BCC Zeitcast 69: Steve Evans

In this episode, Scott B. is joined in the virtual studio by Steve Evans and fMhLisa, two of one of the Bloggernacle’s most seasoned blog administrators, for a discussion of what it’s like to be a big bad blog boss. Other topics include recent legal developments in Florida, the origins and evolution of BCC and Feminist Mormon Housewives, and some favorite bannination stories.

Useful Links:

  1. Florida legislature fails basic biology
  2. The polls discussed in the podcast
  3. Rusty Clifton, King of the Slobbernacle
  4. Bleak Oyster part 1
  5. Bleak Oyster part 2
  6. Bleak Oyster part 3
  7. fMhLisa stands us up

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  1. An explanation of “The Macaroni Dinner” joke:

    My coworker’s dad once put the family dog down in a very special way. The dog hated going to the vet, and loved macaroni & cheese. So, when it was getting old and really sick, and needed to put down, his dad couldn’t bring himself to force the beloved mutt into a nightmarish last moment by taking him to the vet.

    So, he dug a big hole in the garden, and dumped a massive pot of macaroni and cheese in the bottom of the pit. The dog jumped in and started eating to it’s heart’s content and was full of joy. While it was feasting, my coworker’s dad stood up above and shot it in the back of the head.

    You’re welcome!

  2. Awesome. Downloading now.

  3. Funny enough, my perception of Florida doesn’t change at all when that particular myth is debunked, Cynthia.

  4. Oh it is certainly not the only absurdity coming out of that state!

  5. FWIW, and for the record I don’t have a horse in this race, but I totally think that Cynthia is the best blogger at BCC. Didn’t Cynthia once write a really brilliant series of posts about current trends in Mormon Youtube participation?

  6. I guess Crawford is free to keep loving the Gators after all.

  7. I just want to point out that, based on some of the folk, I’ve seen in the backwaters of Florida, it doesn’t surprise me that some folks have thought laws against bestiality (or sex in general) would be necessary.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    The explanation linked in 3 basically says a court wouldn’t impose the law to prevent sex between humans. But it doesn’t change the fact that the law was horribly and stupidly drafted, and is well worthy of mocking.

  9. When it’s time for me to go, I hope someone puts a pot of macaroni and cheese in a hole for me. Or one of those family-size Stouffer’s Lasagna.

    (John C. : are you getting this?)

  10. No regrets.

  11. In case anyone listens to the very end and hears the last quip,it comes from an MST3K short video I recently saw.

  12. Bleak Oyster says:

    For the record, not outing Bleak Oyster’s non-shellfish identity was the right call.

  13. Maybe so, Bleak, but it’s still frustrating to know that no one else can understand why the comment from “Christine” in Part 1’s link is the single funniest comment in BCC history.

  14. Left Field says:

    Link in #3:
    The statute distinguishes between “persons” and “animals,” but does not distinguish them as mutually exclusive.

    If they write a statute that makes reference to a collision of a “passenger car” with a “motor vehicle,” that doesn’t imply that the two are mutually exclusive. Since a passenger car is also a motor vehicle, a collision between two passenger cars would be covered.

    I used to have an insurance policy that covered a collision with “a bird or an animal.” I always figured I ought to get double coverage if the organism I hit was both a bird and an animal.

  15. Good work, guys. But where was Evans’ trademark eating of Fruit Loops and the accompanying slurping sounds?!

  16. Mommie Dearest says:

    He was washing the bowl in the sink…I heard it. Or maybe he was, um, washing up in the bathroom.

  17. In Zeitcasts past, cereal was frequently consumed because the recording took place early in the morning for those on the fair side of the Atlantic. Nowadays, we fine first and converse later.

  18. frustrating Scott? No, you must be kidding. Hey, that reminds me of the funniest joke I have ever heard. I’m not going to tell you the joke, but whoa, boy, is it funny!

  19. MCQ, just look at the first comment from “Christine” and think good and long about what would make it really funny. I have confidence in you.

  20. See, Steve–wouldn’t this be way more fun if we just explained the whole thing?!?

  21. I don’t know what you’re talking about Scott, but if you want to know my joke, just think of the funniest thing you can imagine and that’s what my joke is. I have confidence in you.

  22. Do you know else what would be funny, MCQ? If you pretended to be someone else, and then told me how funny MCQ’s joke is.

  23. S.P. Bailey says:

    MCQ not figuring out the joke without a great deal of help from Scott is also funny. (Just not Bleak Oyster/”Christine” funny.)

  24. Steve Evans says:

    It’s a HUGE mystery that is EXTREMELY tricky to solve.

  25. You know who is good at solving HUGE and EXTREMELY tricky mysteries, Steve? Freaking Ace Ventura–That’s who.

  26. Steve Evans says:

    Laces out!!

  27. Ace Ventura clears things up every time.

  28. Wow that clip is disturbingly apropos.

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