BCC Zeitcast 67: Jonna

In this episode, Scott B. is joined in the virtual studio by Jonna, a pop music singer in Finland and a convert to the LDS Church. Topics include Jonna’s musical career and current projects, her conversion to the Restored Gospel, and its impact on her personal and professional life.


Useful Links:

  1. Jonna’s home town of Joensuu
  2. Jonna’s Official Website
  3. Music video for Jonna’s most recent single, Puppets
  4. Kyle M’s interview with Jonna at Linescratchers

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Syphax.

  3. Great interview and cool how she is a YW president. My daughter is a YW and I’m going to share Jonna’s video with her when I get home. I like the message, and like her voice!

  4. Thanks WillF.

  5. Great interview, Scott! And Jonna, if you read these comments, I want you to know that if you saw a little bump in video viewing on your website after the Linescratchers interview, it’s probably my kids. They’ve been watching it over and over and pretty much have it memorized. (they say they couldn’t find it on iTunes)

    It’s interesting that Jonna commented on how she thought some members might not know how to feel about her having long hair on one side and short on the other, because that was the first thing my teen girls wondered about. It was fun to see them running the computations in their heads and gratifying to the conclusion they came to.

    Anyway, good luck to Jonna on the business side of things. My kids are looking forward to the album release.

  6. Martin,
    For reasons I don’t quite understand, Jonna’s music is not available yet in the US iTunes store. My wife checked the Finnish iTunes, and it is there, but it requires a local address to purchase from foreign country-iTunes stores.

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m offended that your hair is of different lengths on different sides of your head. That is unnatural. (snort!)

    Great interview.

  8. Thanks Kev. You’re the most loyal ZC fan!

  9. She has a very beautiful speaking voice too as well as singing voice. I love it when she is interpreting in GC or Stake Conference. Just listening to her voice makes me want to listen at least a part of GC in finnish :D

  10. Oh snap, Sirpa! If I had known she does translation work, we would have talked about that, too. Next time…

  11. Personal Jesus . . . how subversive.

    You know, Dream On is a better song. =)

  12. You should have just started a concert in a nun outfit just to meet their expectations, and then take it off. . . .

    Er . . . hmmm . . . . *cough *cough . . . . ermmm . . . . yeah.

    Looking for a little fantasy fulfillment, are we Scott?

  13. /groan/

  14. Nice interview, Scotty — good work.

    And best of luck to you in your career, Jonna!

  15. Hey Martin–actually, I was incorrect about iTunes. I got an email from Jonna this morning saying that her music is indeed in the US version of iTunes, and upon checking again, she is correct.

    Search in the iTunes Store for “Puppets” and under “All Songs” it is there around #22 or so.

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