BCC Zeitcast 73: Ken Jennings vs. GST

BCC’s beloved podcast returns! It’s been months since the last podcast, but we hope the new episodes are worth the wait.

In this episode, Scott B. listens in as John C. outlines his hopes for the upcoming General Conference (Hint: 2-hour block!), BHodges talks with long-time BCC friend Ken Jennings about Ken’s new book “Maphead,” and Mormon blogging legend GST makes an appearance to tell the world what it feels like to be humiliated on national TV. And if that lineup isn’t sufficient, we also have the sound of our very own Kristine Haglund listening to songs by Michael McLean.

Episode Content Guide (below the fold)
1. 0:00 – 10:00 : Intro & Hellos from John C. & Scott B.
2. 10:00 – 22:45 : John C.’s Top 5 Hopes for General Conference
3. 22:45 – 24:20 : Kristine listens to Michael McLean
4. 24:25 – 42:05 : BHodges’ interview with Ken Jennings
5. 42:06 – 45:50 : Scott B. & John C. introduce GST
6. 45:50 – 59:00 : Scott B.’s interview with GST
7. 59:00 – 1:00:25 Final Jeopardy! with GST
8. 1:00:30 – 1:01:34 : Kristine and Michael McLean say goodbye, one more time

Links for your convenience:
1. The Missionary Rock
2. BHodges full review of Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks
3. GST’s Greatest Hits
4. Ken vs. GST: PBR edition
5. Ken Jennings’ official website

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  1. It’s not going to surprise anyone to learn that I skipped right to 42:06.

  2. I tried to skip ahead but ended up hearing Kristine’s death throws during a Michael McLean song. The agony!

  3. Best Zeitcast intro ever.

  4. For perhaps the first time ever, I am excited about flying tomorrow. It gives me an excuse to listen to what will obviously be a fantastic zeitcast.

  5. Oh heavens, another appeal for the “poor children of Finnish socialism”–as if they don’t have the assembled masses of the corrupt Hollywood liberal elite shelling their pathetic charity out for them every year! What about the poor job creators suffering under the creeping socialism of Obamanomics right here in the USA? Care you nothing about the desperate Chicago law professors and Chipotle Grill restaurant chain owners struggling to get by on barely over $220,000 a year?!? Care you nothing about your own weakening nation?!? You bastards.

  6. Russell,
    Get on the podcast more regularly and you too will understand why the smart folks migrate to publicly funded edutainment.

  7. (I should note that I am solely responsible for sending the Zeitcast into Outer Darkness for the past four months. My apologies.)

  8. There was not a single lie in that intro. None.

  9. I demand an extended edition of Kristine listening to Michael McLean. That’s some choice material.

  10. In contrast, there are many lies in that intro. A lot.

  11. Anne Lazenby says:

    More of Kristine please. My roommates are already confused by the moaning coming from my computer, though.

  12. Kristine would have been able to handle Michael McLean if only she’d listened to his good stuff.

  13. Yessssssssss. BCCgods, please get more podcasts out! More cool guests, less Michael McLean, though.

  14. Wes Brown,
    Let’s make a deal: for every review that appears in iTunes as a result of this podcast, we’ll do a podcast episode. With that, we’ll see you in February!

  15. Wes,
    Be careful what you wish for. I have Afterglow cds.

  16. John C.,
    My eyebrow just twitched at your threat. Too many bad mission memories to horrible, horrible music.
    /going to review on itunes now…

    //but seriously, anyone else think that BCC needs a bigger voice in the Mormon podcast fray? (fray- meaning the other four.)

  17. Scott, Kristine is going to kill you when she hears this.

  18. Cynthia, she knew what kind of person I am when she agreed to let me record a few signs and groans. It’s not my fault that she didn’t consider what I might do!

  19. A note on Book of Mormon geography: Although all maps of Book of Mormon geography are speculative to some degree, as someone who knows a little about the topic I think that some are certainly more speculative than others. Everything before John Sorenson and most stuff after his work have been very speculative and crazy. But John Sorenson, Larry Poulsen, and a few others have actually done Book of Mormon geography in a systematic and reasonable way (even though I think that they have some weaknesses in their models). I think they have demonstrated that there is actually only one area that fits the numerous geographic references in the Book of Mormon, namely the area from northern Guatemala, through Chiapas, and up to Veracruz, and that the geography of the Book of Mormon fits the area remarkably well and is entirely consistent.

    Anyways, good podcast.

  20. Awesome episode.

    My wife is still waiting for the lost Chris H. episode. She took the kids out of the house so I could do a podcast…and no podcast. She now thinks that I am up to some sort of apostasy. I insist that I only badmouthed apostates….but…again…no evidence.

  21. “Best Zeitcast intro ever.”

    Amen, Brother Stapley.

    Made my week!

  22. Kevin Barney says:

    Loved the ‘cast (I just finished). I appreciate the Episode Content Guide; although I listened to the whole thing, it was just nice to know how long each bit would be and what was coming next.

  23. I’ve spent the last week switching the radio back and forth between public radio channels to avoid NPR pledge drives. Is there no rest for the wicked?

  24. mmiles,
    please tell me you don’t think we were being serious…

  25. Um, no.

  26. Why is Kristine’s name linked to her page, but John and Scott’s aren’t? Sexism!!!

  27. mmiles, of course they were being serious, Scoot’s dodge notwithstanding.

  28. More Kristine, please! That was stellar guys- totally enjoyable.

  29. Chris H (20),
    Your wife will have to wait until the second resurrection; that podcast isn’t going rise from the graveyard[1] of failed podcasts anytime soon.

    [1] Kathy Soper is the queen of that graveyard, with at least 3 headstones to her name.

  30. Cynthia (26),
    You don’t notice the lack of a link to BHodges’ name? Anti-Red-Beardism!

  31. Steve Evans says:

    OK, that was pretty awesome.

  32. The biggest surprise for me in the interview of KJ by BH wasn’t the eating of the beating heart thing, it was learning that Ken Jennings doesn’t appreciate the glories of the classic footnote. Trivia may pay better than scholarship, but it doesn’t do anything for the development of taste or good sense.

    And I wish you could have seen my cat during both Kristine/McLean segments. He woke up from a catnap in both cases and ran over to nose the computer, looking back over his shoulder at me with a most concerned expression. I don’t know how to interpret that.

  33. Loved the mormon trivia with GST.

    Great podcast, all.

  34. Scott,

    Between the failed podcast, my failed political career, and my failure as an intellectual….she is getting used to it.

    The opening this one is still making me smile. I am now listening to the discussion about footnotes….

  35. BTW, great zeitcast. Very entertaining.

  36. I know footnotes are a hot-button issue for many, many people, so I hope I wasn’t misleading in the interview…Maphead does indeed have classic footnotes. But it has excerpt-style endnotes as well for the less urgent sourcing. Something for everyone.

  37. I like how the Zeitcast is broken up into multiple segments. Sort of a new magazine style.

    Could have had more politics with Ken!

  38. Ken,
    Would you just please be a dear and change the footnotes so that everyone will be happy?

  39. I cut about three minutes of footnote banter. by the way. You all got the truncated BHodges-lecture-less version. Maybe we will put it on the DVD extras when this podcast comes out, pending your donations.

  40. Oh, and btw, we’ve guilted TWO more people (to date) into putting a review on iTunes. Unfortunately, one of those was from John C., which doesn’t really count. Sorry Wes Brown (14)! We only have to do one more episode!

  41. This is fantastic! Strangely, Kristine and I sound very similar in our responses to McLean. And many props for Animaniacs. Much appreciated.

  42. Ardis, sorry to have distressed your cat :) I don’t know what to make of that either!

    (And yes, I’ll most likely kill Scott in the morning.)

  43. I can totally relate to looking at the scripture maps during boring meetings! Step 2 of that awakening is discovering the Facsimiles. And there is no Step 3. Those are pretty much the only two interesting things in there. :) Oh, maybe when you’re 11 and you find that verse in the NT about greeting one another with a kiss. That’s worth a giggle or two when you’re 11.

  44. I totally forgot to turn Ken in the direction of that great song called “Maps,” which I thought would have been a cool intro or outro song for the bcc podcast. The Animaniacs turned out to be alright, but I still would have preferred “Maps.”

  45. which I thought would have been a cool intro or outro song for the bcc podcast. The Animaniacs turned out to be alright, but I still would have preferred “Maps.”

    yeah yeah yeah(s)…

  46. OK, I’m a little late, but had to chime in and say that I loved this Zeitcast — the format with episodes was fun. Must be a ton of work, though.

    Thanks, all. And here’s to many happy Christmases for the children of Finnish socialists!

  47. Who is this delightful Michael Mclean fellow, and where can I hear more?

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