A Rapturous Poll

Discuss your choice below, or tell us what you’ll be doing in the comments. 


  1. Mark Brown says:

    Eating leftovers and watching sports on t.v. is what I do everyday. Why change now?

  2. I didn’t vote wheat, but…Today I went through my 72 hour kits, long overdue. Sleepers for a 3-month-old won’t fit my four-year-old. To his detriment, my husband insisted not all expiration dates on food are important. He decided to sample all the goodies, repeatedly running to the sink and spitting.

  3. Clean Cut has a really funny post about tomorrow:


  4. Taking a group of 11 year olds to see Thor tomorrow. I mean, if we don’t end up seeing God, at least we can see gods.

  5. I was going to say sitting in church, but my fridge just broke, so I’ll be both looting and eating leftovers.

  6. If the Rapture happens, I’m totally skipping church.

  7. The thing about a Rapture of the righteous is that I’m pretty convinced that it would be impossible to tell if one ever happened. We’re all so hopelessly fallen that I don’t think anyone would qualify, making the whole thing moot.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    Have a good tribulation, suckers!

    (Sent from my smart phone while floating up in the air; please excuse errors)

  9. This is so embarrassing. Had I known my clothes would be left behind, I would have shaved my legs.

  10. I’m at a college graduation ceremony this morning, so if it happens sometime 9:00-11:00 CST, there are going to be a few people with sore heads from smashing into the ceiling – and probably a whole lot more who will be be extremely apprehensive as they watch the few who join Kevin Barney as floaters.

    Ardis, I think, “Did I shave my legs for THIS?” will be a common theme today.

    I work at a Christian-founded college, so there will be mulitple ministers in attendance. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all fare once the floating begins.

  11. Julie M. Smith says:

    Nice job on the authors list. Ha.

  12. I woke up to find some empty clothes by my bed and was excited because I thought I got picked, but then I realized that it was just my clothes that I was too lazy to put in the hamper last night.

  13. Latter-day Guy says:

    Apparently, a BCC author was taken before they could close an HTML tag. :)

  14. Auto-reply:’The personality “B.Russ” cannot comment as he has left this realm being caught up in the spirit’

  15. Sleeping in. I figure that my kids will have been taken up so I can finally get the sleep I need. And a nice tan.

  16. I’m still here (as can be seen in the author list). Sucks, because I had bet Matsby $50 that John C wouldn’t be raptured. I was right, but Matt isn’t around to pay up now.

  17. Aaron B says:

    I hope you all are raptured. I say this in part because I am so selfless and interested in other’s eternal welfare, but also because I look forward to busting into your homes after you’re gone and stealing your stuff.

  18. Eric Russell says:

    It’s not a rapture of the righteous. It’s a rapture of God’s chosen. If it were the righteous, then that would mean your actions play a part in earning God’s mercy, and there’s nothing you can do to earn God’s mercy.

    But evidently praying for mercy will help.

  19. britt k says:

    praying not being an action or earning anything but if you dont’ say this specific prayer right now you will burn…it’ll be very hot. like houston.

    not that I would know…still being here and all.

    If my children all go with me…will they still be whiny?

  20. So, are the crossed-out and starred authors in the sidebar those that have been raptured on account of their legendary feats of legendary goodness (which have become the stuff of legend) and therefore no longer writing for BCC?

  21. Larry the Cable Guy says:

    Giving a talk tomorrow, which assignment I accepted with the tentative assumption that there might be a change in venue.

  22. Just in case the rapture is only taking place in California, I will be looting if it happens and I’m still here.

    Otherwise, I’ll just be teaching my 12-13-year-old SS class for the first time.

  23. Mommie Dearest says:

    Well, this proves it, just in case there was any doubt. I am definitely a sinner.

    I better do my visiting teaching after all.

  24. Mommie, please don’t talk like that–it frightens me when I think of you as a VT.

  25. Alex,
    Where are you in Cali? How long are you here for?

  26. Rapture Saturday in Kansas was met with a three hour tornado warning in the evening. The four of us looked at the sky and said, “Bring it, weak sauce… We didn’t clean our Sunday clothes!”

  27. Sorry, Scott, not in Cali – was just suggesting that maybe the Rapture would only be for those there, so I wouldn’t notice it out here in Illinois. (If I ever am in Cali for more than a few hours, I will let it be known to one and all.)

  28. So guys, anything exciting happen over the weekend?

    Me? I was destroying orcs and a colossal frog monster in my monthly D&D game. Why rapture when I can cause immense damage right here?

  29. Mark Brown says:

    On Saturday I did outside work which involved lots of heavy lifting. My rapture was more like a rupture.

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