The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 15

Another Image of Faith and Devotion…

When you understand what really happened to the crickets in church history, the story is actually much more miraculous than you thought.


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  2. Matsby, you’re a special kind of awesome.

  3. I see a totally rad sharing time lesson in the near future.

  4. As a product of the 90s era, I don’t get this. Old timers, please explain with your vast knowledge.

  5. Thomas Parkin says:

    Best yet

  6. Thomas Parkin says:


    Picture is of A Flock of Seagulls.

  7. Newly,
    Consider whom we pair with crickets in stories and then hie ye to Wikipedia

  8. Jonathan Green says:

    See here:

  9. Thomas Parkin says:

    I once saw the lead singer in the Guitar Center in Hollywood. He was with a lovely brunette in a Police t-shirt. He was balding – the pull the hair forward was a variation on the pull the hair over in vain attempt to cover one’s baldingness.

  10. If only the infestation had been beetles instead of crickets. . .

  11. Steve Evans says:


  12. We’re going to need a new monument…

  13. Ardis E. Parshall says:

    Yeah … I’m at the other end of the world from Newly Housewife, yet have the same problem. Youngsters, maybe a link to something explanatory wouldn’t quite spoil the joke …

  14. Now, if you had a photo of FOS chewing on Buddy Holly’s band, then you’d really have something…

  15. You made my day!

  16. Why aren’t you people posting a copy of their song that was actually pretty good?

  17. StillConfused says:

    Love it. I think that the grasshoppers were the ones who “couldn’t get away.”

    p.s. Now that I look back on these oldies, I marvel at how young all of the musicians look. Seriously, when did I get so old??

  18. Wow. I laughed pretty hard. The story just got way better!

  19. Sam Brunson says:

    Bravo. That’s all I can think to say. Bravo.

  20. Now I guess we know where they were running to.
    Ardis this should help.

  21. It was all that aerosol hairspray that killed the crickets.

  22. It took me a minute, but then I remembered the airport ticket clerk from The Wedding Singer and it all made sense. But then, I am older than Ardis, so I have some excuse, too. Certainly one of the best yet….

  23. Wow. Speechless – but laughing like a maniac.

  24. speechless :)

  25. observer fka eric s. says:

    Hey-O!!! Very well done. I’ve always imagined seeing a fight between Flock and A-Ha. Something similar to the network fight scene in Anchorman a la Sharks v. Jets.

  26. Amazing! I laughed so hard!

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