Join BCC this weekend at Restoration Studies

A number of BCC permas will be presenters this weekend at the annual Restoration Studies / Sunstone Midwest Symposium. The symposium kicks off Friday night with an address on the conference theme: “‘A Woman’s Place…’ Ideas, Impacts, and Experiences of Restoration Women” given by Gail Mengel.  (Now retired, Gail was one of two women who became the first female apostles in the RLDS Church, now known as the Community of Christ.)

Russel Arben Fox chairs a star-studded panel that includes our own Kristine Haglund and Tracy McKay, along with Christian Harrison and Chris Henrichsen, in a session entitled “Homemaking Radicalism and Homemaking Realities.”  Kristine will also be joining Stacy Mengel Keenan, JWHA Executive Director Sherry Mesle-Morrain, and Sunstone Executive Director Mary Ellen Robertson, to explore the topic of “Getting Educated: How Attending a Church University (or not) Shapes Restoration Women’s Experiences.”

My own presentation will look at the histories of two small American denominations that initially embraced problematic doctrines that they eventually jettisoned before they each ultimately became “just another Protestant church”.  The Worldwide Church of God (now Grace Communion International) believed in Anglo-Israelitism (the view that the Anglo-Saxons were the lost tribes of Israel), and the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church (now Christ Community Church) famously believed that the world is flat.  How has becoming just another Protestant church worked out in these two examples and what lessons might these experiences hold for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now Community of Christ)?

The Restoration Studies / Sunstone Midwest Symposium is held each year in Independence, Missouri, near the historic Temple Lot at the Graceland University Independence Campus facility.  In past years there has been a healthy mix of attendees from across the Restoration tradition, from the Community of Christ, Restorationists, the Elijah Message churches, to fundamentalist Mormons, and, of course, members of the LDS Church.

If you’re able to be in the Independence area this weekend, we’d love to have you join us and participate in the fun.  (There’s no penalty for late registration.) You can read the whole program and find out about how to register and where to stay on JWHA’s website here. Hope to see you there!

A number of BCC permas will be presenters this Friday and Saturday at the annual Restoration Studies / Sunstone


  1. Can I pretend that I am BCC for the day? I will be on my best behavior.

  2. Chris H., I think you have it backwards. Good behavior is not the marker you seek.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you there, Chris! :)

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