BCC Zeitcast 66: Movies & Mormons

In this episode, Scott B. is joined in the virtual studio by Robert Moncrief, a young LDS film maker in Southern California. Among other topics, they discuss Robert’s current film projects, his experiences as an LDS film student in California during Prop 8, the current state of LDS cinema, and the Mormon cultural aversion to R-rated movies. Also, they talk about the scourge to humanity that is George Lucas.

Links For Your Convenience:

  1. Official site for Robert’s Thesis Film
  2. Rosalynde Welch’s recent Patheos article on Mormon culture and Movie Ratings
  3. USC School of Cinematic Arts

Feel free to share your favorite (or least favorite) moments in LDS cinema, best Mormon cameos, or hurl insults at Lucas in the comments below.

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  1. Barefoot Mike says:

    As referenced in the ‘cast: The Phone Call: http://blip.tv/file/1733140. It was worth a view.

  2. So good. I love that clip–and I had meant to include a link to it, but forgot. Thanks for the catch!

  3. observer (fka eric s) says:

    the ’60s version of ‘mans searc h for happiness’ is a gem. it almost feels like a werener hertzog rod sterling collab on a tight budget.

  4. Scott, You’re a pro.

  5. Interesting stuff. Thanks guys.

  6. Wow, you are a zeitcasting machine.

  7. Thanks mmiles.

    Chris H.,
    It’s been 2 weeks since the last one–that’s hardly machine-like, is it? Anyway, we need to give it a second try on a zeitcast together, since the last one failed to launch.

  8. I listened the Ronan and Berto zeitcast this week. My point is that this is impressive given that you have a real job and family.

  9. Ah, heck Chris. It’s easy–I just neglect those sorts of things. This one would have gone up earlier, but I couldn’t get out of home teaching. Bother! :)

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    I love movies, so of course I enjoyed the ‘cast.

  11. Thanks Kevin!

  12. I’m very much looking forward to listening to this.

  13. Douglas Hunter says:

    I must have graduated the program about the time that Robert was starting it. Sounds like we had some similar experiences. (except around prop 8) So when do I get my Zietcast segment on being an LDS filmmaker in LA? Why not interview all of us?

  14. Douglas,
    Call me, darling.

  15. Er, uhh. That sure sounded different in my head than it looks.

  16. Toni Moncrief says:

    Scott, you’re quite articulate and relaxed. This was a fascinating glimpse of your work and I truly enjoyed it. Thanks!

  17. You’re too kind Toni. In this particular case, it was easy, because Rob and I are old friends and, though we spoke last week for the first time in a couple of years, it was like we hadn’t missed a beat. In general though, any degree of sounding articulate on my part is more a function of a finely honed skill in pretending to understand and follow what other people are saying, despite the fact I’m hopelessly confused 2/3 of the time.

  18. Although, on second reading of your comment (16), I’m wondering if you didn’t mean to say that Rob was quite articulate and relaxed, since we didn’t actually talk about my work at all…

  19. Douglas Hunter says:

    O.K. “Darling”

  20. Yeah, I figured that was coming eventually.

  21. Toni Moncrief says:

    To my way of thinking, “talking” is your work. Right? Nice work! I’m sticking to my original comment. I can always converse directly with Robert and skip the computer:)

  22. Ha! I wish talking was my work–last time I checked, I pay money to talk!

  23. Toni Moncrief says:

    Are you trying to get the last word in this comment section?

  24. No….

  25. Toni Moncrief says:

    Hmmm… very clever!

  26. I do what I can!

  27. Winning!

  28. Scott, “Mormon Rap” was dead on delivery when it was released. It was a horrible abomination that was neither good Mormonism nor good rap. Let’s not try to resurrect it 15 years later. This, like the cousin I didn’t know I had until I was 12, should be the dirty little Mormon secret that no one ever talks about.

  29. The podcast, after the first 52 excruciating seconds, was great.

  30. B.Russ,
    Mormon Rap 4ever, bro.

  31. Back Row says:

    FYI, The King’s Speech is being re-released in April with a PG13 rating. http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2011/03/the-kings-speech-set-for-pg-13-rated-april-release.html

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