Scriptural Band Names

A member of my Elders Quorum started a band, and a few weeks ago he used our EQ email list to request the help in voting on a name for the band. We were given a handful of options, and voted according to our preferences. However, during the email conversation, the idea of Scriptural Band names was tossed around, with several excellent examples being suggested by one participant (e.g., “The Reformed Egyptians,” or “King Men Revisited”). Why is this important now? Well, this past weekend it became apparent that we had never heard back from him about the results of the poll or what the new band’s name would be. When I asked him on Sunday, he said that it was still undecided because the band members didn’t really like the results of the poll. Always seeking a way to serve my fellow man, I determined to put this issue to bed by enlisting the denizens of BCC who would surely come up with a band name that would be worthy throughout time and all eternity.

Now, before you offer up your suggestion for Best Scriptural Band Name, there are a couple of ground rules, set forth in the original conversation, which must be adhered to.

  • Band Names must be based on scripture, and scripture alone (the words of modern prophets are useless in this thread) or on the words of modern prophets
  • Band Names cannot reference the “Stripling Warriors” or “Rameumptom” (too obvious)
  • Band Names cannot reference the “Iron Rod” or “Sword of Laban” (too phallic)

Also, suggestions containing chapter/verse citations will be awarded bonus points.  At the end of the thread, we’ll have a vote. Or maybe a free concert. Or maybe Steve Evans will let you guest post.


  1. The Fiery Darts.

  2. No words of modern prophets, seriously? Because I was really excited to start a band called The Tentacles Of Divine Providence.

    But I guess if I can’t use that, it’s going to have to be The Power Of The Air (Eph. 2:2) or The Billowing Surge (D&C 122:7)

  3. MRP,
    Okay, you convinced me. I’ll amend the post.

  4. john scherer says:

    I always thought Master Mahan would be an awesome heavy metal band name.

  5. Almost five years ago, Geoff J. asked a similar question. My responses at the time:

    Something folk magical perhaps: the Stone Gazers.

    A tip off to speculative theology: More Lives than One.

    Bridge the old and the new: Follett’s Rocket.

    I kind of like the idea of taking the names from early Mormons: The Patten Band; GQ Cannon; Snow.

    Perhaps something from the old utah economy: Dixie Wine.

    Rip off Costco: Kirtland Select.

    Geoff had some excellent retorts:

    King Fallout

    The Hebers
    Moisture Means Rain
    The Sweet Spirits

    Cultural Haul
    Commitment Pattern

  6. the lone and dreary – an emo band.

  7. …You will know us when we shake your hand.

    In the tradition of …and you will know us by the trail of dead.

  8. Starfoxy says:

    Chapter heading of Mosiah 23 mentions “Amulon, leader of King Noah’s wicked priests.”
    Amulon (solo artist)
    King Noah (Folk Artist)
    Wicked Priests (metal)
    Amulon and the Wicked Priests (Also metal)

  9. I’ve always wanted to start a hard rock band named “unrighteous dominion”. And I second “Master Mahan”.

  10. Jael’s Nails

    Wolfskin Pantaloons (or either of the words by itself)

    What genre is this band? That could help with the name inspiration.

  11. Here’s a good album name: “Sign o’ the Times”

  12. I dunno. “Large and Spacious Building” would seem to fit.

  13. Magnolia says:

    Froward Heart

  14. A good glam rock song title: Ashes to Ashes

  15. The Prick Kickers.

  16. observer fka eric s says:

    Eight is Not Enough
    Standard Work
    Turn the Time Over
    Quorum Fight
    Favorable Circumstances
    Grace Work
    Sweet and Tender Grace
    Gentle Dominion

  17. But, to the point at hand, band names:

    Fire and Brimstone
    The Mighty Fallen
    The First Stonecasters
    The Way of All Flesh

  18. Jacob M says:

    Fiery Darts? – That violates the non-phallic rule, dude.

    For a chick metal band – “The Witches of Endor”

    Also good, in no particular styles of music
    “Balaam’s Ass” or “The Talking Ass”
    “Mahonri-Moriancumer” (or however that’s supposed to be spelled)
    “The Zoramites” has a certain ring to it.

    I need to ponder some more.

  19. Cool thread. Band names are fun to conceive of. For instance, my band’s called Jiminy Finn and the Moneydiggers, incidentally. We’re on youtube. and Facebook. sorta.

  20. Oh BHodges. You didn’t.

  21. observer fka eric s says:

    White Hat and the Peepstones

  22. I got 99 problems and a wife is each one.

    Ok, I know that wouldn’t be a band name, I just wanted to toss it out there

  23. Stephanie says:

    Oh no, the phallic references made me laugh out loud. I will never be able to teach my kids the story of Lehi’s dream with a straight face again.

    I like “Wicked Priests”.

  24. Jacob M says:

    The Plates isn’t too bad

    Ignominious Death would be awesome for a metal band

    I’d say Shiz, but that has new connotations that would be awful for a band name.

    Amalikiah’s Poison would be cool.

  25. observer fka eric s says:

    Pligs and Marshalls
    Pligs and Guns
    The Law and Pligs
    The Smoot Plig Affair
    Pomeroy’s Lie

  26. Steve L says:

    The Danites: Bluegrass-y with a fiddlin’ frontman who’s a ringer for Porter Rockwell?
    Skool of the Profits: Gangster rap?
    The Council of Fifty: Ska band with an oversized brass contingent?
    The Seventy (or The Quorum): Neo-funk?
    The Ten Plagues: Black metal?
    200 Foreskins (1 Samuel 18:27): I’m envisioning something like Limp Bizkit but more extreme and pathetic–an epic failure rapcore group?
    The Elect: a capella?
    Like Unto a Dish (Ether 6:7): R&B?
    Olive Grove: sensitive folksy singer/songwriter stuff?

    No mention of respective genre required:
    Teeth Gnashers
    The Sheep and The Goats
    and. . .
    Four Horsemen of the ROCKPOCALYPSE!

  27. Steve_G says:

    Ringstraked (Gen 31:8)

  28. Conspiring Men
    Times of Famine
    Moon Into Blood
    Quakers on the Moon

  29. Jacob M says:

    The Illinois Stain(s)
    Fainting Ammon
    The Armcutters (which sounds kinda suicidal, but oh well)
    The Consecrationists

  30. Pres Kimball’s conference talk in 1955 has a section that reads like a list of band names:

    “Broken bricks, Pulverized bricks, Piled up bricks, covering bones of humans never found. Rubble, rubble, rubble, Foundations up-ended, Rotting wood, Twisted steel, Destruction, devastation, desolation, Broken fountains, Shattered statues, Creaking shutters, Rusty mail boxes, Rustiness! Ugliness! Jaggedness! Screaming jaggedness! Unmolested squirrels scampering, Tiny birds twittering

  31. Steve L says:

    Also, this image just occurred to me:
    a bearded metal frontman playing a slow and majestic riff to a worshipful crowd as he solemnly intones in his rugged voice: “I am Maher Shalal Hash-baz!”

  32. Outer Darkness.

  33. “Wheat and the Tares”

  34. Baals to the Wall
    Bald Head and the She-bears
    Gog and the Magogs
    Bathsheba and the Sweet Spirits
    Second Estate Sale

  35. Jared’s Bro.

  36. I don’t think Master Mahan can be beat, but

    Without Guile
    Struck Dumb (or Dumbstruck)
    Cloven Tongues of Fire
    Dreadful Day

  37. Steve_G says:

    Thoughtless Stupor (Alma 60:7)
    Child of Hell (Alma 11:23 or Alma 54:11)
    Raca (Matthew 5:22)

  38. observer fka eric s says:

    32 – Luv it, ha ha. Maybe some dark sunglasses and the guitar is a shaped like a purple lightning bolt that spews green death fog.

  39. B_and_D says:

    The Burning Bush (not a girl band)
    Dog and Maydog
    Empty Stone Box
    Withered Fig
    Harrod’s Dead Babies (death metal)
    The Innkeeper’s Regret (emo)
    River of Blood (metal)
    Plague Frogs (metal)
    Firstborn Death (
    The Rent Curtain
    Thinking Peter
    The Rebuked Storm
    Haun’s Mill Massacre
    Judas’ Silver
    The Potter’s Field
    Harrod and the Foxes
    We are legion
    The Drowning Swine
    Oliver’s Regret
    The crisping-pins
    Burning Instead of Beauty
    Angels Unaware
    One Third Host
    A wheel in the midst of a wheel
    The Dust of your feet
    Jezebel and Isabel

  40. Short side track (sorry), but several members of my stake started a motorcycle called “The Iron Rod Riders”. I kid you not.

  41. When the Prophet Speaks, The Rocking Has Begun

  42. The Sister Marsh Creamskimming Experience

  43. Blood Atonement (“do you love your neighbor enough to rock them”)

  44. em eh are kay says:

    Layman Knights
    Knee Fights

  45. The Secret Combination

    The Ashes of Abinadi

    Okay, I have nothing…but anything to get a guest post.

  46. Sorry, “motorcycle group”

  47. Voice of Thunder
    Plates of Brass (but maybe that’s just what they call cymbal-heavy drum solos)
    The Seers
    High Council (probably reggae?)
    Laban’s Head
    Jacobugath Burns
    Profession of Nehor
    The Hill Manti (Alma 1:15)
    Sixteen Stones
    Stoned Prophets
    Og King of Bashan (Deut. 3:11)

  48. I also think a great album name would be “Steadying the Ark”

  49. Zelph

  50. Or Ziff

  51. Jeannine says:

    Too bad it’s not a girl band: “Haughty Daughters”
    Also, it’s not scriptural, but we’ve always liked the name “Scandalous Pants”.
    I vote for “Unrighteous Dominion”, but if they felt it was too rugged a name, they could go with “Righteous Dominion”.

  52. lindberg says:

    Epic thread. These are great.

    I did once play in a band called Rameumptum. And one called Remnant. But most of the suggestions so far blow those away.

  53. Band of Robbers

  54. Little Factory

  55. Sarah’s Complaint (angry all female band)
    No Law, No Punishment
    Gideon’s Revenge (classic rock)
    Great Big Elders
    Symonds Ryder and the Dirtbags (roots country, heavy on the “hick” stuff)
    Peggy’s Privy
    Whitlin’ and Whistlin’ Boys (Americana)
    The Goodly Parents
    The Lilburn Boggs Experience (progressive alt-rock)

  56. Kevin Barney says:

    Ba-Rock Ale

  57. The Secret Combination
    Serving Mammon
    The Great Whores of Babylon

  58. The Clapping Trees ( Isaiah 55:12)

  59. gpouliot says:

    The Called & Unchosen (Matt. 22:14) : indie/ shoegazer music
    Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel’s Vision): old school metal
    Gazelem (Alma 37:23): new age – Enya-esque
    This is the Bass: Acapella pun-loving funsters
    KISS-kumen: Cover band –Mormon kids want to rock and roll all night and party every day, right?

  60. Last Lemming says:

    “I am Maher Shalal Hash-baz!”

    Too late.

    My suggestions:

    The Loud Boys (yeah, yeah–too late)
    Quick to Observe
    The Unwritten Order

  61. Scott, I totally did bro. For shame to self-promote with nothing to offer! How about:

    Don’t Kill the Little Birds

  62. anonforthis says:

    Raging Tempest

    I like some of the ones on this link:

  63. “Mahonri’s Morningcommers”
    “The Rock of our Salvation”
    “Meshock, Shadrock and Im-born-da-rock”
    “They do not repent” (Mor 9:3)

  64. Beauty for Ashes
    The United Firm
    Obadiah Dogberry
    The Carthage Greys

  65. I can’t believe this hasn’t been brought up yet:

    “Fiends of the Infernal Pit”

    Joseph Smith, by way Parley Pratt. You’re welcome.

  66. Benjamin’s Tribe
    But maybe that sounds more like a book.

    Nimrod and the Hunters
    Goliath’s Fall
    Sons of Ham

    For girls:
    Daughters of Belial

    Jumpin’ Jehosephats
    Eden’s Garden
    Walls of Jericho


    The Old Testament has the best stuff.
    I could keep going.

  67. You just need to go through a list of Neal A. Maxwell quotes. Here’s some from just a quick glance:

    Democracy of Fact
    Sliver of Time
    The Spent Bullet
    Piercing Soul Cry
    Invidious Impulse
    General Darkness
    Exciting Exploration
    Implementation Speculation
    Road Rage on the Straight and Narrow

  68. Tommy and the widows

  69. Matt W. says:

    Spiritual Twinkies -Reference
    The Walking Naked -Isaiah 20:2
    Wizards that Peep -2 Ne. 18:19
    One Mighty and Strong -D&C 85:7
    Others Mocking -Acts 2:13
    Count slackness -2 Peter 3:9
    Sod Pottage -Genesis 25:29
    Poor Happy -Prov. 14:21
    Pleasant Roe -Prov. 5:19
    Milk Out -Isa. 66:11

  70. These are great, but “Baals to the Wall”?? Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    The Trodden
    The Prince’s Brides (since almost every Mormon I’ve ever known can quote that movie)
    Appearance of Sin

  71. Orson Pratt and the Atomists

  72. Abomination of Desolation
    (Mark 13:14)

  73. DUDE

    Cephas and the Sons of the Thunder

    They rock.

  74. The Righteous Dominion

  75. Kyle #77, this one’s for you:


  76. Sons of Sceva (Acts 19:14)

    … I could do this all night.

  77. Green Gelatin.

    Gotta be in the Scriptures somewhere.

  78. Boanerges is what I call my two drumsticks

  79. Wholesome Recreation
    Rule and Reign
    Priests and Priestesses
    The Gathering
    Home by Midnight (or Midnight Home)

  80. Fiery Flying Serpents

  81. Master Blaster says:

    The Onandaguses.




    Onandagus and the Zelphs.

  82. Master Blaster says:

    Curious and his Workmanship


    The Pacumeniacs

  83. Plates in the Bean Barrel
    Sober Child
    Little Stone Box
    Unprofitable Servants

  84. Chris Gordon says:

    A House Divided
    Perish or Conquer (also a good name for a bad novel–funny how much parallelism there is there)

  85. Behold
    Came to Pass
    White Field Harvest
    Benjamin’s Tower
    Things of the World
    Tears of Abish
    Buried Swords
    Clay Tabernacle
    Battle at Cumorah
    Faults of Man
    Wrath and Strifes

  86. Worlds Without End
    Joseph’s Rings
    Red Brick Store
    Braying Like a Jackass [] (album title?)
    After the Order

  87. Fellow Servants

  88. Master Blaster says:

    Antions of Gold
    Jingle the Senums
    Onti This!

  89. lindberg says:

    A few from the AoF:

    Adam’s Transgression
    Paradisiacal Glory
    Dictates of Conscience
    Chased by an Elephant
    Admonition of Paul
    Good Report

  90. dl dorsey says:

    B&S that posted #40 are either some deep thinkers or some twisted dudes ( I assume they are dudes.)
    I love the Drowning Swine, Burning not Beauty, and Empty Stone Box but Innkeepers regret and Plague Frogs are just to good.
    My submission would be Water Walkers, & Behold a Pale Horse Rev 6:8.

  91. Spaghetti Strap

  92. Seed of Onan

  93. The Rings and Nose Jewels ( Isaiah 3:21 or 2 Ne 13:21)
    Giants A.K.A. Sons of Anak (Numbers 13:33)
    Dumb Idols (Abr 1:7, 1 Cor 12:2 Alma 31:1)

  94. Sharon LDS in TN says:

    Out of Body
    Torn Veil
    7th Heaven
    The Natural Men (man)
    ……………………..this was fun and a “good break”

  95. Vessels of Wrath (D&C 76:33)
    Grapes of Thorns (3Ne 14:16)
    Figs of Thistles (3Ne 14:16)

  96. My neices have an all girl group called “The daughters of Ishmael”

  97. Instruments of Cruelty
    (Gen 49:5, works best for a duo)

  98. The Fair Ones

  99. Good thing they won’t use “Rameumptom”, I’d have to sue them for copyright infringement!

  100. How about either:

    A Foot in Zion
    A Foot in Babylon
    Summer Cottage in Babylon

  101. … So I guess the WHITE SALAMANDERS is out. :)

  102. The Tame and Wild Olive Trees (Jacob 5).

    Actually, just Wild Olive Trees would be good.

    I can’t believe no one suggested The Gadianton Band (Helaman 6).

    The Liahonas
    The Broken Bows
    Sorrow to the Grave
    Crying From The Dust

  103. Last Lemming says:

    The 8th Deadly Heresy
    The Maka-fekes

  104. Mess of pottage
    Land of Chaldea
    Learning of my Father
    Large and Spacious Field
    Sheddeth Abroad
    Rumors of wars
    Stone for bread
    Flames of Abinadi

  105. Ezra T. and the Birchers
    Jeff and the Bedlamites
    Doctrine of Bruce
    Captain Uchtdorf (or Dieter and the Aviators)

  106. StillConfused says:

    Severed Heads

  107. Cumoms and Cureloms
    The Title of Liberty (would be a cinch to play Stadium of Fire)
    The Chupacabras
    Monkey Steals the Peach

  108. I think Riplakish and Kishkumen both sound like band names (although gpouliot’s variation on Kishkumen is probably better).

    Thanks for this thread. I’ve laughed until I cried!

  109. Sin in My Wish.

  110. The other Brother Jones says:

    I was gonna claim Cureloms and Cumoms. I guess I am too slow.

    How about By Common Consent?

  111. Alternative Voices

  112. Steve Evans says:

    Apostasy Pornographers

  113. For those who don’t know, the best scriptures-themed band names ever, in my opinion is:

    Drive like Jehu

    (check the reference it is ingenious)
    but, its taken, so I would have to endorse:

    The Four Horsemen
    El Apocalipsis
    And we knew them by the ground faces of the poor
    and they became blood
    Turned to Blood

    I just had to remove one from my list because it was too dark … ok

    The vials of angels
    The fountains became blood
    to kill and to make a live

    hmm …. too many death metal names

    Leave like Naaman
    Elisha and the priests of Baal
    Some great thing
    They were made bitter
    One third of the hosts of heaven
    The hosts of heaven

    The Despised
    The Rejected
    The Abomination of Desolation (A.D.)
    In a night vision

    Destroy not the wise men

    What shall be in the latter days
    Form of a great image
    A stone was cut out without hands

    the summer threshingfloors
    wheresoever men dwell

    the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven
    As Iron that breaketh
    the strength of the Iron

    In the days of these kings


  114. Nephi and the Boat Rockers
    Ammon’s Arms
    Slippery Treasure
    The 14 Fundamentals
    The Proclamation to the World
    The Come to Passers
    Upon this Rock
    The Small and Simple Things
    The Sickle Thrusters (ok, that’s probably not a good one)
    The Peeping Wizards

    H.Bob – I love “Dieter and the Aviators”
    How about:
    Aviation Analogies

  115. United Disorder
    Heavy Petting
    Thankful for moisture
    Loud Laughter
    joseph SMITHS
    One piecers
    Modesty Minders
    Triple Combination
    Vain repetition
    Cowboy Jesus
    Treasure Diggers
    2 year commitment

    I was going to say Wholesome Recreation, but Ray beat me (this would be an awesome name)

  116. observer fka eric s says:
  117. Chaff and the Riffraff
    Golden Calf and the Chaff
    Hot Chaff
    Passin’ Chaff (Isaiah 29:5)
    Chaff and the Whirlwind (Hosea 13:3, Mosiah 7:30)
    (or any combination of the above….the possibilities are endless)

    Evil Fruit
    Wild Fruit
    Bad Graft
    (why yes, I just finished reading Jacob 5 last night)

    Harrowed Souls
    Sir Murmur and the Whiners
    Haughty Wanton and the Mincers (Isaiah 3:16) — girl band

    Hermaphrodite Pantaloons (Heber C Kimball, JD, vol. 6, p.191)

    And I would like to say that I independently came up with “Tommy and the Widows,” but was too slow. Go L-d Sus!

    I think my favorite so far is Prick Kickers.

  118. Sons of Hagoth
    The mild herbs
    Jesse and the Strangites
    The skin of a fart
    Breastplate of righteousness
    Fornication pants
    Heber and the fornication pants
    Fornication pants and the breastplate of righteousness
    The one mighty and strong
    The worth of souls
    They are gnolaum
    The bogusmakers
    The deepest abyss
    The Nauvoo legion
    The Nauvoo legionnaires
    Lieutenant General Smith and the legionnaires
    Porter’s locks
    Sidney’s madness
    Sidney’s claim
    A wild man hath come among us
    The less valiant
    Alvin and the eternal glory
    Mercy and the justice-robbers

  119. Some more that came to me overnight:

    The Fence Sitters
    The Stick of Bruce
    Leaving Gomorah
    John Bennett and the Seducers

    But I admit that my favorite so far is “Dieter and the Aviators”

  120. Luke Warm and the Spewed

  121. Jacob M says:

    Harping Bowels

    Son of Remaliah

    Pillar of Salt (yes, it’s vaguely phallic, but it would still be a cool name)

    Fiends of the Infernal Pitt has taken my #1 vote

  122. Has anybody said The Rough Rolling Stones?

    (With apologies to Mick and Keith, but especially to Richard.)

  123. Outer Rockness

  124. #129: The Fiends of the Infernal Pit will not be SILENCED.

  125. Gaddianton’s Rockers
    (A guy on my mission said he was in an actual band by that name.)

  126. B_and_D says:

    “Drive like jehu” does have the best reference (2 kings 9:20)
    “Abomination of desolation” matt 24:15
    “angels unaware” hebrews 13:2
    “wheel in the midst of a wheel” is not only a reference in ezekiel 10:10, but the ancient ufo crowd loves that one.of
    Also, I meant “sinking peter” in my earlier comment.

  127. Neal and the Paroemions (that’s a nice word I found looking up some of the next ones)
    The Malignant Moles of Materialism
    Palestinian Plato
    A Sad Unsettlement of Soul (go and cry, emo kid)

  128. Ben Pratt says:

    I would suggest Rowdy Boys, but that’s a rodeo team also.

    Samuel and the Lamanites (Helaman 13:2)
    Fast Offerings (Henry B. Eyring, April 2011)
    Faster Offerings
    Slow Offerings
    Frenzied Mind (Alma 30:16)
    Fifth Sunday (Handbook 2 [?])

  129. I should say in regards to my #135 above, “hat tip to Gideon Burton.”

  130. The Lamb and the Lion
    David’s Folly
    Called and Elected
    Dews from Heaven
    Into Hell Fire (Matt. 18:9)
    Pluck it Out (Matt. 18:9)
    False Witness
    Happy Still

  131. Master Blaster says:

    Black Sabbath….. oh, already taken!

  132. I opened the Bible to one chapter and found the following:

    Exalted Above Measure
    Doubtless to Glory
    Third Heaven (gotta throw in a singularly Mormon name that is biblical)
    Unspeakable Words
    Thorn of the Flesh
    Messenger of Satan
    Sufficient Grace
    Weakness’ Strength
    Glorying Fool
    I Be Nothing
    Spent for You
    Caught with Guile
    Lest There Be Wrath

  133. I vote for #94’s Chased by an Elephant.

    And re: 126… where the hell did “the skin of a fart” come from? HilARious.

  134. From the Sugar Beet ca. 2003:

    What are we naming our Mormon punk bands?

    • Extermination Order
    • Outer Darkness
    • Past Feeling
    • Secret Combination
    • No Other Way
    • Ripened in Iniquity
    • Sons of Perdition
    • Murmur
    • Lone and Dreary World
    • Pride
    • Double Pierced
    • Cipher in the Snow
    • The Less Active
    • Laban’s Head
    • Stiff-Necked
    • Inappropriate

  135. Drive like jehu is undeniably the greatest scripture based band name ever (particularly if you know what the band sounds like – they driveth furiously).

    For a ska band: David O. McSkank and the 12 Skapostles.

  136. RE # 126 & #141, “skin of a fart” is one of those earthy phrases Brigham Young was fond of saying from time to time. I’ve seen it in several different quotes attributed to him.

  137. Josh B. says:

    Gomorrah Gonorrhea

  138. Josh B. says:

    or on the other hand…
    Maintaining Peace (Alma 46:37)

  139. Song of the Righteous

  140. bloody flux
    grievous murrain
    jawbone of an ass
    the flesh of asses, the issue of horses
    against the wall
    children of whoredoms
    counsel at their stocks
    tables full of vomit
    wanton eyes
    superfluity of naughtiness

    man, i could do this all day…

  141. Best band name

  142. Just sample of phrases that repeat in chapters from 1 Nephi. Some might make an interesting name for a band while others might make good song/album titles.

    1 Nephi Chapter 1
    “I make a record” – 2 occurrences – verses 1, 2

    1 Nephi Chapter 2

    “even in a dream” – 2 occurrences – verses 1, 2

    “precious things” – 2 occurrences – verses 4, 11

    1 Nephi Chapter 4

    “without the walls” – 4 occurrences – verses 4, 5, 24, 27

    1 Nephi Chapter 8

    “a large and spacious field” – 2 occurrences – verses 9. 20

    “mist of darkness” – 3 occurrences – verses 23, 24

    1 Nephi Chapter 11

    “the condescension” – 2 occurrences – verses 16, 26

    1 Nephi Chapter 13

    “nations and kingdoms” – 3 occurrences – verses 1, 2, 3

    “wrought upon” – 2 occurrences – verses 12, 13

    1 Nephi Chapter 14

    “mother of abominations” – 4 occurrences – verses 9, 10, 13, 16 or ” “the mother of abominations” – 3 occurrences – verses 9, 10, 16

    “that great pit which hath been digged for” – 2 occurrences – verse 3

    1 Nephi Chapter 15

    “the natural branches” – 2 occurrences – verses 7, 13

    “the temporal body” – 2 occurrences – verses 31, 32

    1 Nephi Chapter 16

    “because of the loss of my bow” – 2 occurrences – verses 18, 21

    1 Nephi Chapter 17

    “according to his word he did” – 3 occurrences – verse 31

    “I say unto you nay” – 2 occurrences – verses 33, 34

    “wherewith to blow the fire” – 2 occurrences – verse 11

    “wither before me” – 2 occurrences – verses 52, 54

    1 Nephi Chapter 18

    “be swallowed up in the depths of the sea” – 3 occurrences – verses 10, 15, 20

    1 Nephi Chapter 19

    “I would excuse myself” – 2 occurrences – verse 6

    1 Nephi Chapter 20

    “and I showed them” – 2 occurrences – verses 3, 5

    “lest thou shouldst say” – 2 occurrences – verses 5, 7

    1 Nephi Chapter 21

    “all ye that are broken off” – 2 occurrences – verse 1

    1 Nephi Chapter 22

    “if it so be that they will” – 2 occurrences – verses 18, 28

    “men according to the flesh” – 2 occurrences – verses 2, 18

  143. I’m going to have to get used to this commenting system – the fields are in a different order than I’m used to – which led to mis-typing my moniker on the last comment.

  144. Re: Skin of fart, The one I was thinking of was actually Heber Kimball, but it wouldn’t surprise me that Brigham used it also. The context (I wish I had a cite, for it, but I’m just going off of memory here) is basically talking about the Strangite movement, and saying that their doctrine “wasn’t worth the skin of a fart.”

  145. “[S]trangism was not worth investigating[;] it was not worth the skin of a fart.”—Heber C. Kimball, February 1846. [Willard Richards diary, February 23, 1846, LDS Archives, as cited in Robin Scott Jensen, “Gleaning the Harvest: Strangite Missionary Work, 1846-1850,” BYU–Thesis, 2005, 1 (

  146. Mommie Dearest says:

    Is Bedlamites too Disney Channel?

  147. Jessica says:

    The Tentacles of Divine Providence is by far the best suggestion- but only if the mascot/logo can be Cthulu (even though he is…kind of…the opposite). Win.

  148. The Cockatrice’s Den

  149. Metal Bands:

    Vagabond and a Stranger
    Wandering Cain
    Sore Vexed
    Among the Tombs
    Unclean Spirit
    We are Many
    Cast Out
    Whited Walls
    Mark of the Beast

    Enough of the dark side, now these:

    The Least of These
    Fatted Calf
    Prodigal Son

  150. My all time favorite for a women’s trio:
    Three Degrees of Glory

  151. buraianto says:

    Guess I got here too late. Here are a few that I don’t think have been taken yet.

    The Sounding Brass
    Tinkling Cymbals
    The Virtuous Hems
    The Anna Phylacteries
    The Young Harts
    The Joseph Smith Transposition
    Disturbed Waters
    Daughters of Lot
    Deseret Alphabet
    Rod of my Mouth
    Corn for the Ox
    The Weak and the Weakest

  152. tesseract says:

    We were starting a band of half liberal active members / half ex-members and we came up with some pretty good ones:
    White and Delightsome 5
    Mountain Meadows Massacre
    The Salamander Letter
    The Elders
    Secret Handshakes
    The Peter Pandroids
    Porter and the Rockwells
    Valiant Exes
    Burning in the Bosom

  153. The Murmurers
    The Blind Guides
    Swallowing Gnats
    The 3 Nephites
    Secret Combination
    Disquieted Soul
    First Dove
    The Presidency
    Three Presidents

  154. buraianto says:

    Seven Fat Cows
    Bubblegum Manna
    Jonah and the Wail
    Blessed are the Geek

  155. Nathan E. Rasmussen says:

    #160 — Porter and the Rockwells is pretty much perfect.

    Also, for some kind of gritty industrial-rock band: Area Seventy.

  156. buraianto says:

    Unleavened Dread
    Keys to the Kingdom (Piano troupe, maybe?)

  157. Not just Shiz as previously suggested but “The Shiz” would work because of the Mormon in Joke and what the more worldly interpretation of it would be…

    “Your Fellow Man”
    “Man/Men of Sorrows”
    “Heavy Laden”
    And what I think is the best of the ones I just came up with
    “Trial by Fire”

    And again props to Master Mahan as a good metalname

  158. Can anyone find one of the brethren telling the Johnny Lingo story in the Ensign? Because Ugly Mahana would be a great name for a hair band.

  159. If the band doing skaa, then
    Horns of Jericho

    if otherwise and the band is composed of four, then
    The Four Horsemen
    especially if the genre is country western.

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