We arrived late to church on Sunday. So instead of entering the chapel, the three of us remained in the foyer during Sacrament meeting. As my wife prepared her Relief Society lesson on the couch, I sat with my 4-year-old daughter, Annika, on a table against the wall. To our left, enclosed behind a protective glass case, hung a large wooden plaque with pictures of almost all the past Relief Society presidents in chronological order of service: Emma Smith thru Mary Ellen Smoot.

Annika: “Dad?”
Me: “Yes.”
Annika: “What is this?”
Me: “It’s all the past Presidents of the Relief Society. That’s the class that Mom goes to while you’re in Primary.”
Annika: “How come there are only girls in the pictures?”
Me: “Because only girls can be President of the Relief Society.”
Annika (after a short pause): “I don’t think it’s fair to the boys that they can’t be in the pictures!”
Me: “Indeed.”


  1. … except that the men are the ones who told the women that the men can’t be in the pictures …

  2. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I will never be a Relief Society President. Thanks, but Bishop was plenty.

  3. In our family, it was the non-existence of Boy Scout Cookies that elicited this sort of observation.

  4. Kristine, Ditto.

  5. “Dad, why is there a 24 year gap between Emma Smith and Eliza Snow?”

  6. Love how she didn’t say it’s not fair that they can’t be Relief Society President, but that they can’t be in the pictures.

  7. When the Boy Scouts show up with cookies, I will consider donating money to Boy Scouts. But only if they’re Thin Mints.

  8. As Sistas in Zion, for a 4-year old, I think it pretty much amounts to the same thing.

  9. Aaron, it is good to see that you are raising good little egalitarians.

  10. home slice says:

    ‘Dad, who was Emma Smith’s husband?”
    “oh, and who was Eliza Snow’s husband?’

  11. Except now. Since correlation the new presidents come in packages every 5 years. Too many faceless names or nameless faces. In our ward they took the pictures down.

  12. hopeful says:

    home slice– you forgot Zina D H Young.

  13. Eve Tassen says:

    It is the role of good parents to teach their children that.

    1.) Life is not fair.
    2.) Those who expect life to be fear will always be unhappy and depressed.
    3.) Fairness and sameness are not necessary for true equity.

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