Music for Advent

Same text, new music-





  1. Love, love, love me some Byrd. We did the Ave Verum Corpus last spring:

  2. Me, too. Remind me of the Ave Verum at Eastertime if I forget :)

  3. D. Fletcher says:

    I love very old music. It’s mysterious, and more sacred, somehow.

  4. More oldies but goodies. seems like just about everyone’s set this text at least once.

  5. you should do some rorate caeli desuper. that’s probably the text most associated with advent. or good old Helmsley if you want hymns.

  6. yup, and the O antiphons next week

  7. Is Victoria’s setting too clichéd to deserve mention? I love that one…

  8. Victoria appeared in the Dec 13 post (what would have been Music for Advent XII – maybe better to put the numbers back on so there are not so many posts with identical names).

    My favorite is the Francis Poulenc version.

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