  72. My oldest son came home and cried when he was 4 because no one gave him rocks. He was hoping for the Charlie Brown Halloween experience.

  73. Steve-O,
    I love me some gummy worms (though I’ve never desired that which should be forbidden in the form of a gummy worm), gummy bears, etc. What I hate are those gel-like, chemical packs they try to pass off as gummy candy. Seriously. Go to the dollar store and buy yourself a bag of gummy crabby patties, eat two of them, and then we’ll talk.

    B. Russ,
    Chocolate Twizzlers? That’s like meat flavored gum. Some things are unnatural and should never be allowed to be joined together, no matter how right it might seem to you at the time.

  74. Absolute worst thing ever are those pink double bubble gum things. I hated them as a kid, and I hate them more as a parent. YUCK! Those go straight to the trash, no questions asked.

  75. Steve Evans says:

    Carolyn, bagging on Dubble Bubble?? Some lines may never be crossed.

  76. 72 – Oh Sunny Sunny Sunny. I’ll say it again.

  77. Chocolate Twizzlers suck.
    Candy corn is great.
    Bit O’Honey is awesome in small amounts.
    War Tootsie Rolls (in all their magnificent flavors except vanilla).
    Sketchy Homemade Whatever is the shiz.

  78. Steve Evans says:

    But Scott, the numbers don’t lie — if you want to defend the worst offenders you must offer up a candy scapegoat sacrifice.

  79. “numbers don’t lie”?

    That kind of sloppy thinking would have me reading Twilight and listening to Bieber.

  80. Chocolate Twizzlers are great, mostly because here on the Eastside I can never find them. We buy some every time we go to Utah and bring them home to share with the other jello belt expats in our ward.

    And in defense of candy corn, which I really think is okay, I got a Halloween gift pack at work from a vendor that included green apple flavored candy corn from Target, and half of the candy corns were chocolate coated. Sweet! Yeah, I know it’s bad for me on so many levels, but once a year, come on!

  81. Mike from Atlanta says:

    I have a different slant on Halloween. You had best be thinking about the best not the worst candy.

    I don’t think micromanaging helicopter parents of today get it. Halloween is not about parents planning uplifting activities. For me Halloween was about us kids running wild for one night without any adult supervision. It was about extortion of candy from the relatively helpless in exchange for not damaging their property. Play like you were not home and the windows might be broken and a sack of skunks left in your house. It was about the little kids running in absolute terror away from the bigger kids intent on stealing their candy (or worse) and maybe getting away. It was about turning farm animals lose, desecrating graves, setting old building on fire and trying out a little witchcraft at a seance.

    As many youth, I found the feelings of irrational childhood fear somewhat easily confused with the intense emerging feelings of lust. So Halloween was an excuse for the girls to dress immodestly and act like whores. It was a chance for us boys to take some advantage of them, usually in the form of merely looking at what was not usually allowed or possibly some “face raping” or groping. Things were intended to get out of control and you had better be with your posse or be able to run fast. It wasn’t that our parents encouraged or even allowed this mischief, they didn’t. We just did it in defiance of them.

    As a parent of teenagers, it is now my duty, as it was my parent’s duty, to forbid and condemn. But my kids don’t rebel like they are supposed to on Halloween. Our youth seem to have lost their independence and freedom. They are content to live vicariously on the computer and eat rotten candy.

  82. Double Bubble is the bombdiggity! Sure, you have to stand over the garbage can to chew it so as to be able to spew it before it hardens into cement and becomes lodged like so much plaster of paris, but that 10 second burst of sugary goodness is well worth the risk.

  83. I like candy corn. It’s all natural, just sugar and lard.

    But licorice, no. Good ‘n’ Plenty, the very worst candy, other than plain ol’ black licorice.

    P.S. I loaded up on the apostrophes.

  84. Remind me not to raise my kids in Atlanta.

  85. halloween on the sabbath in atlanta? I better understand the secong ammendment

  86. I’m looking forward to the Police Beat Roundtable, Halloween Edition! Steve, are you on that?

    Whaddya think? Justin Bieber tunes as the scariest Halloween music out there? Kids running around with Lady Gaga raw meat costumes?

    And nothing rocks more than dark chocolate. Gotta be 70% cacao or more, or it isn’t real chocolate.

    White chocolate isn’t chocolate. It is just lard, white sugar, white die #13, and some cancer-forming flavoring and preservatives. So don’t even go there.

  87. @Aaron B.

    “the apostrophetic hickishness of Bit O’Honey” is my new band’s name!

    @Scott B.

    “That kind of sloppy thinking would have me reading Twilight and listening to Bieber.” FTW!


  88. Candy corn is ok. But then, I like circus peanuts, so you may discount that opinion appropriately.

  89. Silly dfletcher! Candy Corn is a fat free food!

  90. Steve Evans says:

    #85, we’re on it.

    #78 Scott, you’re already eating the candy equivalent of those activities.

  91. So what is the candy equivalent of adultery?

  92. Pencils. One time my then-5-year old son got some pencils and he thought she was playing a mean joke on him. His scowl was priceless. Candy corn rulz, btw

  93. cantinflas says:

    I’m angry that Bit O’ Honey is even in the poll. Last winter while working in the cold I ate about 5 pounds of them that I snatched up in a chance encounter at the dollar store.

    Candy corn is, and always has been, one of the worst candies ever invented. I wish they weren’t seasonal, then I could ignore them all year. But their ubiquitousness during this time of year is unavoidable.

  94. I long for the days when kids destroy furniture, start bonfires in the middle of the street, and throw flour in people’s faces. So much better than candy or rocks!

    Okay, not really. We need candy, rocks, and random acts of destruction and mayhem to make Halloween truly awesome.

  95. So what is the candy equivalent of adultery?

    Peeps. Luckily thats a discussion for a different time of year.

  96. Steve Evans says:

    Candy adultery? Do I really need to post that link again from #65?

  97. The North Korean Secret Police use candy corn to break prisoners. Worse than eating poop. Or hagus.

  98. Poop. Hagus. Useless pleonasm.

  99. @Steve

    No you do not. Ew.


    Pleonasm indeed. Cite your source on the NKSP candy corn allegation! ;-)

  100. First and foremost: I may be accused of having no soul, but Bit O’Honey, the ubiquitous Tootsie Rolls, *and* candy corn along with its bastard cousin the candy pumpkin are all heinous imitations of candy meant to deceive the weak. That said, as an American living abroad (who hasn’t seen a decent Halloween in ages) I would still appreciate the homesick/nostalgia value of seeing these sugar-coated bites of evil again.

    Also on the list of bad Halloween candy:
    anything of worse quality than Hershey’s chocolate. Having come abroad and experienced the joy of French, Belgian, and English chocolate, Hershey’s is the last bastion of the edible in chocolate.
    Mike-n-Ikes. Abomination.
    Double Bubble. It starts as chalky cement, becomes a gum-like substance, and then reverts to its cement state.
    Tootsie pops. Being coated in a poor man’s Jolly Rancher adds *no* merit to the Tootsie Roll.

  101. 94 – I’m pretty sure that is candy pr0n, not candy adultery.

  102. Steve Evans says:

    Indiana I was on board with you until you mentioned “English chocolate.” Surely you’re not pushing Cadbury’s on us.

    Secondly, unless you refer to it by its proper name, arguments against Dubble Bubble are invalid.

    Also, Tootsie Pops are pretty good.

  103. English Chocolate says:

    Indiana I was on board with you until you mentioned “English chocolate.” Surely you’re not pushing Cadbury’s on us.

    The “Cadbury’s” sold in the USA is but a pale imitation of the real deal. Full of wax to prevent melting.

    Good English chocolate is quality stuff. Man, what I wouldn’t give for a Galaxy bar right now. Or even a Lion bar. Heck, I’d even take a Double Decker. But really I want that silky goodness with just a hint of caramel blended in – Galaxy!!!!!!

  104. Sweet Gospel Lovin' says:

    Indiana will be banished to outer darkness for suggesting that Hershey’s actually be considered chocolate. There’s a term for that rubbish in the oil industry: Low Sulfur Waxy Residue.

  105. Steve Evans says:

    Oh, I’m familiar with the English version, believe me. So is the European Union, who until recently refused to allow Cadbury’s at all, and now permit it only if it is labeled as “family milk chocolate” — the label chocolate is not permitted.


  106. My (very well off) mother-in-law doesn’t regift Halloween candy that night – she saves it for her kids’ Christmas stockings. The only thing worse than getting candy corn pumpkins and waxy chocolate for Halloween is getting it on Jesus’ birthday.

  107. Sorry, Galaxy is not nearly as good as Amano Chocolate from our very own Clark Goble: http://www.amanochocolate.com/

    Expensive, but to die for…..And unless you are Daddy Warbucks, probably not what you’ll drop into kiddie bags on Halloween.

    Buy and Eat American!

  108. S.P. Bailey says:

    I just want to offer my services to all of the BCC Bit ‘O Honey haters out there. I am willing to offer homemade carbon credits in exchange for your deliciously simple honey-nut chews!

  109. Okay, I think we all need to take a deep breath here and acknowledge that, when it comes to chocolatey goodness, you can’t get much better than Tim Tams!

  110. If we’re talking chocolate, the candy bars sold in French groc stores can be good. Dang, dang, dang, dark.

  111. Perhaps it is my proximity to the town of Hershey, PA that I need to defend tootsie rolls, and Hershey’s chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate was never meant to be the best – it has a high milk content so that poorer, and middle class-americans could have some chocolate in their lives at a time when it was an expensive luxury. And the midgee tootsie roll was invented by Milton Hershey himself and was expressly ordered to be sold for a penny apiece, so that even a very poor child might have a sweet. Even when they cost more than a penny to manufacture, Milton, our country’s own Willie Wonka, kept their price to a penny, because he knew what it was to be poor. So I can’t hate on Hershey’s….Candy Pumpkins, tho? Yeah, vile.

  112. When my children were young enough to go trick or treating, I used to go through their bags as soon as they were home and take out all of the chewing gum, then give it all to the next group of trick or treaters that came to my door. I did not allow any gum in my home after the nth time of trying to get it out of carpet or hair…

    I never let the T or Ters choose from the bowl, either. I handed it out myself. They’d take too long otherwise. Besides, it builds character to not always get what you want, right?

    For the last 20 years or so, I haven’t had trick or treaters come to my house much at all – I’ve lived in several different houses in 2 states, but always just hard enough to find that I missed the crowds. I expect this year to be different, and I bought several bags of candy… mostly things I don’t like that much myself so I won’t be tempted.

    Bit ‘O Honey is my hubby’s favorite candy, and I like them too, in small doses. Licorice is by far the nastiest tasting stuff in the world and shouldn’t even be considered candy by right thinking people.

  113. Sources? Sources!?! I don’t need no stinkin’ sources.

  114. CatherineWO says:

    I loooove candy corn, and the candy pumpkins are even better. And they’re gluten free to boot!
    Licorice is the worst (and not gluten free)–yuck!

  115. No, the worst was when the guy in the subdivision housing development ran out of candy, and asked kids to give him some for the next trick-or-treaters: he actually expected us to GIVE of ourselves, for the benefit of others. SO lame . . .

  116. I wouldn’t presume to insist that people eat Cadbury’s…at Halloween or at any other time, really. That said, while it’s to expensive to hand out to trick-or-treaters, things like Green & Blacks are wonderful.

    @ Sweet Gospel Lovin’: I acknowledge the appearance of blasphemy in that statement. Let me be clear: I consider eating Hershey chocolate to be one infinitesimal step above gnawing on a wax candle. You can do it, but it isn’t advisable.

  117. StillConfused says:

    I also heard that tigers were going extinct so I might add tiger feet to my collection of treats to give out. (or any other tiger part)

  118. One year my daughter and I managed to get a hold of durian hard candy at a local Chinese place. We saved them ‘special’ for the mean, nasty kids on the street at Halloween. They looked just fine, but the smell was akin to a carton of milk spilled into a foot locker full of gym socks and left in the desert to die.

    There’s a group just up the street and around the corner from us who gives out full-sized candy bars to the kids, and cold beers to the adults. The adults from about five houses congregate in the driveway around an outdoor fireplace, so when you stop there, you hit five sets of adults in one rather social stop. I know that wouldn’t go over well in the Jello Belt, but you have to admin they have the “do unto others” thing down to a fine art.

  119. Ben Orchard says:

    I know I’m *very* late to this discussion, but I must contribute a few things.

    First, these people make some darn tasty chocolate: http://www.guittard.com/. Especially the dark stuff. Love it.

    Second, Hershey’s “Chocolate” is what I consider the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) for chocolate. It isn’t great, it isn’t even really that good, but it is *just* barely good enough to qualify. And I do mean BARELY. Anything that’s even MARGINALLY worse DOES. NOT. COUNT. as chocolate–and there is MUCH MUCH worse out there. Frankly if it says ‘Spanish’ on the label anywhere, run. That be some nasty stuff.

    Hershey’s chocolate is sorta like McDonald’s fries. Ubiquitous, cheap, and the bare minimum for being qualified as the food type. (I know some people are gonna rag on me for that, but I stand by this, no matter what the McDonald’s fries freaks say or do).

    Bit’O’Honey doesn’t taste TOO bad, but the teeth wrecking ability makes it a horrid horrid thing. It makes my teeth hurt for days/weeks.

  120. Take those nasty candy corns and mix them with some Spanish peanuts. Salty sweet caramel-ish goodness.

  121. So I know I’m a little late to the game, but there was a lady in my ward growing up that actually gave out home-made caramel apples. They even had the nuts on the bottom. Pure heaven….. Every year I contemplate driving the 9 hours home just to get one of those apples!

  122. Steve Evans says:

    …you could just make them…

  123. Yes, I suppose I could Steve, but I learned long ago that the satisfaction is not the same when I have to do all the work. :)

  124. #86, I mentioned looking forward to the PBR Halloween Edition.

    Well, as Steve promised, it is now out:


    It is almost as good as Bit-O-Honey

  125. Steve Evans says:

    Rameumptom, we aim to please.

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