In case you miss it in the sidebar, here’s the video of the most interesting thing to happen in the COB for years:


  1. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Jimbo says, “Videotaping this crime spree is the best idea we’ve ever had!”

  2. I hadn’t noticed before that people were starting to file out onto the observation deck just before the second jumper took off. If any of them had turned around in time, that must have been a sight to see!

  3. While I have a hard time mustering much (actually, none) outrage over BASE jumping off the COB (short of damage to persons or property, or using it as some kind of statement against the Church), I think calling this act “heroic” is off the mark.

    If these guys were jumping in an attempt at saving someone’s life, that would be heroic. As it is, they were jumping for the thrill and some notoriety, or whatever. Gutsy? Yes. Fun? Maybe. But not heroic.

  4. It was funnier when Travis Pastrana did it off a hotel in Vegas right in the middle of a bar/party.

  5. best.thing.ever.

  6. Stupid

  7. Heroic.

  8. I wonder what the second most interesting thing to happen in the COB in years was? I’ll bet it’s a whole lot less interesting than this. Probably something like when the printer ran out of toner, or when somebody wore a blue dress shirt one day.

  9. some things look like courage, but what they reall are is dumb

    all I ever needed to know I learned from Brite music

  10. 8 – No, it was when one of the female secretaries wore pants!

    Still though, for the video itself, dumb but cool.

  11. I wonder what the second most interesting thing to happen in the COB in years was?

    Maybe a poll should be attached to the post…

  12. Hardly heroic, but definitely worth a misdemeanor charge to say you did it!

  13. Winning.

    In fact, there are two of them, so bi-winning.

  14. One of the perps is called Hartman Rector III. Mormon much?

  15. observer fka eric s says:

    8 – I wonder what the second most interesting thing to happen in the COB in years was?

    Skirt length inspection (measured against G length). Happens on casual Fridays I bet.

  16. Mommie Dearest says:

    For everyone who is taking issue with the “Heroic” title of the post, I’ll pay for your irony transplant.

  17. Tom O. (3) – There was a tragic dearth of awesome at the COB, these heroes saved the day.

    Matsby (8) – FTW

    RJH (14) – Rector? Darn near killed her.

  18. Gross: that guy did NOT wash his hands on exiting the stall.

  19. Mark Brown says:

    Other exciting things to come from the COB:

    1. The announcement that Enrichment meeting would be called Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment, followed by the announcement a few years later that it would be called whatever it is now.

    2. The announcement that the interview schedule for a temple recommend would go from one year to two.

  20. You guys don’t know nothin’ about excitement and the COB. By far the most excitement was caused a year or two ago when they discontinued serving breakfast in the cafeteria because the Presiding Bishopric wanted people at their desks working at 8:00, not lollygagging around with oatmeal and bagels and that weird breakfast quiche they used to serve.

  21. Peter LLC says:

    when somebody wore a blue dress shirt one day

    I’ve got an unnamed source who works in the COB. One day s/he reported the following:

    “Light-colored shirts are allowed but only the free spirits wear them–the ones who do never wear a white shirt whilst the white-shirt-wearers never wear colored. We try not to judge each other.”

  22. 21 – It’s amazing that an organization can function with such obvious tensions running so thick. I have a new-found respect for COB workers.

  23. porter Rockwell says:

    25 seconds from the time their feet hit the ground until the door closed on the getaway vehicle.


  24. Anytime solid planning, thorough training, and flawless execution can be associated with that building, I think we should all support it on principal alone.

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