BCC Zeitcast 65: What the Tribune Didn’t Tell You

In this episode, Scott B. and Matt Page continue the ominous & ghostly themes at BCC this week with a discussion of Bigfoot and UFOs in Mormon Folklore, evil music, a suspicious Culligan man, and all of the details of Matt’s life which–for various reasons–were missing from an article about Matt and his artwork in the Salt Lake Tribune a couple of weeks ago. Actually, they really just make fun of Brad Kramer for half an hour or so.

Links For Your Convenience:


  1. PFS’s article about Matt Page in the Salt Lake Tribune
  2. E Pluribus Mormon
  3. The Fart Page
  4. The TRUE first instance of Matt’s art at BCC


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  1. I hope the Brad stuff made the cut.

  2. Of course it did. Well, 90% of it, anyway.

  3. I’d like to apologize to Robert Smith and any eyeliner-wearing Zeitcast fans, because the truth is, Matt and I both kind of like Wild Mood Swings. It’s not as good as Wish, of course, but it’s certainly not as bad we made it out to be.

  4. So, the commercials were not just about downed power lines but about flying kites around power lines. Seriously. A whole series of commercials designed to warn kids about the danger of flying kites near power lines. My little brother and I were in them.

    Man, I remember that water softener Satan worshipping fiasco like it was yesterday.

  5. Sigh. That Cure song always makes me nostalgic. And sad. Just like a Cure song is supposed to.

  6. Love the podcast, Scott. I listen while I run. As far as whether it should be serious or frivolous, the serious casts will usually be better because humor is always hit or miss and that’s just the way it is. I loved the Stapley, the Ronan fireside, the Evans Banner of Heaven retrospective, etc.

    Though, I gotta say, beware the temptation to do John Dehlin-like self-introspective introductory monologues.

  7. #4 — so Brad it was really an opus on the whole power line responsibility genre. The Kieslowski’s Decalogue of power line safety commercials.

  8. Right, Steve. I heard that Brad was actually nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Clio for the series. Lost out to the girl in the Rent-to-Own (by telephone…call 532-2002) commercials.

  9. My Brad story. I have never met Brad (though it turns out we were in the same room last August). However, I had a colleague in Provo who recently finished his schooling in Ann Arbor. When I asked him if he knew Brad K., he informed me that they used to ride the same bus to campus and he said, “He is kind of different.” I did not follow up since the line of conversation seemed to be getting uncomfortable.

  10. I assume that Matt did not mention Scott to Peggy Stack because he assumed that somebody who covers Mormonism like Peggy would already know that Scott is really behind everything on the bloggernacle.

  11. Clearly Peggy and Matt both hate me.

  12. Just finished the last segment. Now I get the Culligan man FB reference from earlier in the week. Awesome. I will have to listen to the Cure all weekend now.

    Matt: Were you allowed to put the glow in the dark star back on the ceiling?

  13. Kevin Barney says:

    Gives new meaning to the jingle, “Hey, Culligan man!”

    Ironically, critics have been doing much the same thing to the institutional church over the five-pointed stars or “pentagrams” on the Nauvoo temple, which are obviously satanic symbols.

  14. Rent-to-Own? Pshah, she’s got nothing on Mr. Jones.

    Now THAT deserves a lifetime achievement award!

  15. Scott, I found your long lost interviewing-soul-mate. Kept thinking of this segment when I was listening to the podcast for some reason.

  16. I like both the humorous and the serious podcasts. But I think it would be more healthy to make them two separate entities. Keep the zeitcast as a humorous introspective podcast that focuses on the people of BCC and the bloggernacle, and create a new identity for the more serious content. I think that would make it more likely to grow to attract a larger audience – which the serious stuff deserves.

    I also think there is a lot of room for a faith-based Mormon interview series in the podcast-universe. There is some good content out there now, but it mostly lies on the doubting/exmo side of things. Its nice to hear stuff like the Morris Thurston interview to counterbalance.

  17. Great fade-out at the end, Scott. Seriously, I loved it.

  18. 12 – I never did it, though I might have been able to get away with it. I wasn’t serious about the stars anyway. Just grabbed maybe 10 of them from my sister when she was putting them up in her room.

  19. B.Russ (15),
    I listened to that whole segment and can’t figure out what I was supposed to hear.

  20. B. Russ (14),
    Umm…you know that Tony Toby IS Brad, right?

  21. Hrm. Weird–the hosting site seems to be down. Has it been like that for a while?

  22. 20 – You mean Toby is Brad?

  23. 19 – “First of all Mr. Page, where at By Common Consent did your artwork first appear?”

    “I like to think that I played a crucial role in the development of My Religious Blog”

    “Its hard to imagine where you’d be without me, isn’t it.”

    “You remember how you were helping my wife with some stuff . . . did you mention that to Peggy?”

    No clue dude.

    Loved the podcast though.

  24. B. Russ,

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