Boggs-Doniphan Gentile of the Year Award 2010 – WINNER!

Voting is over, and the 2010 Gentile of the Year is Judge Vaughn Walker!

Judge Vaughn Walker

Judge Vaughn Walker. (Photo credit: Mike Linksvayer for WikiMedia Commons)

Not only did Judge Walker flush at least $10 million of our members’ money down the toilet by invalidating Proposition 8 as unconstitutional under the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses, but the thorough opinion he wrote to back his decision raised doubts about whether any legitimate legal rationales for Prop 8 even exist. Doh! Next stop, the Supremes….

Honorable mention goes to the Pew foundation, the top vote-getter, for their survey results showing that Mormons know more about religion that any groups except Jews and atheists, and also that (unlike Jews) everyone dislikes us. In a scandal that rocked the Boggs-Doniphan award to its very foundation, Pew was disqualified after it was revealed that Pew foundation includes a Mormon. The #2 vote-getter Sharron Angle was summarily ignored, with the flimsy excuse that Walker easily takes it if you add up all the Prop 8-related options in a virtual run-off.


  1. I just want to note that I didn’t post an unflattering photo of him on purpose to be all sneaky-like. That’s just the only public domain photo I could find. See him looking much more affable in this photo from the San Francisco Chronicle.

  2. Look at the focus. It appears Mr. Linksvayer was out photographing chandeliers one day, and Judge Walker just happened to be standing in the background.

  3. You can tell from the kind, grandfathery eyes that he just has it in for Mormons.

  4. John Mansfield says:

    So, this would be BCC’s first Prop. 8 post of 2011?

  5. Mark Brown says:

    The interesting thing about the selection of Walker is that he can be either a Boggs or a Doniphan, depending on where you sit. Either he is determined to destroy us and our unique and precious doctrines, or he did us a favor by saving us from our worst excesses.

  6. Latter-day Guy says:

    No, John. Every post written by a Mormon — ever — automatically qualifies as an implicitly “Prop 8” post.

  7. Cynthia L. says:

    What L-dG said!

  8. Since groups like the Pew Forum as such large groups they are bound to have or supposedly have a Mormon in them. Maybe limit it to individuals in the future.

    “The #2 vote-getter Sharron Angle was summarily ignored..”

    Cannot go wrong doing that.

  9. I demand a recount!

  10. I think this is complete crap. You people are just ignoring the democratic process and–much like Walker himself–ignore the will of the people.

    I’m going over to Times & Seasons where only the votes count!

  11. “I think this is complete crap. You people are just ignoring the democratic process and–much like Walker himself–ignore the will of the people.”

    It seemed fitting!

  12. The only truly democratic vote in the bloggernacle in the last year was the one that recognized the awesomeness of Orson Pratt’s beard.

    So there.

  13. Orson Pratt’s beard wants to destroy liberty and bring down the republic, Ardis.

  14. Link for anyone wondering what the beard talk is about. Orson Pratt FTW!!

  15. Brad,
    An attempt on Orson’s beard just might bring down the republic.

  16. So if the Pew Foundation was the top vote getter,why did Judge Walker get the win? I’m confused…

  17. They were DQ’d (disqualified, not Dairy Queened).

  18. MattG,
    There are two explanations. One of them is found in the text of the post above. The other explanation is that we’re just trying to be like our Big Brown Brother.

  19. I once heard of a prophecy that the constitution would hang by one of Orson Pratt’s beard hairs.

  20. B.Russ,
    Yes, that’s the famous White Beard prophecy–apparently Joseph Smith (who, as we all know, didn’t have to shave much) foresaw a time when bearded elders would save the nation.

  21. The constitution, B.Russ, or a bit of veal parmigiana?

  22. Behold, the Beard Brothers:


  23. Do we have Orson Pratt statues at BYU? A bust? I suppose that would be irony in many senses.

  24. Ardis, good question. I tend to get the two confused. Which one has tomatoes in it?

  25. If you ask me, they *were* Dairy Queened.

  26. Orson Pratt’s beard hairs are as thick and powerful as God’s love. As well might a man stretch forth his puny arm and try to stop the Missouri river or to turn it up stream than to part Orson Pratt’s beard hairs.

  27. #22: Judge Walker is the reincarnation of George Albert Smith!!!!

  28. 26 – I think in an “Ender”-like fashion, GAS’s spirit was reincarnated in two bodies. Obviously Judge Walker got the beard. But who got the hair? Let’s see . . . . . .

  29. John Mansfield says:

    #26 The hardest part was managing it while being born before George Albert Smith had died, or even Heber J. Grant.

  30. Wow, Judge Walker and George Albert Smith *are* beard brothers. I’m guessing Walker put GAS as his profile on Facebook during doppelganger week.

    Also, if BCC labs decides to produce a movie about this year’s Boggs-Doniphan pick, I think Donald Sutherland should play Walker. Or I suppose he could also play George Albert Smith.

  31. 28 – Also explained away with an “Ender”-reincarnation

  32. How about having Judge Walker play Donald Sutherland in the original Halloween, but have George Albert Smith (portraying Judge Walker) portray Michael Meyers?

  33. My head just exploded.

  34. People, I think it is immensely lamentable how silly this thread has become. Do you not realize that we are a BLOG, which everyone knows means that we are Serious and Important? That everyone should be taking what we say and decide very, very seriously? This thread is about the awarding of a Award, that’s right capital-A Award. The award even has an illustrious name attached to it–two actually. This is clearly a moment of great import and deep self-reflection, not a time for frivolity and jest. You all disgust me.

  35. My work is done.

  36. Gentile of the year? Seems like the opinion that he wrote also could have been written by the author of D&C 134.

    But then again, I am preposterous enough to believe that we mistakenly got on the wrong side of the Prop 8 battle.

    Let the calls for my excommunication begin…

  37. Sharon Angle’s pastor comments on the outcome: “I think we need a Congressional probe on this award. It definitely seems that Judge Walker must have intimidated the judges of the B-D Awards, in order to win it. It is sad that such an important award would go to a (politically incorrect statements omitted here). Clearly, Sharon should have earned the award, but just as with the Senate seat, she was cheated once again!”

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