The Animated Matsby

Another Image of Faith and Devotion…

Mormon and the magic gravity ball.


  1. And I Mormon did begin the unlock the secrets of Fushigi, yea, even the magic gravity ball.

    And verily my friend who was behind me did behold the wonders of the ball and he did speak unto me, saying “dude, that is so awesome!”

  2. Steve Evans says:

    That thing is totally of curious workmanship.

  3. Now you have given me a reason to like this painting. Awesome…

  4. Instead of “As seen on TV” shouldn’t it be “As seen on UT (Urim & Thummim)?”

  5. w00t!!

  6. Observer (f.k.a. Eric. S.) says:

    If my elbow joint was as big as my head, and my left pec was three times the size of my right, I’d be able to do that too.

  7. This is amazing.

  8. Mommie Dearest says:

    I think Matsby deserves more kudos for this…and I just can’t get serious about redefining beauty.

  9. 不思議!

  10. Again, pure brilliance.

  11. Amaze your friends, family, and entire religions with your forshizzle Fushigi skills!

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