The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 14

Another Image of Faith and Devotion

Nothing beats the desert heat of Deseret like a frosty dessert!


  1. I will open up the windows of heaven and dump so much flavored ice on you that your brain won’t thaw until the second coming.

  2. Moniker Challenged says:

    Oh geez. Now his hair looks like a soft serve flip when seen within a frozen treat context. Well done.

  3. Yeah I’ve only ever seen that hair do on little babies. I guess that is why President Snow had such a youthful appearance.

  4. This is nothing but blatant sexism. Eliza R. Snow sold equally as many frozen desserts as Lorenzo ever did, and yet she somehow manages to be left out of every single historical treatment of the subject.

  5. Bravo, Matsby. And I mean that from the bottom of my icy little heart.

  6. Is that USU blue or BYU blue? Boz wants to know.

  7. I’ve missed these posts.

    The swirly hair . . . never made the connection.

  8. Scott B, I’m challenging your dubious claim as to Eliza’s frozen treat selling skills. After all, she didn’t have the same snow white swirly her brother did.

  9. kevinf,
    That’s the face of a woman who has grown weary of being ignored by historians and so-called slushee experts. Next!

  10. The blue could make him a real contender in the beard competition now!

  11. Genius!

  12. Add a flippy top on the cone, as well. Just my modest suggestion. And I know that snow cones don’t have those, but soft-serve ice cream might, and it would look so great!

  13. Freaking amazing. Every installment is the best one ever.

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