Mormons at the American Academy of Religion

It’s in San Francisco the second half of November, and it looks to be exciting. There are a couple of sessions sponsored by the Mormon Studies Consultation that should be good (disclaimer: I’m in one of them), but I confess I don’t know the lay of the land otherwise. Who all is going? What are the sessions that must not be missed? Or that must not be named?


  1. If that’s with SBL, there will be quite a lot of good sessions, and probably 20-30 LDS there.

  2. It is combo AAR/SBL, sorry. Was typing on my iPad as I walked. So any sessions at either AAR or SBL that absolutely must not be missed?

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    There will be a substantial contingent from BYU there, and there may be a Maxwell Institute booth (there has been in the past). I have always wanted to go, but the end of the year is my busy season and I can’t get away from work.

  4. So far I’m seeing Kathleen Flake on female power and dynasty in early Mormonism Sunday at 5pm, the Esotericism session Sunday at 3pm, the death and dying session Monday at 9am. Also Max Mueller on Jane Manning James on Tuesday at 9am and many others.

  5. I’m really excited it’s going to be in SF this year.

  6. Sam, I just registered. I am going through the program right now.

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