The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 11

Another Image of Faith and Devotion

I was heartbroken when I heard about McNaughton's studio burning down. But when they pulled this painting from the ashes, my faith was restored.


  1. “Making it through a full twenty four hours without a single misstep is called “Reaganing.” The only other people who’ve ever done it: Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, and — no judement — Saddam Hussein.”

  2. Oh Matsby! Hahaha! All jokes aside, that Christ painting miracle is pretty rad.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    I hear they are shipping this off to the BYU Bookstore to be restored.

  4. On the Christ painting miracle, could someone please clarify — are we talking about a print or an original painting here. If it is print, what is the point of the miracle? And why was the original Minerva Teichert completely destroyed?

  5. In such a dark time of Liberal governmental control, it’s miracles like this that keep my faith alive.

  6. Cynthia L. says:

    There’s nothing funny about the Tabernacle fire. It’s just soul-achingly, terribly awful.

    But this is hilarious. It shows exactly how McNaughton puts politics in the place where Christ, the atonement, and resurrection are supposed to be. If anyone wants to call this blasphemous, they have to call McNaughton’s work blasphemous too.

  7. @john f.

    It was only a print. I interpret the remains of Christ’s image in the print as a lovely sign of His goodness though. Maybe I’m overstating the event as being miraculous.

  8. @john f.

    Also, I am obviously bummed that the Teichert wasn’t saved.

  9. Just Awesome! We all need to send this to Glenn Beck! I can see the tears now…..

  10. Oh, you naysayers!

    I finally found relief from my holy envy towards those other folks and their Jesus-in-a-potato-chip discoveries and now you go pooh-poohing my deliverance.

  11. Holy crap. It’s just cruel to post a picture of Pres. Reagan’s cadaver. I thought the security was far better than that when he was lying in state.

  12. Steve Evans says:

    It’s not like he’s Lenin, Margaret…

  13. What is this Christ painting miracle of which you all speak?

  14. Latter-day Guy says:

    A phoenix from the ashes of tragedy. That was hilarious!

  15. Indeed, Latter-day Guy. That the image of Christ on that Anderson print survived makes the sting of losing the one-of-a-kind, historic Provo Tabernacle (and the original Minerva Teichert hanging therein) much more bearable.

  16. Thomas Parkin says:

    This made me so happy.

  17. Observer (f.k.a. Eric. S.) says:

    The image of Christ in the painting will become (if it hasn’t already) the LDS version of Maria’s in toast.

  18. I hope people aren’t devastated when they find that some special coating was put over Christ’s image in the painting to make it clearer or shinier or something like that. No doubt that’s why this happened. I hope people’s faith isn’t dependent on something like this which is probably quite easily understood on analysis.

    Matsby, as usual, is brilliant. =)

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