Announcing a new blogger: B Hodges!

We’re really excited that Blair Hodges has agreed to join us as a permablogger here at BCC. The work at both his solo blog, Life on Gold Plates, and at Faith-Promoting Rumor has been tremendous, and we feel lucky to have him aboard. It’s no secret that his book reviews are among the best in the business.

Everyone be sure to wish him a hearty welcome and don’t forget to pass judgment on his sketchy beard!


  1. Welcome aboard, new guy who can’t check out a book at BYU.

  2. Yay! and Welcome!

  3. Blair has been a great colleague in the fight against evil and injustice. I also consider him one of my best friends. Having a friend like Blair is one of the things that gets me through the day.

    If I was still at FPR, this would likely make me very sad. Instead, I am glad to see one of the best and bright join the best blog on the bloggernacle.

  4. Anxiously awaiting the first post!

  5. Josh, we didn’t pay him enough to post. We did give his dog back though.

  6. So what distant outposts does this leave still to be assimilated into the Hodgiverse? Are we down to FMH and Jason Wharton’s defunct blog?

  7. Welcome!

  8. Can his first post be on how he cranks out so many quality book reviews so quickly?

    Congrats to BH and BCC!

  9. I’m also interested in his mutant book review abilities .
    Congrats to BCC on nabbing him.

  10. Blair is awesome. Very glad to see his virtual canvas expand.

  11. Blair is my friend on facebook.

  12. Who is Blair?

  13. Yay!

  14. Yes, the narrator is right, I’m BHodges, savvy? Thanks for the greetings. Glad to be here.

  15. “Can his first post be on how he cranks out so many quality book reviews so quickly?”

    It’s easy, Ben–as long as he never says to a single moment “Verweile doch, du bist so schoen,” he can crank ’em out at a devilish pace!

  16. Well, this is certainly a thing.

  17. Yay! Love Blair :)

  18. Welcome, Blair.

    BCC’s assimilation of the best of the Bloggernacle moves forward, as foretold in the scriptures.

  19. Yeah! Since meeting Blair on the farms board, I’ve tried to come up with a better name for a dog than his, but to no avail. Nothing beats “Chicken Delicious”.

  20. Thomas Parkin says:

    re: the beard. A sheep in wolves clothing. I like it.

  21. Thomas Parkin says:

    wolf’s? wolves’?

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