Music for Advent IV

Warning:  If this does not make you weep, you are probably dead.

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

Text and translation below the fold.


Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging
Kyrie eleison!
Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging,
der hatte in sieb’n Jah’n kein Laub getrag’n
Jesus und Maria!

Was trug Maria unter ihrem Herzen?
Kyrie eleison!
Ein kleines Kindlein ohne Schmerzen
das trug Maria unterm Herzen!
Jesus und Maria!

Da hab’n die Dornen Rosen getrag’n,
Kyrie eleison!
Als das Kindlein durch den Wald getrag’n
da haben die Dornen Rosen getrag’n
Jesus und Maria!

Wie soll dem Kind sein Name sein?
Kyrie eleison!
Der Name, der soll Christus sein,
das war von Anfang der Name sein!
Jesus und Maria!

Wer soll dem Kind sein Täufer sein?
Kyrie eleison!
Das soll der Sankt Johannes sein,
der soll dem Kind sein Täufer sein!
Jesus und Maria!

Was kriegt das Kind zum Patengeld?
Kyrie eleison!
Den Himmel und die ganze Welt
das kriegt das Kind zum Patengeld!
Jesus und Maria!

Wer hat erlöst die Welt allein?
Kyrie eleison!
Das hat getan das Christkindlein,
das hat erlöst die Welt allein?
Jesus und Maria!

(German Traditional)

Blest Mary wanders through the thorn,
Kyrie eleison!
Blest Mary wanders through the thorn,
That seven long years no bloom hath borne.
Jesu et Maria!

What clasps she to her breast so close?
Kyrie eleison!
An innocent child doth there repose,
Which to her breast she claspeth close.
Jesu et Maria!

Fair roses bloom on every tree,
Kyrie eleison!
As through the thorn-wood passeth she
Fair roses bloom on every tree.
Jesu et Maria!

What shall this Infant cal-led be?
Kyrie eleison!
The Christ, he shall be called truly,
Which Name he hath borne from eternity.
Jesu et Maria!

This holy Name, who shall proclaim?
Kyrie eleison!
Saint John Baptist shall do the same,
This holy Name he shall proclaim.
Jesu et Maria!

What christening-gifts to him are giv’n?
Kyrie eleison!
All things that be, the earth, the heav’n,
As christening-gifts to him are giv’n.
Jesu et Maria!

Who hath the world from sin set free?
Kyrie eleison!
This Child alone, and only he,
He hath the world from sin set free.
Jesu et Maria!


  1. Wow. K, you’re really broadening me musically and enriching my Christmas with these. Thank you.

  2. That’s the church where Johann Sebastian Bach worked most of his life. The Thomas Church also became the focal point for the opposition in 1989 when citizens confronted the election fraud of the communist government.

  3. MikeInWeHo says:

    I am probably dead. Will somebody do my temple work now?

  4. Oh, Mike–you know we’ve got all the paperwork ready to go :)

  5. I am weeping because my iPhone won’t play the video.

  6. I also confess to moribund status. But, I offer my personal fave, Aufschnaiter! Nothing like lost Austrian baroque masters to make me feel all “your favorite band sucks”ish.

    Srsly, amazingly beautiful music.

  7. I’m not a weeper unless I’m pregnant. I don’t want to consider the dead unless pregnant thing.

    Beautiful music…thanks for doing this.

  8. Struwelpeter says:

    Love it. As an aside, I once played “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet” on the organ in that church as a high school exchange student (it was the only hymn I had committed to memory).

  9. MikeInWeHo says:

    This choir goes back to 1212!

  10. Every Christmas and Easter I can always count on you to burst my illusion that I know much of the fantastic music that is out there. Greatly appreciated, so keep them coming!

  11. Another Deadite.

  12. Velikiye Kniaz says:

    Hmmm, well, very nice…but my humble offering, which I prefer, is Handel’s “Tochter Zion” (Zion’s Daughter) which is a bit more popular: The venue is the famed Fruenkirche in Dresden. The church as destroyed during World War II and wasn’t rebuilt until German reunification using as much of the original stone masonry as possible. The unique shape of the church, (it is called the “bell church” because of the church’s dome), gives it unusually fine acoustics, which even in this poor video clip can be noticed.

  13. Velikiye Kniaz says:

    Addendum: This work was originally from the oratorio, “Judas Maccabaeus”, but later became a popular European, (especially German), Advent hymn.

  14. Alas for some of us, that tune was also co-opted into the Suzuki repertoire, and thus brings pack painful memories…

  15. I know that tune as an Easter hymn.

  16. Velikiye Kniaz says:

    Woodboy, here’s a link to the english translation of the lyrics:
    Not quite sure how that would fit into Easter, but then again we sing the Hallelujah Chorus for Chistmas and in Handel’s oratorio it is an Easter chorus.

    Truly sorry about that Suzuki association. All I remember of that was a “60 Minutes” segment that opened with about 40 Japanese children sawing away at violins, (with varying degrees of success), and thinking to myself, “Sure glad, I’m not in that little herd!”

  17. For Easter the text is “Thine be the glory, risen conquering Son.” Same music, different words.

  18. Actually, none of the original words are all that apt for Christmas or Easter :) We should be singing them now, for Hannukah!

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