What if They’d Had Facebook in Kirtland?

Church history would be so much easier to understand if we had a social media record to look back on…


  1. Hall and Oats!

  2. L&LOL!!!

  3. Awesome.

  4. Great job! If BCC had a “like” button, I would have clicked it.

  5. Thomas Parkin says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Almost perfect.

    An ad for an LDS real estate agent would have made it complete.

  6. That’s hilarious. Very nice!

  7. Do you think they would have had any privacy concerns?

  8. observer fka eric s says:

    Proof positive that Sister Winifred Smith Young (note the Smith Young prior to marrying into Smith and/or Young) is one of the three Knee Fights.

  9. Only primitive concerns, Josh B. Not until Warren Parrish stole a bunch of account numbers from the Kirtland Safety Society in the summer of 1836 did they really understand the importance of privacy and data protection.

  10. Keri Brooks (3),
    It’s fixed–Like away!

  11. Kyle (#8), you just keep rocking my world.

  12. Tov me’od!

  13. Thanks J…it’s all in the Joseph Smith Papers if you know where to look!

  14. StillConfused says:

    Totally made my day!

  15. Kevin Barney says:


  16. StillConfused says:

    So much better than the actual Kirtland Temple page… and yes I did go look!

  17. Not to request the impossible or anything, but it would be great if you made this a semi-regular feature. Go ahead and whip.

  18. Wow. Hilarious.

  19. I just hope the “married to” status would be able to accommodate multiple wives.

  20. Yes! Love it.

  21. This reminds me of Slate’s old “Obama’s Facebook feed” feature. I agree – this would make a stellar semi-regular feature here.

  22. Hilarious. William McLellin’s picture is absolutely perfect!

  23. So funny I was looking for Matsby’s name.

  24. This is hilarious, but I think I’m missing the joke about McLellin’s team Jacob picture. Can someone enlighten me?

  25. Joke? WEM is Team Jacob all the way.

  26. It was a while ago, but there was a similar series over at Doves and Serpents a while ago. Here’s the first entry: Mormon Fakebook Update 1. Unfortunately, I can’t find an easy list of all of them. Your best bet is probably to search the site for “Mormon Fakebook.”

  27. Nice! “Unsurprisingly, Sariah has no comment.”

    Also, bummer!

  28. Many of you have probably seen this but this reminded me of the “If Joseph and Mary had Facebook” video


  29. Cute, but when I tried to enlarge it to read it easier, it got fuzzier. (I could still read it; it just wasn’t as fun.)

    Thanks for the laugh.

  30. Dina Sweden says:

    The Church has a Facebook account and (can) organize event for members to attend or not, but I never see Thomas S. Monson, or Jeffrey R. Holland, or David .A Bednar etc. leave a comment… that’d be cool don’t you think?

  31. Totally, Dina.
    Uchtdorf + Twitter would make an incredible combo!

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