BCC Zeitcast 59: Camping & Hiking

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a podcast that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving!

In this episode, Scott B. and Sunny Smart talk about that greatest of Mormon pastimes: Camping. First, Sunny recounts her experience as an employee in a wilderness youth treatment program. Then, Scott describes his campfire FAIL (a moving tale about a boy, a match, and some gasoline). Finally, Sunny gives a stern warning to all young women who have considered hiking as a hobby.

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  1. Yay! Two weeks in a row.

  2. Stop with the pressure like that! I’ll cave!

  3. I haven’t listened to the ‘cast yet, but do I understand correctly from the description: Two people who hate the outdoors are talking about the outdoors?

    Call me for the next one, I can tell you all about Grey’s Anatomy and Sex in the City!

  4. No–Sunny loves camping and the outdoors.

    Actually, I also love the outdoors–very much so. I just hate sleeping outdoors on a hard, rocky surface in a sleeping bag.

  5. The whole time Scott was describing his burns, I was waiting for the funny. Spoiler: There was no funny.

  6. When will it post to iTunes?

  7. Chris–it should be there. I posted it to iTunes before I posted it here.

  8. Hrm…I see that it’s not there yet. I just pinged iTunes again–don’t know what the deal is.

  9. Soooooooooooooo . . . . no Grey’s Anatomy podcast then?

  10. J.,

    That’s exactly what I thought! I was chuckling the whole time Scott was talking cuz I thought it was gonna be SO funny. Then it dawned on me and I said, “Oh, this is real.” Basically I just sounded like a real jerk laughing at his tragic pain. Brilliant.

  11. Fun surprise at the end there, Scott. Made me laugh. Out loud. LOL.

  12. I think, having worked too where Sunny worked, that for some of these programs kids with simple depression don’t fair really well, and the girls with severe eating disorders really do better in treatment settings that specialize in eating disorders. My 2 cents.
    But I agree that all the kids did learn things that they themselves valued in the long hall.
    Loved the end and loved the music!

  13. B. Russ,
    After much prayerful consideration, I am calling you to chair a Bloggernacle Man Committee. Your assignment is to compile a list of manly topics and potential participants for a Bro-undtable Discussion to be posted at BCC in the near future.

  14. the girls with severe eating disorders really do better in treatment settings that specialize in eating disorders. My 2 cents.

    So what you’re saying is that putting girls with eating disorders in an environment where they have no easy access to food isn’t a brilliant plan?

  15. In this particular program, they have plenty of food. It’s simple food, but there is enough. There were girls who would eat it and vomit. They need specialized care, and there are some great programs who treat eating disorders. It really isn’t the food situation of the program.

  16. Topic 1: Why is bacon awesome?

  17. B.Russ,
    If you disclose them all here, no one will have a reason to read the Bro-undtable discussion.

  18. The biggest problem with nature is that you can’t clean off nature with nature. At least, that’s what I heard on a TV show once.

    Glad I read the comments before listening. Saved me from laughing at someone’s pain.

  19. Grew up the Church, HATE camping! I made it a goal to never go again as long as I live.

  20. it's a series of tubes says:

    Topic 1: Why is bacon awesome?

    Full treatment of this topic will of course necessitate an extensive analysis of the sheer conceptual genius of the “bacone”.

  21. It is now up on iTunes. Now it will have to wait until after Pack Night.

  22. Made popcorn in a dutch oven with the YW once at a ‘campover’. When we took the lid off fire shot up about three feet. Nobody got hurt but we never did d.o. popcorn again!

  23. Scott, that story was not funny.

    Sunny, that story about the High Council guy was hilarious in a super depressing kind of way.

  24. Mommie Dearest says:

    Wait–it was a HC guy? I thought it was her Stake President. My retention sucks. But not as much as the attitude that camping is male bahavior.

  25. Mommie Dearest says:

    P.S. Scott–how long and painful was your recovery?

  26. It was neither–it was a member of the Stake Presidency.

  27. Mommie Dearest–I cut out the section where I talked about the recovery, because I thought it was too long and boring to listen to.

    The short version: I had wicked awesome scars on my knee and wrist for a long time (many months), but magically, they have all but disappeared and I have almost no visible scars remaining, except a fairly sizable brown patch on my right knee. There are a few scars on my wrist that I can see–because I know what I’m looking at–but no one else would likely ever notice them. It helps that I have a naturally dark-tan complexion.

  28. Kevin Barney says:

    I enjoyed the ‘cast.

  29. I listened to the podcast while I shoveled my driveway last night. I was able to warm myself on Scott’s burning eyelashes! Thanks Scott!

  30. Eyeballs roasting on the open fire;
    red flames nipping at your nose;
    Boyscout oaths…

  31. Scott: Um, you were 18? Whoah. That’s sad.
    Sunny: I admire your ability to re-address the comment made by the stake presidency member. What pluck!

    Good work, folks!

  32. Just finally got to it.

    Scott: I want you to be a GA so I can hear you tell stories during General Conference. The fire story…wow.

    The stake leaders comments on hiking were classic.

    Amazing job! Thanks to both of you.

  33. Hunter (31)–Sad that I didn’t understand gasoline? Yeah…pretty pathetic, but that’s what an Idaho education got me, I suppose.

    Chris H., thanks for the kind words.

  34. living in zion says:

    Scott – I am a grown up and I didn’t understand gasoline until this post. What a scary education! I am so glad it turned out well. When you left out the recovery my mind had a lot of blanks to fill in.
    Sunny- I have never been prouder of Girl Power! I loved the way you didn’t let his stupid comment stand. I wouldn’t have been as brave. Instead, I would have stewed about it forever and posted on the BCC website about what an idiot his is.
    Maybe that’s not true. After thumbing through the new Leadership manual (which as a member of the RS Pres. I’ve never had before) I called a member of the Bishopric on our ward practice of allowing women to only say the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting. It is wrong and annoying. He was not happy when I pointed out the new manual corrects the stupidness.
    I felt a definite surge of awesomeness. I have decided not the let this one go until this unholy and impure practice is banished.

  35. Rock on, living in zion!

  36. Of course, the outcome of such a phone call will not be humility and a change of practice; rather, it will be an increased reliance on the unwritten order of things, which we all know trumps anything some “so-called handbook” says… /grin.

  37. living in zion says:

    You’re killing me Scott B. , just killing me. And you probably have their response nailed. Here I was, all excited to go to church tomorrow to see which lucky sister got asked to say the opening prayer….sigh.

  38. :)

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