EMSA 2011

The European Mormon Studies Association
Annual Conference

Durham University, England

4–5 August 2011

Keynote speaker: Prof. Walter E.A. van Beek
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Invited plenary speaker: Prof. Robert Hayward
Durham University, England

Call for Papers
“Mormonism and Ritual”

Mormonism is traditionally thought of as low church,” having informal church services and modes of prayer. On the other hand, Mormonism is replete with ritual when it comes to temple service and other priesthood functions. This duality and breadth provides rich opportunities for probing the relationship between Mormonism and ritual in multiple scholarly domains.

Papers are invited on topics including but not limited to: What significance does ritual play in Mormon life? How does Mormonism compare to other Christian and non-Christian faith traditions in terms of ritual? How is Mormon theology manifested in the faith’s ritual? How has the place of ritual in Mormonism varied historically?

Those wishing to present a paper at the conference are requested to send a 200-word abstract to kim.ostman@abo.fi by 1 May 2011. If accepted, a notification will be given by 15 May 2011. It is expected that final papers will be approximately 3,000–3,500 words, being delivered in a time of 20–25 minutes each. A question and answer period will be available following each paper.

Meals and a block of rooms for accommodation are available at St Chad’s College, Durham University. Please make a reservation directly to St. Chad’s by 15 July at the latest using the university’s form.

Please register for the conference directly by 31 July through the EMSA website http://www.euromormonstudies.com. A conference fee of £10 will be charged at the venue.


Dr. Kim Östman
Conference Coordinator / 2011, European Mormon Studies Association
E-mail: kim.ostman@abo.fi
Web: http://www.euromormonstudies.com


  1. Aaron R. says:

    I will certainly be there this year. Thanks for sharing Ronan.

  2. Of course you finally do it in England during a month I’ll be in the states. Figures.

  3. Wow. I really would like to figure out a way to attend. This is my bread and butter.

  4. J,
    If you can’t come, I’d be happy to read a paper on your behalf. Reflected glory!

  5. RJH,
    I think the term is “borrowed light”…

  6. is this the same w/e as SLC Sunstone?

  7. Tremendous, my home town and only 3 minutes down the road – I’ll be there!

  8. Also, happy to put anyone up who may be travelling!

  9. Deaco,
    I may take you up on that offer.

  10. For sure Ronan. I only have space for one, but your welcome to stay.

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