The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 12

Another Image of Faith and Devotion

Bishop's Interview


  1. I love that that is Archangel in the background. Genius!

  2. The picture of the Archangel in the background isn’t very modest. I’m sure it’s distracting to the young woman who is trying to repent.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    Only slightly less intimidating than a regular Bishop’s interview.

  4. The look on Bishop’s face suggests that he’s really concerned for the welfare of Storm’s soul.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    The M carved on his face is for Mormon. Whodathunkit.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    That’s Jubilee, not Storm. Racist.

  7. I’m saying it’s Psylocke.

  8. I’d be crying too.

  9. That woman is Wolverine. I know Hugh Jackman when I see him, flowery dress or not.

  10. Mark Brown says:

    He isn’t wearing a white shirt w/ tie, that means he’s a fallen bishop.

  11. In the future he comes from, everyone wears bandanas and suspenders to church.

  12. Mark Brown says:

    Plus, he has those Nephite biceps. So maybe he is a true bishop after all.

  13. Usually you Photoshop something into these Matsby, but this is exactly how I remember all my Bishop’s interviews . . . am I missing some subtle change?

  14. Where’s his set of scriptures? These pictures always have the Bishop with his set of scriptures open, as if to say, “see, I told you that chastity thing was really in there.”

    I don’t know what rhetoric is called when it’s visual, but it’s definitely a trope of LDS imagery, which is beginning to approximate JW imagery, with its fetish of showing open scriptures.

  15. Sadly this replaces the ‘bishop’ in the original picture — my mission president. He was a kind and caring man. RIP.

  16. Karen H. says:

    So, someone had to explain to me that he was an x-men dude. For once in my life I just wasn’t nerdy enough. I thought he was a lamanite of some ilk. Comic book Sons of Helaman?

  17. Way to kill the mood minam.

  18. I’m too uncool to understand the x-manity involved, but here’s a nod to Mattsby’s perfection — you can see the reflection of the bishop in the shine of the desktop.

  19. Oh my gosh, you’re right! Genius!

  20. …As they already do in Idaho today.

  21. dltayman says:

    The desk wiped shiny by her tear-filled hankey.

  22. observer (fka eric s) says:

    Package check.

  23. “I’m a mutant, an X-man, and I’m a Mormon.”

  24. LOL

  25. Bro. Jones says:

    The girls in the ward were never this cute, that’s how I recognize the Photoshop.

  26. Of course she is needing some repenting, look at that crease in her dress!

  27. The crease is the least of that dress’s problems.

  28. O.K. I’m a moron when it comes to mutants, and X-man, but I really thought that she was the bishop. Are you sure she’s not? After all it’s obviously in the future.

  29. He works for UPS.

  30. Where’s the ‘like’ button?

  31. DaleB. Roberts says:

    I luv this! Been following the X-Men since the very late 60’s. And I’m a Mormon! lololol Great comments all around on this.
    I don’t think that’s ArchAngel in that photo behind Bishop…uhm, I mean The Bishop! That just looks like Angel either before or After his ArchAngel days. And I think that gal looks More like Wolverines gal friday from the Yoshida clan
    Obviously The Bishop doesn’t need his scriptures opened onto the desk! Dudes, he’s from the future! He’s got ’em hardwired into his brain. Also, i’m sure that desk is so shiny because it’s like those podium thingy’s at conference…he can call it up on his “desk top” heh, heh, heh!

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