Winter Reflections on Dialogue

Winter 2010

The Winter issue of Dialogue (Volume 43, Number 4, for those of you keeping score at home) is up on the website, and will be in mailboxes soon. There are lots of things I really like about this issue, starting with the cover, which is one of my favorites so far.  (I think I say that every time).

I started to write about articles I especially like, but then realized I’m like a mother who can’t pick a favorite among her children.  I do think this is a particularly wide-ranging issue, and I suspect there’s something there for everyone (or at least for that subset of everyone that includes thinky Mormons who like math, scriptural studies, rhetoric, fiction about a snorkeling stake president and a quilting group, family history, Wales and little boys named Evan, slightly racy stories about apostles’ sons, poetry about Joseph Smith, poetry by noted national authorcolumnistcriticblogger Lizzie Skurnick, an interview by goofy, starstruck me with renowned novelist Brady Udall, a fat, satisfying heap of book reviews, or a great sermon in Spanish–a Dialogue first).

What?  What’s that you say?  You haven’t renewed your subscription and you can’t access premium content on the site?  There’s still time to subscribe!  Or give a gift subscription.  Or make a donation.

I’m biased, of course, because your subscriptions and donations support my diet Coke habit, but I think Dialogue does important work and makes a necessary space for the kinds of heady, lengthy conversations about Mormonism that the Bloggernacle, for all its virtues, cannot replace.  I’d like Dialogue to be around for another 43 volumes, at least, and it’s your contributions–of your work,  your attention, and your ziff–that will make that possible.


  1. Great issue, Kristine. Your interview with Udall had me from the first question . . . none of those pleasantries; straight to juice!

  2. I did actually say hello first :) and there were a few minutes of me babbling incoherently and him being nice and trying to calm me down. The joy of being the editor is that I don’t have to humiliate myself _that_ thoroughly in the print version!

  3. “I’m biased, of course, because your subscriptions and donations support my diet Coke habit,”

    If you had put that in the letter I got recently, I might have been more persuaded.

  4. I’ll subscribe if you’ll switch to Coke Zero.