BCC Zeitcast 62: A Fireside With RJH

Now with pictures!

Our first podcast of 2011 features something we’ve never done before at BCC, and we hope you’ll enjoy it: A Sunday evening fireside.

Following a brief introduction, we turn the time over to Ronan for a fireside he recorded late last fall in London.


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  1. Ooooh. Off to iTunes

  2. Dang, not up yet.

  3. It is there, Chris. I already downloaded it once from iTunes–30 seconds after I published it. Try refreshing half a dozen times.

    If that doesn’t work, try using the alternate RSS feed linked above–you can manually add that link to iTunes as well.

  4. It must be an iPad issue.

  5. Fantastic, RJH. This would blow the firesides I’ve been to out of the pond. Wonderful job.

  6. You mean “across the pond”? AHAHAHAHA!


  7. I still don’t see it on iTunes. But I listened to it here and loved it. Wonderful testimony, Ronan. Thanks.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    Just finished; simply outstanding. My old friend Dave Seely was inspired in his topic assignment to you as to what to speak on. I loved it.

  9. For those that are having trouble with iTunes, please do the following:

    1. Go into iTunes and UNSUBSCRIBE from your current subscription.
    2. Click on the ADVANCED menu
    4. When the URL Box opens, enter http://bcczeitcast.podbean.com/feed/ (Note that this is a different RSS link that the one that iTunes produces if you just subscribe through the store!)

    This should solve all of your iTunes problems immediately.

  10. If that seems too hard, then please try the link in the right sidebar or in this post again for iTunes–I just got an updated iTunes feed link, and it appears to be functioning better.

  11. Ronan, we just listened to this for family home evening. It was marvelous. My son and daughter are ready to stand on their desks and call you Captain. Thanks for sharing this. It was important.

  12. Right on, SteveP! My wife and I are listening right now, also. Excellent Sunday evening talk from Ronan.

  13. I’m glad this has been made publically available; it was a great fireside and wonderful to be there.

  14. Excellent, I loved this.

  15. Wonderful! Thanks for posting this.

  16. I’ve only just started. I was appreciative that you explained how you feel about a monarchy and how that adds humility to the politics of your country…a recognition that something outlasts them. I have felt nothing but pity for what the monarchy means to those living in it…how does a prince manage to have anything close to a normal life, especially in this day and age with everything being a recording device and his every move being watched? As I listened to your take on monarchy I started analyzing where my perspective comes from… If we think of America as freedom, in one word, I think of England as duty. Listening to the opening part of the zeitcast helped me think about what duty means and how that perspective would change my understanding of a monarchy.

    off to listen to the rest…

  17. It is interesting to consider what it means to never experience the church as a majority culture (never going to byu or living in Utah)…and how that persepctive changes your views.

    I wanted to be indiana jones and I dug up a toilet…bravo.

    thanks for sharing your persepctive. I really enjoyed it

  18. Another great podcast.

    Ronan – Its possible you mentioned it, and I missed it. But you recommended a book by Nibley and how it affected the direction of your life, but I never caught the title. Which book was it?

    Also, I thought the point you brought up, even though in passing, about the older boys not caring to go through the work of hazing when they could be playing x-box to be interesting, and I’ve had similar thoughts of my own. It seems you might be in a particularly appropriate position to do a post on how video games, even violent ones, might actually reduce violence in an indirect way. I know its not really your thing, but it was a thought.

    Kristine – I listened to this podcast while riding the ski lift yesterday, and even listened for about 5 minutes while snowboarding. . . . So there’s that. =)

  19. Nevermind, my question was answered with the “now with pictures” link.

  20. Just recently got to listen to this all the way through. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for pulling this together for us.

  21. Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

  22. It was nice to hear a faith promoting talk with a difference. Did I miss something, or was the last slide commented on in the presentation? It looked interesting.
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