Saturday PM General Conference: Since Jimmer’s Not Playing Today, Let’s Watch Conference!

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Official Over/Under on mentions of “Jimmer” has been set at 17 for this session. Please place your bets accordingly, brothers and sisters.


Choir in jewel tones, but sounds good anyway.

First Presidency just seated.

Bummer–same tie.


BHodges here. Had some problems with the wifi but I’m up and running.

President Boyd K. Packer starts out with recognition for the King James Version of the Bible. It’s the book’s 400th anniversary. A recent symposium at BYU focused on the KJV. A recent episode of “Mormon Stories” including Kristine Haglund and Phil Barlow has gone missing, but it was an interesting look at the KJV by a few modern Mormons. LDSmediatalk had a nice collective link post on the KJV here.

President Packer interestingly tips the cap to William Tyndale as “a great hero.”

Other speakers who have mentioned Tyndale in recent Conferences include Elders Christofferson, Hales, Ballard, Packer, and President Hinckley.

President Packer interestingly tips the cap to William Tyndale as “a great hero,” and the sufferer of a “martyr’s death.” These are interesting descriptions for a reformer who lived during the “Great Apostasy,” acknowledging inspired actions despite an absence of Priesthood authority. Pres. Packer distinguishes the apostasy by “The authority and power to administer had to be restored.”

Emphasizing the official name of the Church was mentioned today in the Deseret News. See Scott Taylor, “LDS or Mormon? It depends: Church prefers full name but is accepting more Mormon uses,” Deseret News, 2 April 2011.

He emphasizes revelation and the Holy Ghost as things non-Mormons should take into account when thinking about what Mormons believe. This explains the Word of Wisdom, as well as “the Lord’s standard of morality.” Reaffirming the “sacred powers to beget life” be confined to husband and wife, he refers to the Book of Mormon verse which seems to place sexual sin as “next to murder.” An interesting analysis of this Book of Mormon selection is Michael R. Ash, “The Sin Next to Murder: An Alternate Interpretation,” Sunstone, 2006, p. 34-43.

After discussing marriage and sex he switches to a discussion about forgiveness, an interesting move.

“John, leave it alone” is a story Pres. Packer has shared before. See, for example, “Balm of Gilead,” Ensign Nov. 1987.

Pres. Packer relied on David Danielle for his thoughts on Tyndale.


Elder Russell M. Nelson’s talks have frequently been focused on family relations. In April 2010 he spoke on “Generations Linked in Love.” He tied the Lord’s Prayer to family prayer in April 2009. Oct. 2008 was a talk on “Celestial Marriage.

“Eternal perspective” is also a common theme for Elder Nelson. See here, here, here, here, etc.

Cafateria Mormons? BCC’s own Mark Brown had this to say in 2007.


Elder Richard J. Maynes is talking about the heavenly family. If you’re interested in talk of spirit birth you’ll probably need to start at the NewCoolThang blog. Try Geoff J’s “Is there such a thing as spirit birth or not?” Then the rest of it.

The Family Proclamation is described as “prophetic council” from those we sustain as “prophets, seers, and revelators,” but it isn’t called canonical, as was implied last Conference session.

Citation alert: Elder Maynes sends a footnote shout-out to Deseret Book’s Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People. Jack M. Lyon, Jay A. Parry, and Linda Ririe Gundry be praised for including the poem by C.C. Miller.


Elder Cecil O. Samuelson is talking about testimony, and struggles of faith. “Their questions are usually the result of honest inquiry or curiosity,” as opposed to being sinners. Not to be overly-self-promotional, I wrote about this sort of thing in my review of Shawn McCraney’s “Born-Again Mormon” book. See the subsection “They Leave the Church but Can’t Leave it Alone.”

The renowned Louis Midgley just published an interesting blog post over at FAIR called “‘Having’ a Testimony?”

He says a testimony grows and needs protection. Neglect or deviance from the path can lead to loss of the Spirit and the denial of testimony. See my review of McCraney linked above where I offer some critique of that view.

He refers us to Alma 32, a wonderful selection from the Book of Mormon where the word is compared to a seed. This is an especially interesting sermon considering Alma’s own conversion to Christ, which occurred after an encounter with an angel.

Elder Samuelson employs scripture to help affirm the fact that people need not know everything. Blind spots in our faith are not, presumably, simply the result of sin it seems. “I do not know the meaning of all things,” like Nephi and Mormon “of old” [love that ‘of old’ thing].


Elder Dallin H. Oaks desires to speak about desire. Like his talk, “Good, Better, and Best,” he is drawing a hierarchy of needs, some lesser, some greater. See also his book,Pure in Heart, p. 52. Note also the continued emphasis of the word “becoming,” which is a continuing theme for Elder Oaks. See “The Challenge to Become.”

Elder Oaks’s story about the battalion of Mormons came from personal notes he wrote in 1985 of an interview with Ray Cox.

Danny Boyle recently directed the film 127 Hours about the true story of Ralston, whom Oaks discussed. James Franco loves it.

In 2005 Elder Oaks gave a talk to YSA in California called “Dating versus hanging out.” Excerpts appeared in the New Era in April 2010. [A special shout-out to my own wife, who pursued and courted me as much as I did her, by the way.] Looking for more “Dating Advice from Prophets and Apostles“? You’re in luck. Also, Caroline from has puzzled over Elder Oaks’s advice a little while back.


If you like Elder M. Russell Ballard’s story about the old gold prospector, you’re going to love the Discovery Channel’s hit series “Gold Rush Alaska.

Sweet, Elder Ballard takes hold of the “great commandment” discussion from Matthew 22:36-40. A personal favorite.

“Active love. It is not manifested through large and heroic deeds, but rather through simple acts of kindness and service.”

Elder Ballard remembers his old friend Elder Wirthlin, who passed away in 2008, by referring to his conference address “The Virtue of Kindness.

Emphasis on service by missionaries and members; the “spirit of charitable service” will make others want to know more about the Church.

*Easter reference alert.* (the first direct reference today?) Elder Ballard recommends that “as we approach the Easter season” we “show our love and appreciation for the Savior’s atoning sacrifice through our simple, compassionate acts of service to our brothers and sisters at home, at church, and in our communities.”


Choir sounded nice. Gotta love the Easter pastels. Now go read my post reviewing a book about the Conference Center organ.


Here are the verses of “Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise” that aren’t in the hymnal.  I want them all back in–never too many repetitions of ELLACOMBE :)


3. But ere that great and solemn day,
The stars from heav’n will fall,
The moon be turned into blood,
The waters into gall,
The sun with blackness will be clothed,
All nature look affright!
While men, rebellious wicked men,
Gaze heedless on the sight.

4. The earth shall reel, the heavens shake,
The sea move to the north,
The earth roll up like as a scroll,
When God’s command goes forth;
The mountains sink, the valleys rise,
And all become a plain,
The islands and the continents
Will then unite again.

5. Alas! the day will then arrive,
When rebels to God’s grace,
Will call for rocks to fall on them,
And hide them from his face:
Not so with those who keep his law,
They joy to meet their Lord
In clouds above, with them that slept
In Christ, their sure reward.

7. Then when the thousand years are past,
And Satan is unbound,
O Lord preserve us from his grasp,
By fire from heav’n sent down,
Until our great last change shall come,
T’imortalize this clay,
Then we in the celestial world,
Will spend eternal day.


  1. How long must we wait for the photographs?

  2. They are up now on the previous post.

  3. If you tell me where to send it, I’ll send you a nice photo from our morning session of kids hovered around the candy bowl waiting for the speaker to say LOVE.

    The word of the session for the afternoon session has not yet been determined, but there will also be some MUCH LESS LIKELY to be used words available for future sessions that will win the first to identify a LARGE, half pound candy bar. Words like HAGOTH, RAMEUMPTON, KOLOB, and the like.

  4. Chad Too says:

    Whad’ya suppose most would have done if indeed the Cougars were playing in the Final four today? I know I would have been torn.

  5. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled says:

    I really enjoyed Elder Kent F. Richards talk, The Atonement Covers All Pain

  6. BYU-Idaho choir? You now have my attention, rest hymns.

  7. StillConfused says:

    Same tie??

  8. Chad — re #4, we have wondered the same thing. I can’t help but think that Priesthood meeting would have been postponed, or cancelled. Or at least have hoped. I would have had to watched one later, and I’m afraid it wouldn’t have been the basketball game.

  9. I remember the year that BYU played San Diego State in a football game and Pres. Hinckley ended the Priesthood session early. It was awesome. It was during my mission and we actually got permission to watch the game.

  10. Rob,
    Send it to scottb at bycommonconsent dot com

  11. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    I think I saw some empty seats in the upper bowl.

  12. Doesn’t have President Uchtdorf do so much conducting go against the counsel to “strengthen the feeble knees”?? Imagine all the knee strengthening that could occur if Pres. Monson and Pres. Eyring got up more often.

  13. Chad Too says:

    That’s a long list of releases.

  14. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    It will be another 20 years before BYU has a shot at the Final Four. By then, Conference might be a Sunday-only affair.

  15. New people being called to the 70. Be on alert for any former mission presidents!

  16. The word of the session is MEMBER(S). Chosen by one of the teenagers in anticipation of the conducting of the business. I have a feeling it won’t pay off much beyond that.

  17. StillConfused says:

    I love his accent on the names

  18. Is it cruel to have a German say so many Latino names?

  19. Aaron B says:

    I tried to hold my breath during Uchtdorf’s reading of names, but I eventually passed out.

  20. Well, neither Max A. Jensen nor Kent C. Wilson were in the list. Maybe my mission presidents will be called next time…

  21. My former mission president is now a 70. Good man.

  22. Random thought – I know it’s happened in the early Utah period, but would there ever be a time in the correlated era of the church that the voting WOULDN’T be unanimous?

  23. #18 – Not nearly as cruel as having an American try to do it – at least not for those who have to listen.

  24. “It’s a long walk…” love that off the cuff remark, so true!

  25. @Ray True enough!

  26. Chad Too says:

    @Ray: Who was your mission Prez?

  27. Anyone get a rundown of the stats? I was drifting during that part.

  28. Munz Dendobucho-san

  29. Who is Jimmer?

  30. Of course, I wasn’t listening to the first names very closely. The last name jumped out at me. Might or might not be him.

  31. StillConfused says:

    I like it better when the choir matches

  32. My former mission president went to become an auditor in the San Diego Temple after being released.

  33. Chad Too says:
  34. Aaron B says:

    WVS, 14million + members, 340-ish missions, 28,000+ wards, 3 Nephites still roaming 1-15.

  35. WVS, it’s over on the BCC twitter feed.

  36. @StillConfused I most just like it when Mo Tab signs

  37. waterspout says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Sacrament Hymn sung during General Conference – MoTab or otherwise. I could be wrong.

  38. over 14 million members!

  39. Excuse me- Jose Alonso, new seventy from Mexico, is a homeopathic physician?

  40. he is standing

  41. StillConfused says:

    #36, you said “signs” – Now that would be awesome to see. All of MoTab signing the words

  42. observer (fka eric s) says:

    We don’t resent inaccuracies.

  43. Rigel Hawthorne says:


    were you in the MTC between Sept and November 1984?

  44. Nice touch to have Arnold Friberg’s nameread in under the prominent LDS who have passed away.

  45. Tindell’s “prophecy” – I like that said openly.

  46. oops sings … ha ha

    that would be awesome

  47. Yes, Rigel. I assume you were, too.

  48. We have an Arnold Friberg painting hanging in our living room. He was a friend of my in-laws.

  49. StillConfused says:

    I like “Mormon” better than “LDS”. I don’t want to be referred to by initials

  50. kentslarsen says:

    Interesting that Elder Packer is contradicting the Deseret News article today about the name of the Church.

  51. Aaron B says:

    Well, my preferred adjectives for “Mormon” are “Church-of-Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-Day-Saints-ish” or “Church-of-Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-Day-Saints-esque”, Elder Packer’s contrary instruction notwithstanding.

  52. Conifer says:

    He says we shouldn’t refer to ourselves as Mormons — they should tell that to all those people in the “I’m a Mormon” ads.

  53. I wonder if Elder Packer will need to revise his talk after conference again

  54. I think boyd k is propped up rather than standing up.

  55. We need to put GPS collars on those guys.

  56. TrevorM says:

    I think Pres. Packer is giving an outdated view on being called “mormons”… Strange

  57. 52 has a point

  58. Pres. Packer has been sitting for a couple of years, now.

  59. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    Yup, I was getting ready to go to Nagoya…probably played Volleyball or did Timed X with ya in the same place.

  60. “men and women, called to preside, teach and minister”

  61. Aaron B says:

    WofW canard alert!!!

  62. “men and women, called to preside and preach and administer”

  63. here we go…

  64. #49 I hate initials also, if just reminds me of pricks that put their initials on their shirts.

  65. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    I thought you could drink and still have a temple recommend until the 1930s.

  66. Aaron B says:

    recapitulation of homosexuality talk, albeit broader and vaguer…

  67. Oh, wow, I was wrong – he is standing. Whoops.

  68. “The husband is the head of the home…equal partnership.”

    [bangs head on table]

  69. He seems to be saying that all sexual temptation (particularly including, I suppose based on his context, homosexuality) can be overcome with effort toward marriage or celibacy. Serious change from his last talk (at least the original form). Yay :)

  70. Crap. The talk started so benign.

  71. AMEN to President Packer’s emphasis on using full name of church and “latter-day saint” as opposed to “mormon.” So why does church website have “mormon in so many places, why does church-owned Deseret News publish “Mormon Times” instead of “Latter-day Saint Times,” and why the emphasis on “I am a Mormon” web clips from members instead of “I am a Latter-day Saint”?

  72. #65. 1920s for coffee and tea. Drinking had always been frowned upon before that but not necessarily a deal breaker. Getting drunk has always been call for action.

  73. #68 What is problem with that statement?

  74. He’s definitely not standing, but seems to be sitting on something different than he has in recent conferences.

    Again, reference my post #12. Maybe his feeble knees need strengthening.

  75. Whoever predicted that he would try to behave himself and last about five minutes was spot-on.

  76. Brad, stop worshiping logic.

  77. Kristine says:

    Word, y’all. BHodges is keeping the thread going up above. Check out the extra references related to this talk by Pres. Packer.

    *written by BHodges

  78. Just got back from riding the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Did I miss the car chase scene?

  79. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    “Mormon” >>>> “Latter-day Saint”

  80. Josh B. says:

    what a great talk from Packer

  81. Wynn, nothing. It’s just a big change from last fall’s assertion that no one is actually homosexual.

  82. Maybe Brad is secretly a woman

  83. Strong context, Kristine BHodges.

  84. I’m glad for Elder Packer’s freedom to speak his mind. Reminds me of LeGrand Richards long talks.

  85. Romney 2012 Supporter says:


    There’s an article currently on that explains that the Church uses “Mormon” all over because that’s the term people type into Google, and the church wants them landing on our website.

  86. KerBearRN says:

    We do not use profanity? Damn.

  87. KerBearRN says:

    Seems like he’s kind of jumping around here. Or summarizing every talk ever given.

  88. Alright, links to other talks and references are above.

  89. #84 Clair, you know it. As much as the old talks by Bruce R. McConkie and Joseph Fielding Smith were sometimes militant and divisive, it was always interesting to wonder what was coming next and great that they felt free to speak their true beliefs.

  90. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled says:

    Thanks BHodges for the links

  91. They cut away from the pulpit so you can’t see them wheeling back to his seat

  92. The fact that they did not show Pres. Packer leaving the pulpit and Elder Nelson approaching tells me Packer definitely wasn’t standing.

  93. Do you think President Packer maybe isn’t a fan of the “I’m a Mormon” campaign?

  94. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    Can anyone know for certain that the country doctor was the vector for the transmission of the illness?

  95. I think (and I’m willing to be wrong here) that the theme in this talk is that it is reactive to the responses to his last talk. Those responses referenced “mormonism” and “mormon apostle Boyd Packer” and were offended by his statements. In this talk, Packer is saying “it’s ‘LDS,’ and if you were offended, ‘leave it alone.'” He then expanded both topics to make the talk longer and more applicable to every church member rather that just the offended ones.

  96. Hmm I don’t know that image looks photoshopped…

  97. WillF, indeed. And for more reasons than the official use of the moniker…

  98. Aaron B says:

    It would be easier to celebrate the “freedom” of G.A.s to say whatever they heck they want if we lived in a world where vast quantities of LDS listeners weren’t interpreting every stray comment as a formal doctrinal pronouncement of the Church, set in stone for all eternity and made available as a weapon to beat other churchmembers over the head with.

  99. #87, that’s my sense too.

    He’s pulling together a lot of random themes from his past talks and sort of mashing them together into one address. You get that kind of approach a lot from the Apostles in severely advanced age. They have a hard time sustaining a concise narrative and tend to ramble. His isn’t the most pronounced case I’ve seen from the pulpit though.

  100. JD Dancer says:

    Was that a subtle attempt by BKP to apologize for giving offense last conference while simultaneously admonishing certain parts of the membership for having taken offense?

  101. JD, exactly.

  102. Yes I think #95 Ariel got it right. And the photos of Elder Nelson’s grandkids were sweet. However, I don’t think I have heard any talk reference a grandchild named “Ruby” yet.

  103. KerBearRN says:

    @#92–Oh, didn’t you know? Part of calling as an apostle includes being able to apparate. It’s become necessary with the growth of the Church. :)

  104. His cheeks are sinking in more than last conference

  105. Hahahaha! Elder Nelson just slammed the so-called Cafeteria Mormons!

  106. #93…I wondered the same thing.

  107. Cafeteria ftw.

  108. CAMERON — #96 — I just sent Scott a non photo-shopped photo during Elder Anderson’s talk this morning that shows my kids and their cousins hovering around the candy bowl awaiting the word of the session.

  109. observer (fka eric s) says:

    He almost said the “Catholic” instead of “cafeteria” approach to obedience.

  110. StillConfused says:

    Notwithstanding the few wisps, I am putting this guy in the bald category

  111. a la carte baby

  112. I think perhaps when he said “cafeteria” he was making a broader reference to “new-order” and other mormon-ish types.

  113. Is it just me or did it seem like this was President Packers attempt to apologize for his last address? Sadly “Leave it alone” doesn’t always work but I sure hope it does this time. As someone who railed against President Packer 6 months ago I think that his return to a form of apology (if not truly an apology) is admirable.

  114. We’re all Cafeteria Mormons, of some bent or another.

  115. I’m waiting for the lightning to strike after I said “Mormon.”

  116. Tracy, yes, absolutely and that is why preaching against it is somewhat confusing to me.

  117. KerBearRN says:

    Brothers and Sisters, believe Him. I like that.

  118. All cafeteria Mormons are equal, but some cafeteria Mormons are more equal than others.

  119. I’m not a “cafeteria” Mormon. I hate cafeterias (I also hate buffets). I’m more of a formal dining Mormon.

  120. #114 I am a Buffet Mormon and I got the gut to prove it, I hunger and thirst.

  121. Tracy, I’m ok with his focus on “commandments” in the context of the use of “cafeteria” – even though I agree with you. After all, which “commandment” is an apostle going to say is ok NOT to obey?

    Nothing in the talk addresses differing views of doctrine, for example.

  122. KerBearRN says:

    Resilient faith. I think that well describes the people of Japan right now.

  123. It’s Cafeteria Latter-day Saints, people!

  124. @ #98. Well said.

  125. I think Elder Nelson is speaking more to those who teach that the cafeteria approach is acceptable. Sure, we’re all going to pick and choose, but we run into trouble when start teaching it is acceptable. Not to mention it is contrary to the “be ye therefore perfect” edict.

  126. Tracy (114), does that mean that I don’t have to believe “Adam-God Theory” anymore? That’s a relief, I’ve been having the hardest time reconciling it lately.

  127. #120 My husband calls yall “belly-button mark Mormons.”

  128. 114. Not me, Tracy. I’m a gospel glutton.

  129. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    J.Stapley, I bet you still order off the menu, though.

  130. Aaron B says:

    How many “Cafeteria Mormons” understand themselves as being selectively obedient to God’s commands? I suspect most Mormons understand themselves as being obedient to things that really matter, and only disobedient to things that don’t.

    In other words, I suspect non-compliance is probably more often a function of confusion about the authoritativeness of specific rules than it is of an attitude that says, “I don’t need to be obedient to unambiguously authoritative rules.”

  131. 120 — if you have the gut to prove it, i doubt you hunger.

  132. KerBearRN says:

    What about McDonald’s Mormons?

  133. #98 Aaron B.

    Well, set in stone for all eternity…until some future leader contradicts it.

    Thank goodness for the scriptures.

  134. I agree, Aaron. I think all of us obey those things that each of us view to be “valid commandments”. Again, he didn’t addresses how we view “doctrine”; he only addressed “commandments”.

    That might seem like a silly distinction to some people, but it’s what he actually said.

  135. @133, what happens when conference and scripture are in conflict?

  136. How about “fast food Latter-day Saints?”

  137. StillConfused says:

    I am having a much harder time paying attention i n this session

  138. Ray (121) Plural Marriage. I think an apostle would be okay to tell someone its alright to not obey the commandment of plural marriage.

  139. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    I think as long as you can answer all of the temple recommend questions in a way that you can pass, then you are not a “cafeteria Mormon.”

    If it’s not in the temple recommend interview, you can have your own twist on it.

  140. #135 pray and let the spirit guide

  141. StillConfused says:

    The great theme of 2011 — baldness

  142. 139 – you’d be surprised how even the temple recommend questions can be “twisted”.

  143. #138 – Since it’s not considered a commandment anymore, it really isn’t relevant to us, is it?

  144. For a more vibrant and lively version of Elder Packer’s talk, see the number “Turn it Off!” in the new Book of Mormon Musical.

  145. KerBearRN says:

    I love the way Elder Uchtdorf pronounced “Samuelson”. He’s a rock star.

  146. #135

    Word of God trumps everything even conference.

  147. 143 – well sure, if you constrict it to “relevant” commandments . . .

  148. @146, if only. I would be so, so happy if that was the church position on the matter.

  149. #147 – lol – nice!

  150. #141 ForeverConfused?

  151. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    “you’d be surprised how even the temple recommend questions can be “twisted”.”

    Very true… it’s sort of a personal decision about whether or not someone feels they’re following them.

  152. Word of God trumps everything even conference.

    Which Word?

  153. I don’t consider Elder Nelson to be bald. He has a several strand combover going in.

  154. I still haven’t been able to check “pornography” off my Conference Squares bingo sheet.

  155. If the spotlights glare off the top of the speaker’s head, he is bald.

  156. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    “The great theme of 2011 — baldness”

    Would you rather they do a comb-over a la Donald Trump?

  157. Is he trying to say that going through the motions is somehow more important that gaining spiritual insight? I’m a little confused.

  158. KerBearRN says:

    AAAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!! My ears, my ears! Guilt, guilt! I’m melting! Hope they don’t ask my kids for input on their upbringing…

  159. No one is commenting on Elder Maynes’ talk…I guess we pay closer attention when an Apostle is speaking

  160. Brett H says:

    Remember when the current speaker (I totally missed his name, I have to admit) said something about an unprecedented attack on the family? It came out kind of like “unpresidented.” I think he’s subtly hinting that he is an Obama supporter.

  161. B. Russ – I’m not hearing that in his message.

  162. Frankly, I’ve never liked guilt-based talks, even though I agree with most of the points he is making.

  163. I’m mixing up metaphors: “families can be like ropes, give them enough and they can hang themselves with it.” Wait, what?

  164. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    “When parents preside…” :-D

  165. Photo of guy on horse wearing western hat in Elder Maynes’ talk qualifies as check-off of reference to growing up on a farm, at least in my book

  166. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    Re 145: I liked that too.

  167. KerBearRN says:


  168. 2010 Stats. 2009 Stats. 2008 Stats. 2007 Stats.

    Missionaries: 52,225. 51,736. 52,494. 52,686.
    Membership: 14,131,467. 13,824,854. 13,508,509. 13,193,999.
    Stakes: 2896. 2865. 2818. 2790.
    Missions: 340. 344. 348. 348.
    Districts: 614. 616. 622. 618.
    Wards-Branches: 28,660. 28,424. 28,109. 27,827.
    Convert Baptisms: 272,814. 280,106. 265,593. 279,218.

  169. #162 I am guilt free, pass feeling

  170. Count me as one of many who loves that he said “parents preside” in the home.

  171. First lambs, now kids.

  172. Brett H says:


  173. KerBearRN says:

    what’s on his forehead?

  174. “Parents preside . . .” – That’s at least the fourth or fifth time “preside” has been used in connection with husbands AND wives. That is interesting.

  175. 161 – (roughly quoting) “They won’t remember what we learned in FHE, but they will learn we had it. They won’t remember what scriptures we read, but they will remember we read them. . . .”

    I’m sure I’m being overly critical and looking beyond the mark, but I guess I figure, if you’re not getting anything out of your scripture reading, its no better than just not reading them.

  176. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    “what’s on his forehead?”

    I beg your pardon?

  177. Aaron B says:

    Given how much we venerate the General Authorities, why can’t we start aping their practice of NOT beginning our talks with stupid anecdotes about the circumstances under which we were assigned our talk topics?

  178. M.C. Hammerstone says:

    As a BYU student, I am so happy to see Cecil speaking. It sounds like this will be an interesting talk.

  179. I guess I’m listening to a slightly delayed broadcast.

  180. KerBearRN says:

    Och. I supppose that’s sweat, poor guy. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the teleprompter reflected in a speakers forehead.

  181. It seems this time around (or maybe for the first time ever I’m actually paying enough attention to remember) a lot of the key words being listed on the twitter feed is pretty common sense. Are most GCs like this?

    IE: Parents teach with words and by example.

    As oppose to….turning on the TV and calling it a day?

  182. #173 Mark of the beast?

  183. StillConfused says:

    Membership up; but missions, districts down. Hmmm

  184. This guy has a really shiny forehead in HD.

  185. StillConfused says:

    I think they powder the baldies but not those who are not hair challenged.

  186. M.C. Hammerstone says:

    Did anybody else hear that sneeze?

  187. 175 – I think he was saying they won’t remember the specifics. This is a common theme of teaching youth: they may not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember how they felt when you said it.

  188. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    B.Russ (184),

    I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.

  189. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    I’ll be honest: presenting the “experiment on the word” as though it’s dependable or repeatable as a scientific experiment always bothers me.

  190. #185 that is the standard practice of discrimination in effect

  191. kentslarsen says:

    Citation alert: Elder Maynes sends a footnote shout-out to Deseret Book’s Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People. Jack M. Lyon, Jay A. Parry, and Linda Ririe Gundry be praised for including the poem by C.C. Miller.

    This book has always annoyed me!

    What method did they use to decide that these were the “Best-Loved”? Why are so few LDS authors included? Why is so much trite junk included?

  192. #183: several missions have been consolidated during the past two years, which is why there are fewer missions

  193. Magnolia says:

    Husband: Another list?
    Daughter in College: Don’t they know you only remember three things from a lecture.

  194. Brett H says:

    @189 — I’m taking a lot of experimental design classes at BYU this semester, and because of that I now think the same thing. “Oh, sure, it’s an experiment, but is it reliable? How much error is involved? What research metric should we use to measure the response we receive? What’s the Crohnbach’s alpha?”

  195. #191: President Hinkley and President Faust used to quote poetry from Alfred, Lord Tennyson, all the time. Did his work made the “best loved” book.

  196. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    On a side note: are we currently sending missionaries to Russia?

    I heard a few years ago we were shutting down the Russian missions but I also heard that a BYU basketball player will be going there soon on a mission.

  197. KerBearRN says:

    185–probably. that powder caked into the hair would be pretty gnarly.

  198. Cecil ….I am glad he is done speaking

  199. StillConfused says:

    Bald and proud

  200. #194: As a psychometric researcher, I suspect that the Cronbach’s alpha of “testing the word” wouldn’t be high enough meet acceptable psychometric standards…problem is, the result of the testing is sometimes (maybe most of the time) not immediate.

  201. KerBearRN says:

    Elder Oaks shout out!

  202. This guy needs some powder

  203. Sounds like an interesting topic from Elder Oaks. Interesting to see where it goes.

  204. KerBearRN says:

    And now a Bear Grylls shout out.

  205. “about 30 Mormon men.” It’s LDS!

  206. Brett H says:

    @200: What kind of research do you do? I’m thinking of going into neuropsychology myself, and I’m fascinated with the psychometrics involved in that.

  207. We ARE currently sending missionaries to Russia. One of the YM in our word just left the MTC to go there this past week.

    My mission is one that was recently consolidated. I served in the Illinois CHicago Mission, which was later split into two missions — North and South. It was consolidated this past year back into a single mission.

  208. StillConfused says:

    Calling them Mormon is okay if they are in the reserves

  209. Rob, when?

  210. KerBearRN says:

    BTW, just so you all know, WE are enjoying leftover birthday cake with this session of conference.

  211. StillConfused says:

    The Arm Guy. Shout out to 127 Hours! That is crazy

  212. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    Hey, I was just about to watch 127 Hours when this session ended!

  213. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    That movie seems like it would be boring.

  214. Someone has been watching R-Rated movies!! Tsk Tsk Elder Oaks.

  215. KerBearRN says:

    after that story, i’m not enjoying the cake quite so much…

  216. Whoops- R rated movie! He must have read the book.

  217. 214. Someone probably owns a Clear-Play.

  218. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    Wait… did Elder Oaks just approve R-rated movies in a very subtle manner?

  219. I’m waiting for the Black Swan reference!

  220. kentslarsen says:

    214- The Ralston story was also a book — Eler Oaks didn’t have to see the movie

  221. I think the best moral of the story is “hike with a buddy, or at least have someone know where you are and be checking in with them every couple of days.”

  222. #211 Would you rather have a shout to the baldies, and a story of the trials and tribulations?

  223. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    The book is probably more graphic than the movie.

  224. #214 Oak was a judge and hence above the law, duh

  225. 220 – Oh sure. Occam’s Razor my friend, Occam’s Razor.

  226. I absolutely love that he quoted a letter that referred to men as a helpmeet to women.

  227. JAMI — 209 — I was in Chicago from 1990-1992

  228. Elder Oaks is right about the surplus of young men incapable of making a commitment to a woman. Tons of failure-to-launch guys moping around out there.

  229. #228 most of them are pigs

  230. KerBearRN says:

    228–failure to launch sounds like an entirely different issue. jus’ sayin’.

  231. I guess all the women of the Church were too busy in their careers to give a talk in this session…

  232. Elder Oaks has eclectic tastes when it comes to movies and with regard to his revealing his personal practices there, keeps things on the down-low. He may indeed have read the book however.

  233. There are also a lot of guys in the single’s ward who really want to get married but can’t get anybody to marry them. The girl has to say “Yes”.

  234. Romney 2012 Supporter says:


    Are you saying he probably did see the movie?

  235. 1988-1990.

  236. #233 Most of them boys are addicted to porn or video games who wants those addicts

  237. Hey, Chicago missionaries! I was there 95-96. I’m glad it’s going back to one mission, the way it should be :-)

  238. JAMI — ever signed into the Mission page on facebook?

  239. Josh B. says:

    if only he approved the movie. inspirational messages for mutual: 127 hours. oohh dear…

    And I’m going to defend the guys. Its not always their fault, as much as our women (and our very own BCC feminists) will paint them out to be.

  240. Wynn (236) Jesus. Jesus wants those addicts.

  241. Josh B. says:

    wow, the topic changed mightly after #239. I was talking about marriage, not porn.

  242. Sure the women are to blame too, they travel in packs, the weak men are scared of the packs.

  243. Interesting combination of talks:

    Elder Oaks emphasizes that we do and become what we desire, followed by Elder Ballard stressing we should desire to be loving above all else.

  244. Yep.

  245. I think the church should re-institute plural marriage so women can be lucky enough to marry manly-god-fearing-men like Wynn and not be so unlucky as to have to marry someone who occasionally plays Halo and Call of Duty.

  246. #240 Jesus is not going to marrying these boys, he not gay, duh.

  247. StillConfused says:

    Raising an eternal family sounded like raising a turtle family

  248. Josh B. says:

    #245, the gamers would love that.

  249. @243 Nice observation. Interesting sequence of talks.

  250. More emphasis on reaching out in service to those outside our faith. Love this. Especially the mention of being directed by the spirit to know who is in need of help. We don’t often talk of this in terms outside our wards/church stewardship. Awesome.

  251. coachodeeps says:

    Service was the Candy word of the session for my family! Wow! That was a lot of M&Ms! Way to end the session!

  252. I find it interesting that President Uchtdorf has yet to speak. It seems that generally each of the counselors speaks once during the Saturday general sessions and the whole First Presidency speaks in PH meeting.

  253. Ballard is da man, I really love his wisdom

  254. Aaron B says:

    I interrupt this program to report that given a choice between (1) the 181st Annual LDS General Conference; and (2) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, my 5 yo daughter has made her preference clear.

    If the Brethren want to compete, they’re going to need wear snazzier outfits.

  255. I really like this arrangement. We sang this a while ago in my local institute choir, it’s really fun to sing too.

  256. #246 Wynn. Are you certain of that?

  257. That was a cool arrangement. Might download that one.

  258. TrevorM says:

    that, my friends, was a prayer.

  259. AMEN. Follwed by 2 kids in unison: “That was a really short prayer.”

  260. #256 Are you by chance a New Order Mormon? That is some strange doctrine, Jesus is not gay, and would not marry a guy especially a porn or video game addict, his standards are higher then that

  261. Well, I’m off to play some Call of Duty. See you all in a couple hours.

  262. Can someone explain the difference between New Order Mormon, Regular Mormon, Cafeteria Mormon, and any other version of Mormon that keeps being referenced?

  263. Time for THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!! But I’ll try to make it to priesthood meeting.

  264. StillConfused says:

    #262 — There are no Mormons only LDS

  265. Josh B. says:

    man… is it a nightmare for moderators (I’m looking at you, scott) to edit these posts? because this list gets long, really fast.

  266. What time does Priesthood session start? Not that I’m going…

  267. Josh B. says:

    Priesthood starts in 2 hours, depending on your time zone.

  268. #264– I was asking a serious question, using direct terms said in the comments. It would be rude of me to edit the wording of another person.

  269. Josh B. says:

    #268: I’m clueless too. Given this session of conference’s topics however, #264, that was some quick wit :)

  270. Latter-day Guy says:

    Priesthood starts in 2 hours…


    …depending on your time zone.


  271. Philmon says:

    For all us stuck at home tonight, goto:

  272. No priesthood thread?? Elder Anderson throws out the first BYU basketball reference

  273. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    How are Steve Young, Danny Ainge, and Jimmer Fredette supposed to feel about the New Zealand Rugby story?

  274. Philmon–is that a live stream for priesthood session??

  275. Rob, you and I might be the only ones looking for color commentary tonight!

  276. Romney 2012 Supporter says:


    So I put a tie on and drove to my stake center when I could have listened at home?

  277. Steven E Snow is up next.

  278. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    I’m not a fan of the mobile version of BCC that shows up on my iPad.

  279. Field and Track?? This trend of reversing the normal order of compound subjects continues.

  280. @Romney – there should be an option at the bottom of the page to turn off the mobile version of the site.

  281. Romney–you can get the normal full version by scrolling to the bottOm of the main page and clicking full version.

  282. Romney 2012 Supporter says:


    I caught that too.

  283. There is now a priesthood thread.

  284. Romney 2012 Supporter says:

    Thanks guys. now I’m rockin and Rollin with the full version of BCC

  285. “These are interesting descriptions for a reformer who lived during the “Great Apostasy”

    Why do so many LDS get caught into the same trap that an Apostasy means people are evil or something and not worthy of praise. I’m not saying you believe that, but you seem to be painting your same brothers and sisters with the assumption that they do. It’s just not true. It’s the same twisted anti-mormon logic that try to use God’s words against the church.

    If the assumptions were true, Joseph and all the first Later-day saints would be an abomination. If it were true we wouldn’t view hymns written by many non-Later-day Saints as descriptive. Some of our most holy hymns were inspired of God, as was the KJV, and they did not have the priesthood. This should not be a shock, but why do we portray it as though it is? I don’t think it is and I don’t think most LDS bat an eye at it.

    We’re not those kind of people who tell other’s God does not listen or answer the “unbelievers” prayer. The strength of the Mormon position is we can see the divinity and inspiration in many individuals and faiths.

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