Music for Advent XI

You already know I love Mendelssohn’s motets.  His Sechs Sprüche for various occasions in the liturgical calendar are short pieces for 8-part choir.  I love them for lots of reasons, not least the recurrent use of my second-favorite German word “frohlocken.”  (My very favorite is “Wonne”.  I know you were wondering.)  This video has good notes, with translations and links to the other five (of which my very favorite is Am Neujahrstage, in case you were wondering).


  1. I could swear I’ve heard this somewhere recently…

  2. Mendelssohn is also the composer of the most commonly performed string octet in the classical repertoire. His music is a real celebration of pure classical era form.

  3. David H bailey says:

    Kristine: Among your various wanderings in classical music, do you do much Bach? Personally, I am a huge Bach fan. A while back the set of the complete works of Bach, a set of 155 CDs, became available on, and I snatched it up. I read all 155 CDs into my computer, and then downloaded into my iPhone. I have now listened to everything at least twice.

    I have many favorites among the Bach works, but I particularly like the cantatas and choral works. In my view, the Bach Mass in B Minor deserves the title, given by some critics, as the greatest single piece of music in the classical repertoire. I also like Cantatas #29, 51, 78, 102, 160 and a few others

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