Terryl Givens Fireside

Courtney Jane Kendrick is hosting a fireside this Saturday evening at her home with Prof. Terryl Givens following the presentations at the Mormon Media Symposium. A good time is guaranteed for all. The fireside will be at 7 p.m. at 1170 Birch Lane in Provo. Email cjanemail@gmail.com with questions — should be pretty fantastic for all you Apollo-Burger-eatin’-Y-Mountain-climbin’ guys.


  1. Margaret Young says:

    I just emailed the address you gave, Steve. It came back. Wanna check that again? I’m doing my RSVP here, having just cleared it with Bruce–who wonders if we can come even if we’re not Apollo-Burger-eatin’-Y-Mountain-climbin’ guys.

  2. erp, try cjanemail. Fixed it in the post.

  3. Psshhh. Apollo Burger is so Orem.

  4. StillConfused says:

    Cool. I live on Apple Ave.