Saturday AM General Conference: The T&S Memorial Session

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It’s go-time!

In case you’re wondering, I’m munching some Peanut M&Ms, John C. is eating Golden Oreos, and Stapley is scarfing down the Nacho Cheese Doritos. What are you consuming with your GC this morning?

President Eyring is conducting, with MoTab providing music for the session. Stapley and I were wondering–has there ever been a Saturday morning session that _didn’t_ begin with MoTab singing “The Morning Breaks” in history?

Elder Richard G. Scott: The Power of Scripture

“Throughout the ages Father in Heaven has inspired select men and women to find, through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, solutions to life’s most perplexing problems. He has inspired those authorized servants to record those solutions as a type of handbook for those of His children who have faith in His plan of happiness and in His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We have ready access to this guidance through the treasure we call the standard works. That is: the Old and New Testaments, the Book Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.”

“Because scriptures are generated from inspired communication through the Holy Ghost, they are pure truth.”

These are two very interesting quotes. The first one is interesting because of the mention of “select men and women” who have written scripture. I would be interested to hear which women Elder Scott had in mind when he wrote that sentence. The second one is interesting because of the phrase “pure truth.” Can “truth” be pure or impure? Or is it merely complete/incomplete? Are the scriptures therefore complete? What does this phrase mean?

Notwithstanding the two quotes above and the questions associated with them, I really like the message of this talk: READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!
BTW, no, your eyes are not deceiving you: President Monson is absent from the stand. There are always rumors of poor health circulating, but no official news.
Up next: Sister Barbara Thompson, followed by Elder Whitney Clayton

Sister Barbara Thompson of the Relief Society: Personal Revelation and Testimony
Fun Fact 1: Sis. Thompson has been in the RS General Presidency since 2007, and is only the second unmarried woman to have served in the RSGP (Sherri L. Dew being the other).

“As a child I thought personal revelation or answers to prayer would come as an audible voice…However, I have learned that the Spirit speaks in many ways.”

!!!!!Eliza R. Snow Alert!!!!!
“Eliza R. Snow said…’Tell the sister to go forth an discharge their duties, in humility and faithfulness, and the Spirit of God will rest upon them and they will be blessed in their labors. Let them seek for wisdom instead of power and they will have all the power they have wisdom to exercise.’”

(also, the first reference of the day from Daughters In My Kingdom…)
(…and another quote…this one by title! Do we have a theme working?)


Elder L. Whitney Clayton: The Time shall Come

Relating membership growth in Peru to Old Testament prophecies…

(suppressing the urge to make a crack about the statistical report usually taking place on Saturday afternoons…)

Meanwhile, today in the Washington Post, Br. Otterson has the following to add:

“There will be no great debates, no huge policy changes to announce to the general membership. You can be certain that there will be no political addresses from the podium, and it’s highly unlikely anyone will mention even indirectly the two Latter-day Saints running for president of the United States.”

Boo!! Hiss!! What else were we all gathered to hear, if not political sermons and great debates?!? Well, I guess we can still look forward to the announcement about daylight-savings time…


President Monson makes it to Conference! (Commence with the “Mormon Standard Time” jokes….)


President Monson announces the following new temples:
1. Provo, Utah–conversion of the burned Tabernacle to a temple (Yay!)
2. Barranquilla, Colombia
3. South Africa
4. Democratic Republic of the Congo
5. Star Valley, Wyoming (Yee-haaa!)
6. Paris France

From Twitter: “@ByCommonConsent: Pres Monson: No church-built facility is more important than a temple (take that, Lavell Edwards stadium) #ldsconf #lds #mormon”

NEW PROGRAM! “Temple Assistance Fund” to help people living distantly from the temple make the trip.
(Will they subsidize my travel to the Newport Beach temple? The 3 minute drive is such a burden!)

Elder Jose Luis Alonso: “Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time, Without Delay”
Here is some info on Elder Alonso.

“Each day, we have the opportunity to give help and service–doing the right thing, at the right time, without delay.”

“What can you do to help?…When is the right time to do it? (referring to jobless, ill, lonely, and desperate people all around us)

“Brothers and sisters, there may be many who, for some reason, are lost from our sight and who do not know that they are lost. If we delay, we could lose them forever.”

There are really some great messages in this talk, but I admit I’m having a hard time focusing on much of anything after the announcement that Star Valley, Wyoming is getting a temple.

President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles: Counsel to Youth

Opening poem: John Ciardi, “Fast and Slow,” in _Fast and Slow_ (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1975), 1.

“Not Wordsworth, but classic poetry nonetheless!”

“In ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World,’ an inspired document issued by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, we learn that in the premortal existence ‘all human beings–male and female–[were] created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic [and was established in that premortal existence]”

President Packer comments again on the Family Proc. He did this last April and caused quite a stir, as perhaps some of you may recall.

From his Patriarchal Blessing:

“You shall be guided through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and you shall be warned of dangers. If you heed those warnings, our Heavenly Father will bless you so that you might again be united with your loved ones.”

“Although that gift had been conferred upon me at baptism, I did not yet know what the Holy Ghost was or how promptings work.”

“You will learn, as I have learned, to ‘listen’ for that voice that is felt rather than heard.”

Very fascinating to hear a member of the 12 quote from their own PB in conference–I wonder how many times in the past such has been done. (Stapley suggests this book on Mormon Patriarchs for the readers among us.)

I love this:

“You may in time of trouble think that you are not worth saving because you have made mistakes, big or little, and you think you are now lost. That is never true! Only repentance can heal what hurts. But repentance can heal what hurts, no matter what it is.”

One more good one from President Packer, since he’s on a roll:

“Sometimes you might be tempted to think as I did from time to time in my youth: ‘The way things are going, the world’s going to be over with. the end of the world is going to come before I get to where I should be.’ Not so!”



President Dieter F. Uchtdorf: You Matter to Him
(over/under on airplane references has been revised–it is now at 1.7. get your bets in now, folks.)

“The more we learn about the universe, the more we understand–at least in a small part–what Moses knew.”


“But even though man is nothing, it fills me with wonder and awe to think that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” (D&C 18:10)

Check out the JSP on that one.

“Our Heavenly Father created the universe that we might reach our potential as His sons and daughters. This is a paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God.”

Oh man. I can’t blog this–I just want to sit back and bask in the awesomeness. An Abraham Lincoln quote! (just for you, Chris H.!)

“[Satan] tells us that we are too small for anyone to take notice, that we are forgotten–especially by God.”


(Stapley: “The stake center I grew up in was built by members.” It’s not clear why Stapley grew up in a stake center instead of a home.)

“My friends and fellow student-pilots engaged themselves in free-time activities as well, although I think it’s safe to say that some of those activities would not have been in alignment with today’s For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.”

I think we all know what that means–he watched a movie that was rated PG-13!

Yet another in the long list of excellent one-liners from President Uchtdorf:

“The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls.”

You know one thing that this conference session has been lacking? Lists. No lists of items to do, to think about, or to check off. Well, be of good cheer, because here is one for the conclusion:

1. God loves the humble and meek
2. The Lord entrusts “the fullness of [His] gospel [to] be proclaimed by the weak and simple unto the ends of the earth.”
3. No matter how humble your circumstances…you are not invisible to your Heavenly Father.
4. What you see and experience now is not what forever will be.


Okay, well that about does it for this session…we’ll be back for more in an hour or two. Be courteous in driving!


  1. They are the tastiest of Doritos.

  2. The only crickets around here are Mormon crickets

  3. Wow. Only us here today, I guess.

  4. I am hoping you will welcome me back to BCC after my fairly long absence. Turns out having a full-time job that restricts my Internet access for a third of the day has seriously cut down on my blogging time…

  5. I’m not really a blogger, but I’m a huge fan of your conference coverage. I’m here!

  6. Welcome back, ATV! You’re one of the best GC commenters, so it’s great to have you here.

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  8. I’m here, and I’ve decided to sort socks along with Kristine. We long ago resorted to the sock basket, I’m proud to say.

  9. Wow, pulling out the sleep-inducer, right off the top! (I do love Elder Scott).

  10. Elder Scott with glasses. That’s new.

  11. How sad is it that I was bothered by the prayer? Specifically him being thankful for all the brethren who will speak, sing, minister to us, etc. It’s bad enough that there aren’t that many women involved, but now we’re going to completely ignore the few that are?

  12. Let’s do this.

  13. “When they are cited correctly.”

  14. Oh dear.

  15. “Filling a filing cabinet with friends” ? Did I hear that correctly?

  16. @Alex: Pretty sure only serial killers fill cabinets with friends…

  17. Good Morning once again from Alaska everyone!!! We’re viewing at home with Me, my wife, 7 of our 8 children, My brother-in-law and his wife, and 4 of their 5 children.

    I made the morning run to the donut shop, so the kids should be all hopped up on sugar by the time the choir sings it’s next song.

    Our “Word of the Session” is SPIRIT!! The candy bowl is filled with Gummi Bears and Frogs, and each time that word is said, other than in song or prayer, those that heard it may each take a piece of candy from the bowl.

    Glad to be back here with everyone!!!

  18. Alex, you don’t think Deseret Knick Knack is going to jump on that image as quickly as they jumped on the forget-me-not?

  19. I like the idea of writings as friends. Seems to hint toward a dialogical model of reading.

  20. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    Dedicated sisters were also included in the prayer, as I heard it.

  21. Fuel for the session: Cheese crackers and homemade cider.

  22. Kevin Barney says:

    Uh oh, can’t ignore the OT anymore…

  23. Wow, no welcome to conference message from the prophet? When was the last time that happened? Also, this talk seems a little lighter than Elder Scott’s normal talks.

  24. Not to be a stick in the mud but “to obey” in that instance in Samuel meant “to commit genocide”…

  25. I’ve spent more time in the OT since May than I have in many, many years. This was brough on by my calling as a Seminary teacher.

  26. I like the drama in his scriptural recitation – unusual both for Elder Scott and for scripture reading among us!

  27. I am amused that Elder Scott advocated memorising scriptures and then read most of the following passages.

    Personally, I abhor the admonition to memorise; I would rather we be encouraged to master and know them.

  28. Bfabbi — I noticed the absence of Pres, Monson as the first speaker as well. This goes against the pattern I have noticed over the years.

  29. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    Twitter feed says Pres. Monson is not attending this session.

  30. Three more and Scott has passed off his scripture mastery.

  31. Kevin Barney says:

    Not attending? Is he ill, I wonder?

  32. TN, only if he can do it without the teleprompter.

  33. MY, MY. A bit critical, aren’t we?

  34. Anne (UK) says:

    hello everyone,
    Listening in via from a very wet Scotland. Thankfully this session ends 5 minutes before the final Dr Who of the series starts, thus avoiding my usual Conference Saturday night issue!

  35. This is going to sound kinds callous, but since his wife died, Elder Scott’s talks have become far more interesting and personal. I don’t know what to make of that.

  36. Pres Monson was missing, and 3 of the 12 were also not present.

  37. 32: He didn’t do the recent temple dedication, either. I’ve been hearing rumors that he is fading. Just rumors, though, nothing pin-down-able.

  38. If Pres. Monson isn’t in attendance, I wonder why that wasn’t announced at the beginning.

  39. Kevin Barney says:

    As a SS teacher, this push to always read the BoM is great during the BoM curriculum year, but not so much during the other three years, when your class spends their limited scripture reading time on the BoM instead of the actual SS curriculum that year. That has always bugged me.

  40. his eyes look so blue

  41. Release the sourdough french toast!

  42. If Monson isn’t attending, I wonder if Vai Sikahem will castigate him in his next DesNews column.

  43. Kevin Barney says:

    Eric Huntsman is at the Jerusalem Center so is unable to sing in the choir. But I’m sure he’s watching and cheering his choir mates on.

  44. Oh, what would conference coverage be without the narrator’s snark, I wonder? Maybe someday we’ll find out.

  45. Cynthia L. says:

    Husband is still fiddling with brand new mega expensive 3D LED TV he bought this week “so we can have friends over to watch conference.” Riiiiight. SIGH

  46. The last time I remember the prophet not being at conference was 1994.

  47. Kevin Barney says:

    Male justification in its purest form!

  48. Minor note – Elder Scott did not perpetuate the idea that started with Spencer W. Kimball, that Peter was COMMANDED by Christ to deny him three times.

  49. Cynthia L. says:

    Oh spoke too soon. Conference now on. But it’s only in 2-D. Weak sauce! :-)

  50. I just saw two black and one asian choir member in the same shot. Diversity!

  51. We’ve got three African American choir guys, possibly a fourth! Diversity is on the rise!

  52. I think that this is the first time in a long time that I haven’t fallen asleep during a talk by Elder Scott.

  53. Kevin Barney says:

    Glad to hear it, Seth R., cause that cock won’t crow…

  54. Ardis, why dost thou hate me so?

  55. Beat you to it Jacob M

  56. Anyone got the running order for this conference?

  57. Kevin Barney says:

    A woman! They’ve been reading the Bloggernacle!

  58. Barbara Thompson is single, incidentally.

  59. #46 Conference in 3D?!?!?!

  60. She’s not praying, Kevin…

  61. My wife just walked in and saw Sis. Thompson. She said, “Oh, I like her! I love her stories!”

  62. Another change. Usually when there is Generaly RS Meeting the week before, the whole presidency speaks at that meeting, and none speak in conference the following week.

  63. No way there are 3D cameras in the Conference Center = no way there’s 3D conference available, regardless of whether you have a 3D TV.

  64. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    37: There are usually some apostles assigned to the Tab and elsewhere. Wonder if that’s where the Prophet is.

  65. But my counts more accurate! :P

  66. I have this vague memory that a member of the 70 gave a talk a few years ago that didn’t fit the typical talk pattern. He didn’t share a story surrounded by scripture and prophet quotes. Instead, it seemed like he made a series of somewhat connected declarations or statements. Does anyone remember what I’m remembering?

  67. Does anyone else feel like they’re listening to a female L. Tom Perry?

  68. #66 When we are building a $3 billion mall, anything is possible. 3D cameras would cost pocket change for the Church. AVD need only ask and it will be given unto them.

  69. Is BCC really tweeting? I haven’t been able to find anything yet.

  70. I like Sis. Thompson’s speaking style. Hope they use her more.

  71. Yes Hodges, there were two very similar talks that session, and I think they were about following the prophet.

  72. #72, bhodges, that hasn’t happened since the early 20th century. you must be remembering wrong.

  73. SPIRIT is paying huge dividends at the candy bowl.

  74. Go Eliza!

  75. Latter-day Guy says:

    @75, You did hear Elder Scott say something about charity, yes?

  76. Does anyone recall the talk I refer to? I’m looking for a reference, people!

  77. Eliza Snow sure said a lot more than this

  78. Latter-day Guy says:

    Elder Bednar loves adverbs, evidently.

  79. Sister T just gave us an example of how to use Daughters in my Kingdom in a talk.

  80. Boy, this is so less than uplifting that I’m out of here.

  81. This is a good talk, and I’m not just saying that to change the subject.

  82. have you looked at the DIMK book yet?

  83. #97 was in reference to Sis. Thompson, fwiw.

  84. BIv, yeah–I really like that they’re making such a concerted effort to use women’s voices. I can’t wait until the Brethren start quoting Daughters in the Kingdom, too ;)

  85. Elder Tucci!

  86. I have this vague memory that a member of the 70 gave a talk a few years ago that didn’t fit the typical talk pattern. He didn’t share a story surrounded by scripture and prophet quotes. Instead, it seemed like he made a series of somewhat connected declarations or statements. Does anyone remember what I’m remembering?

  87. #98 yes. I reviewed DIMK here

  88. Another Seminary Master Scripture

  89. Sister Thompson was fantastic, great delivery, too!

  90. Let the hijacking begin!

  91. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    @72 bhodges: Maybe you’re thinking of a talk given by Elder Gary Coleman at April 2000 conference. His talk was basically a word for word recitation of the first missionary discussion. I only remember the details because I was a missionary at the time, and thought, “Well, I could have written THIS talk…”

  92. Is it known what the RS/Priesthood lessons will be next year? We’ve got some hopeful people in my ward that it will be DIMK…. That acronym really reminds me of a BYU building name….

  93. Not even 100 comments in and we’re off into st00pid comment flame war territory!

  94. Yeah, I think Barbara Thompson is great–she’s fixin’ to be a rockstar, I hope.

  95. Kevin Barney says:

    My wife asks when was the last time Pres. Monson was seen in public. Anyone know?

  96. #110, no, it wasn’t him. Coleman’s talk includes stories etc. This talk was just a bunch of statements.

  97. @ #111 – President George Albert Smith

  98. Latter-day Guy says:

    Just check out the creepy “Follow The Prophet” site.

  99. Notice that he said that “Joseph’s name would be known across the world” and not “Joseph’s name would be known FOR GOOD OR EVIL across the world.”

  100. In case it hasn’t already been noted: Sister Thompson did not use the Primary Voice.

  101. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #111: Teachings of George Albert Smith. sorry.

  102. @Jenne- I think they’ve specifically said that DIMK will NOT be used for lessons.

  103. Kevin, Pres. Monson was at the RS broadcast last week, I’m told.

  104. moves forward “unnoticed”???
    But I thought we were having our Mormon Moment!

  105. @105 BiV: quickly looked at your link, I will read more later, looks good, I have some of those same thoughts. I was listening to the RS radio broadcast about DIMK, Sis. Allred was talking about how so many members in the world just don’t have any access to any about the church except through reading the Liahona. So I wonder if they weren’t really thinking about correlation…

  106. Anyone know of any studies comparing qualitative conversion stories between Mormons and other denominations? This seventy is trying to make us sound special in our ability to recruit, I mean convert, and I can’t help but think that the conversion stories of people in other denominations are just as powerful. I would think that reading them would be rather disorienting to people who are quite sure that their experience is “true.”

  107. I’m told the last time a prophet was not in attendance was Pres. Hunter in 1994. No?

  108. Exactly, RAF.

  109. We need a list of which 5 hymns are well-known enough to be used as intermediate hymns with congregation. 10 maybe?

  110. #112 thx Mary, leave me a comment over there and let me know what you think.

  111. Back to conference! Let’s talk about interpretations of Nebucfdszzzzzrrds’s (too lazy to spellcheck) dream as a post-exilic patriotic history vs. a prophesy of the Restoration! Or maybe not. FPR needs a open thread ;)

  112. 119 – Why can’t it be both?

  113. bhodges, you’re probably thinking of Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge, “The Way”, October, 2008, Saturday PM session.

  114. Monson hurried to the building to avoid being chewed out by Sikahema.

  115. Hey, President Monson made it!

  116. Um… I thought Pres. Monson was gone?

    * so confused *

  117. Scott, doesn’t DST go until November now? (I live in AZ now and so don’t keep track). There will thus be no such announcement anymore. EVER!

    WHAT? Now President Monson? I thought he wasn’t there?

  118. Looking forward to that daylight savings time announcement. How do people who don’t watch conference know when to change their clocks?

  119. Jenne, thanks for saying what I was thinking in much better terms.

  120. Why were people saying Monson wasn’t here?

  121. He had me at hello!

  122. Was… was he late?

  123. Hello!

  124. Seth–he got stuck in the Lou, didn’t you know? ;)

  125. There he is!

  126. I think that he was…

  127. AnnieinKC says:

    He’s here!!!!

  128. I remember Pres. Eyring seeming a little confused as he announced Elder Scott as the first speaker. It looks like Pres. Monson just showed up. He must have overslept.

  129. Up, President Monson is there! Also, look out for Elder Packer coming up at the end!

  130. Finally the welcome from the prophet. I think he timed it because he was waiting to make sure my 4 year old was awake and watching.

  131. Anne (UK) says:

    Pres Monson not being there and then suddenly being there is even more confusing when listening only. Was he hiding under the pulpit or something?

  132. I bet he was visiting a widow…

  133. I think that may be the first time a prophet’s been late for General Conference.

    Somehow that gives me comfort.

  134. Let the rumors fly! Why do YOU think Monson was late for conference?

  135. Provo Tabernacle is going to become the second Provo Temple??? Wow!


  137. He was getting the final word on the temple announcements?

  138. Hi guys, I just deleted the heck out of a very distracting flamewar. So all comment numbers are going to be way, way off. Sorry.

    Carry on.

  139. YESYESYYESYYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!! The Provo Tabernacle has been saved!

  140. That was anti-climatic to finish with Star Valley, Wyoming.

  141. Whoa, Provo and Star Valley! And Paris!

  142. A temple location gets a laugh~

  143. A second temple in Provo?? One for missionary use only?

  144. Star Valley, Wyoming! Paris, France!

  145. Latter-day Guy says:

    133 FTW!

  146. 133, I thought the same thing – giving a blessing, etc. Though, as a fellow diabetic, mornings can be really hard.

  147. Seriously, RAF, I mourned the loss of that amazing building. WOW.

  148. Not at all Joe.

    There are a lot of Mormons in Wyoming, and they’ve wanted a temple for a long time. Star Valley is a heavily Mormon region of the US – the communities are as long-time Mormon as any in Southern Utah.

  149. Latter-day Guy says:

    Awesome new fund!

  150. durban!!!

  151. Maybe Provo 2.0 will have 3-D TVs…

  152. Provo #2, wow, those two temples will be the closest geographically, I think. A fund to help people go to the temple? Awesome!!

  153. I’m glad that the tabernacle is being saved, but as a tabernacle it was a great communal building for the entire town. I will miss that.

  154. STAR VALLEY! Awww yeah!

  155. ClaudiaHen says:

    President Monson was in the bathroom.

  156. Brigham and Joseph were both late.

  157. My husband and I are confused on what Provo 2.0 will be called. I proposed 1.0 would be changed to the BYU temple.

  158. Thank you, thank you Cynthia for the deletions. And feel free to delete my responses as well. You don’t need to keep them in moderation.

  159. A fund for temple attendance? Super excellent!

  160. Does Pres Monson wear dentures? He is talking like someone whose dentures are bothering them.

  161. Dang it. Now comes the accents I can never understand.

  162. Paris temple was announced quite a while a go.

  163. @NewlyHousewife #152–ha! My TV has a feature that attempts to turn 2-D shows to 3-D, presumably so customers don’t realize quite as quickly how much of a waste of $$$ it was for them to have bought a 3-D TV. Maybe I can turn that feature on.

  164. 114 Cris- THAT’S THE ONE! Awesome, thank you!

  165. President Monson was using an analogy to teach the principle of the Second Coming, by appearing suddenly in Conference at a time that no one expected.

  166. Do you think Pres. Monson’s enthusiastic “Hello!” was a sly reference to the opening number in the BoM Musical?

  167. Paris was announced awhile ago, but they have run into some regulatory blocks in getting construction going. I Think that’s why he mentioned it.

  168. Watching Conference on TV, I am forced to speculate that President Monson threw open the doors at the back of the Conference Center near the end of the previous talk, then boldly strode through the aisles and up to the pulpit as Pres. Eyring introduced him, kind of like a more spiritual version of Michael Buffer introducing a boxer.

  169. That’s nothing, have any of you Mormons with big families misplaced two children at once? Yeah.

  170. Latter-day Guy says:

    He was looking at toys? Why was he not in the temple, about his father’s business?

  171. Yes! He just said we don’t need meetings, right?

  172. #154, I feel your pain: I loved the old Provo Tabernacle. But it was gutted, destroyed–and unless Provo happened to be a wholly different sort of community than it, in actual fact, has become, then investing in a large, beautiful, public-use church building just wasn’t in the cards. This way, the Provo Temple will be less crowded (my bet: reserving certain days at the original Provo Temple solely for MTC and/or BYU student use), and some of the facade of that old, glorious bit of central Provo will be preserved. It’s a great compromise.

  173. Latter-day Guy says:

    Admin, sorry about 171. My blasphemy was out of bounds. :(

  174. Kinshasa? Wow. My Belgian mother was born in the Belgian Congo 82 years ago while her father was there working.

  175. The link on Elder A isn’t working, just getting an Error-Page Not Found report.

  176. That’s an interesting pronunciation of bowels there, Elder Alonso

  177. #169 Casey, Mike Quinn did that once at Sunstone. It was awesome.

  178. Please edit that with close tags, somebody.

  179. Seriously, there’s something very, ineffably moving about the fact that the building where Hugh Nibley’s funeral was held is being turned into a temple.

  180. Thanks, Brad, or whomever.

  181. Holy awesome fund, mind blown by Provo II… Is anyone paying attention to Elder Alonso? I’m still in shock… Maybe Monson got stuck in traffic, it happens to me every time I go to the Conf Center.

  182. He never forgets the one! Love it!

  183. Anybody think they’ll ever have speakers talk in their native language?

  184. My last area on my mission was in Provo, and I had been to the Tabernacle. I was deeply saddened by its destruction, and I am elated it will be rebuilt and be a new temple.

  185. E. Packer: Awesome tie.

  186. Ben #184, this is long overdue, were it not for the radio broadcast where we listeners could not read the subtitles.

  187. That is one cool tie Packer is sporting.

  188. #184 Ben – Some of them pre-record their own interpretation. (Well, I know that Elder Uchtdorf does.)

  189. The old crow! Ha!

  190. Yeah – really cool. Kind of Goth.

  191. In his closing, he didn’t just say “return to HF and His Son” but “be more like HF and His Son Jesus Christ.”

  192. Researcher says:

    Cool. John Ciardi. “About Crows.”

  193. I can already hear my Seminary students on Monday morning calling me a Slow Old Crow.

  194. A paisley!

  195. Anyone else notice the nuance of referring the Family Proclamation as an inspired document, and not as a revelation?

  196. If anyone happens to have Packer’s tie in their closet: where can I get one? There needs to be a site to buy ties featured in GC.

  197. ok, here it comes! Elder Packer straight talk.

  198. The Temple Patron Fund has been around for years (we’ve contributed to it and know several members who’ve used it to go to the temple to receive endowments, to do baptisms for the dead, and for sealings), so I’m delighted that it’s finally getting some decent press. Even with the fund available, members who want to go to the temple often still need to pay 10 percent of the cost and it can take a long time to save that much money, especially with a family.

  199. After last year? Yeah, he’s not going to do that again… …

  200. no pun intended.

  201. Alex–they’ve been doing that for some time. I remember it coming up last April.

  202. Have I heard this talk somewhere before?

  203. Shout out to Santa Ana, CA! Go So Cal!

  204. My mom said she called the tabernacle as a new temple site a while ago – when she noticed the LDS Church buying up property surrounding the old tabernacle.

  205. Someone forgot to tell the dude interpreting (American Sign Language) to take the rings off. I’m distracted enough already.

  206. My parents are both originally from Star Valley; it was originally settled by Mormons, and as recently as the 1970s they still announced Church activities at the high school because everyone was Mormon. They have waited a long time for a temple. Although the roads now are better than they were in the past, it can still be a dangerous drive to Idaho Falls or Logan in the winter. Back in the early 1900s my great-grandparents traveled several days by wagon to be married in the Logan Temple.

    And I’m glad they’re restoring the Tabernacle in Provo; when they announced the temple I was initially worried that it would be a newer building, and that would look totally weird with the rest of downtown. Now I wish I had bought bought a home in Provo so I could walk to work, stores, and the temple

  207. Does anyone know if the PH session is broadcast online now?

  208. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Packer’s tie it too Cache Valley for my tastes.

  209. 215 — Not live.

  210. Asset your independence! From Boyd K Packer! Im using that one sometime soon.

  211. I also doubt that they’ll ever have speakers give talks in their own language, since it would require finding interpreters that could interpret from other languages besides English. That would be too complicated. German into Swahili? Spanish into Fante? Not going to happen. Those who are native speakers do record their talks in their language for the audio track.

  212. BiV, how did you find that tie so fast? What’s your secret?

  213. Take hold of yourself, and order yourself to be valiant.

  214. I don’t think so, the narrator. I don’t believe there has been an announcement saying this will be the case.

  215. And Packer is going to be dead by April. “Special Witness”=I’m on my deathbed.

  216. #216, if they can prerecord their talks in their native language, then they could just as easily prerecord their talks in English for the translators.

  217. #217, that’s a bit impolitic.

    Interesting that Pres. Packer just ended with an explicit non-end times declaration.

  218. Think they’ll sing all 30 verses?

  219. Was that a prediction that the Second Coming is NOT coming soon?

  220. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Elder Packer just said the end of the world is not coming…

  221. What’s with the intense background noise? Coughing, amens, shuffling in seats… Just a bit distracting.

  222. I got that he promised that we would see our great-grandchildren…

  223. I love this from Pres. Packer telling the youth they have plenty of time to grow old and have great grandchildren. He has said it for years. I just hate the “second coming is probably within the next 10 years” sentiment that exists in certain pockets of the church.

  224. 217 – NHW

    Mmmmmkay. Thanks for that.

  225. Sorry bhodges, didn’t mean for it to sound rude. I find at least for myself it’s helpful to cope when passing is known before it occurs.

  226. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    I’m sorry but those polyester royal blue dresses are just awful.

  227. This “enemy territory” rhetoric is incredibly unhelpful (for obvious reasons).

  228. I would say, that if you know someone that can give you the super secret link, that you can get the PH session live via the internet. There are areas where they still don’t have satellite, but internet access is used to send them even the PH Session live.


    (Sorry, it just really bugs me that we never hear this one!)

  230. The Packer last days quote is in the live coverage in the post above.

  231. @Alex (#223 [currently])

    I noticed a couple of loud “amen!”s after Pres. Packer said amen. Someone’s mic didn’t get turned off.

  232. NHW, I’ve heard Richard G. Scott make that same statement for years, my wife recalls him saying it at the MTC in 2003 as well. It’s pretty common. The video called “Special Witnesses of Christ” is an example of this phrase being used.

  233. I’m not going to say who the next speaker is, but I’ll toss this out there:

    Over/Under on airplane references is set at 1.5.

  234. Seen on Twitter: “Let’s hope we never hear anyone testify that God allowed the Provo Tabernacle to burn down so a temple could be built.”

  235. @225 Jacob J, I agree. Even as a youth 25 years ago I felt it was always imminent and bit scary when it came to repentance issues

  236. Bored in Vernal – you found out where we can buy Elder Packer’s tie… can you find out where we can buy one of those awesome polyester blue dresses?

  237. CJ, I don’t mind the enemy territory rhetoric much. I’ve never been much for the “kumbaya crowd” myself.

  238. @queuno, may it be so.

    I’ll take the over on the airplanes.

  239. #218, while your suggestion to prerecord talks in English could work for those of us watching Conference on television or the internet what would you suggest for the 21,000 people in the Conference Center.

  240. 235 – I’ll take the over for $5

  241. YESS! Dieter and the Aviators!

  242. “Celestial glory shall be mine – if I can but endure.”

    I’ve never liked that line.

  243. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    The tabernacle choir wardrobe is erasing all of the hip vibe that the staff spent all year creating with the “I’m a Mormon” campaign.

  244. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    “True and Living Prophet”?

  245. I’ll take the under.

  246. Latter-day Guy says:

    241, What about subtitles projected on the multiple screens there?

  247. We change buzzwords for each talk. Our word for this talk is “prophet” and it’s really paying off.

  248. Moses fell to the earth because he didn’t have an airplane.

  249. Forget Utchdorf, there’s a more dreamy interpreter.

  250. Scott (#235) for some reason seeing the words “over” and “airplane” in the same sentence got me thinking about an old movie rather than an apostle. Over, Roger.

    OK, he’s talking about airplanes already.

  251. Anyone think he took that picture from his cockpit?

  252. What do y’all make of Elder Packer’s near-ending statement that “the Scriptures require that the FP and the Q12 work in council and that the decision of the council is unanimous”? Is that a hint that but for this injunction he might have “asserted his own independence” to give even greater weight to The Family: Proclamation to the World rather than “lean on another’s testimony”? Or am I projecting my own perceptions?

  253. A Wyoming Temple!

  254. Seth R – why the dislike for the celestial glory line?

  255. @Seth: Defining the entire non-LDS world as our enemies is lethal to brotherhood/sisterhood, and perpetuates a spirit of self-righteous judgment and cloistered disengagement with the good that is offered by so many around us. I’m all for being unapologetic about our doctrines, but that’s a far cry from casting judgment on a world full of incredible amounts of both evil *and* good.

  256. Chris–Are you on tape delay? That announcement came over 30 minutes ago.

  257. @253, no, that is a picture taken from a telescope, possibly hubble.

  258. Alex, it’s one of those “work your way into heaven” sorts of verses.

    Besides, I don’t like it lyrically either.

  259. Space. Close enough to aviation.

  260. 257, cj, nicely put.

  261. The “T&S Memorial Session”?

  262. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    What town will the Star Valley temple be in?

  263. lolz.

  264. “appealing to the extremes of the paradox of man” – that’s a very cool way of saying it.

  265. Seth – Huh. I’ve never interpreted it that way; I’ve always thought of it in terms of 2 Nephi 31:20.

    CJ – I thought the “enemy territory” was a reference to the influences of Satan, not of the non-LDS world.

  266. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @Mary: That artist’s rendering of the Provo temple makes it look like they’re going to tear down the NuSkin building.

  267. Another slick tie, but it’d look better with a silver or lavender shirt. Free our GAs from the tyranny of white shirts!

  268. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ Casey Have you ever noticed that the President of the United States usually wears a white shirt?

    It’s called class.

  269. Re 271 – It’s not class, it’s inertia.

  270. More skinny ties would be sweet.

  271. White shirts actually look great with the suit and tie look.

    It’s only because we are so familiar with it that bloggernacle denizens dislike it. One of those “familiarity breeds contempt” cases.

    The white shirt is actually a great look.

  272. RE: 271,272 It’s also easier to clean…

  273. #274 It’s called the corporate business uniform.

  274. Now THIS is a flame war worth having.

  275. I believe Joel McHale of “The Soup” usually wears white shirts with his suits.

  276. Hate the skinny tie look though.

    On another note – doesn’t Uchtdorf’s talk about the Texas branch sound like sitcom material or something?

  277. Wow, “Elder Packer” is trending in the US

  278. Obama in 2012 says:

    News anchormen also usually wear white shirts.

  279. Maybe my dentist will have the Ensign in his waiting room now…

  280. I can attest to difficulty in understanding Southern accent, AND I love the forget me not spin on turning this into a GC talk from the RS talk

  281. Santorum / Backmann in 2012 says:

    Exclusive white shirt policies are signs of the church of the devil

  282. I’m pretty sure that Jon Stewart wears a white shirt in nearly every show.

  283. Awesome

  284. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @benmiller I don’t see “Elder Packer” trending on Twitter, just “#13milionbeliebers”, etc.

  285. “memorizes her children and grandchildren’s phone numbers..” oops, senior moment!

  286. Half of the businessmen I see in the airport still dressed in suit and tie aren’t wearing white shirts.

  287. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    “Jamie Lee Curtis has said that there is nothing sexier than a man in a white shirt” – Born in Vernal

  288. that’s BORED, not born, btw…

  289. Dan #254, I thought along similar lines. It’s something of a reminder that all men’s opinions will diverge at some point, but I don’t think it’s worth overthinking. I would interpret it more as a statement of confidence in the combined judgment of the quorum and presidency rather than any kind of resentment, but these are probably just my own “projections.”

  290. @BiV 283: Closing argument. Case closed!

  291. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    “Yes, there’s a reason James Bond wears a white shirt.” – Born in Vernal

  292. 288– yeah, it was only for a couple mins

  293. Now we should start debating women wearing pants.

  294. and YES, I think men in white shirts are sexy.

  295. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @Bored in Vernal: Sorry… I’m liveblogging here.

    Won’t make the mistake again

  296. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    I guess there’s a world of difference between being BORN in Vernal and BORED in Vernal.


  297. Eld. Uchtdorf’s good looks are only outmatched by his consistent emphasis on how we treat and relate to others. I always <3 his talks.

  298. Power stuff from Elder U.

  299. – Daylight savings time coincides with conferences in APRIL. We switch back in November (it used to be the end of October).
    – Also, they only give the Church statistics at the Annual conference in April as well. This is a semi-annual conference.

  300. Well, I’ve learned a lot this session: I shouldn’t call black people “negros,” and I should always wear a white shirt with my suit and Paul Malone silk tie.

  301. @narrator Agreed; nobody could ever accuse Uchtdorf of phoning in his talks

  302. It’s really the necklaces that tie those terrible outfits together #motabwardrobe

  303. great arrangement.

  304. I also <3 his tan.

  305. Ben, if you were listening carefully to the Wilberg arrangements, you also got a nifty tutorial in the whole freakin’ circle of 5ths. Sheesh.

  306. I love the words of this song, “Press on, enduring in the ways of Christ.
    His love proclaim thru days of mortal strife.”

  307. If only Ardis were still here to see me say something positive about general conference.

  308. I’ll take or leave the white shirts. What I’d like to see is a good beard or two.

  309. No women praying yet. :(

  310. Elder Uchtdorf continued on his theme from last week! I love his gentle assurances that I am known and important to my Heavenly Father.

  311. And now my favorite part: the world report and other between-session stuff. Srsly. Y’all are missing out if you don’t watch these.

  312. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ Chris 134:2 I wonder what year we last had facial hair in General Conference.

  313. I almost left myself, this time. But it got better.

  314. What would be the longest-but-still-plausible way to end a prayer at General Conference? My vote (with % replacing the Lord’s name to avoid over-irreverence) : “these things we humbly pray unto thee, in the sacred and holy name of thy son, even thy beloved son, our savior, %, amen”

  315. All the “even …” phrases are beginning to get to me.

  316. What got better BiV? The thread? It wasn’t easy let me tell you! There are 21 comments in moderation. My mouse button finger needs a rest after that.

  317. Thanks for the back up, I’ve been trying to get Casey to wear more white shirts ever since we got married. He’s still not sold on it though.

  318. Re: 316
    Well today I spotted a member of the MoTab with a mustache… better than nothing I suppose (in a sort of Magnum P.I. kind of way.)

  319. Here is the similar Packer quote from 1989 I referred to above:

    Teenagers also sometimes think, ‘What’s the use? The world will soon be blown all apart and come to an end.’ That feeling comes from fear, not from faith. No one knows the hour or the day (see D&C 49:7), but the end cannot come until all of the purposes of the Lord are fulfilled. Everything that I have learned from the revelations and from life convinces me that there is time and to spare for you to carefully prepare for a long life. One day you will cope with teenage children of your own. That will serve you right. Later, you will spoil your grandchildren, and they in turn spoil theirs. If an earlier end should happen to come to one, that is more reason to do things right (Ensign, May 1989, 59)

  320. 318 – we humbly pray, in the sacred and holy name of thy beloved Son, even the Lord and Savior %, our Redeemer, amen.

  321. Cynthia, I tossed a couple directly into the trash. Do not pass the mod queue, do not collect $200. Not sure if racists think it’s fun to troll Mormon blogs or if angry non mormons think it’s fun to troll Mormon blogs with fake racist comments…

  322. Well, to whomever blogged it (Scott B, I assume), thanks for writing up some of Pres Uchtdorf’s talk, even if you just wanted to listen. I had to deal with a 6yo getting to a birthday party and then a 3yo who was having a major meltdown, so I missed it, and I _hate_ missing his talks. I’m happy I at least got a summary.

  323. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ Jacob J Thanks for that 1989 quote. A lot of Mormons need to read that.

  324. I’m late to the party, but gotta give a shout out to Big Spring TX where I was a missionary back in 1997. Cool town, great people. Thanks for the building, Pres. Uchtdorf!

  325. I started a White Shirt Rebellion last month. Enough with the white!

    Here’s some supportive material from the General Handbook of Instructions:

    “Ties and white shirts are RECOMMENDED because they add to the dignity of the ordinance. However, THEY SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED as a mandatory prerequisite for a priesthood holder to participate. Nor should it be required that all be alike in dress and appearance.”

    Don’t be a Mormon Clone – break from the pack with a blue shirt and feel the freedom! :)

  326. 322- location? i want to see it!

  327. Y’all, seriously. We’re done with the attempt at inculcating courtesy in referencing ethnic groups. Don’t talk about it anymore.

  328. Sharee Hughes says:

    Interesting comments. Here are a few of mine in respose. I’m sure Pres. Monson had a good reason for being late and we need not be concerned about it. Casey, I had sourdough french toast for breakfast today, too. Delicious! And I’m thrilled that the Provo Tabernacle will be preserved as a temple. And since no one knows when the second coming will be, Elder Packer’s assertion that today’s young people will be able to see their great-grandchildren (I think he said maybe on that) could be referring to the millennium. I like listening to Pres. Uchtdorf. I always enjoy his talks and he is good eye-candy as well. I don’t know how he maintains his tan. GAs don’t have time to vist tanning salons. But he always looks good. On white shirts–you can’t go wrong with white, but I wouldn’t be against a little color.

    A friend of mine will be coming over to watch conference with me tomorrow. She is LDS but has been inactive for probably much of her adult life. We have a Friday morning class in our stake which was supposed to have started Sept. 9, but the teacher had to bow out due to health issues and a new teacher has not yet been found. Anyway, the class will be on the Book of Mormon and my friend asked if she would be able to attend, even though she is not in our stake. I told her she could and gave her a Book of Mormon. She told me the other day that she reads her Book of Mormon every day before she does anything else and is anxious for the class to start. I pray that tomorrow’s speakers will say something to convince her that coming back to the church is the right thing. I am grateful to have her for a friend and am excited for her newfound interest in the church of he childhood. Your prayers on her behalf would also be appreciated. Thanks for this great blog.

  329. Neal, if you really want to be original in modern America – keep the white shirt and tie look.

    If you want to be a boring conformist, just like every other under-dressed sap in the United States, go ahead and embrace the “casual Friday” movement.

  330. Seth,

    I always wear a tie with my colored shirts – nothing casual about it. And wearing a colored shirt to LDS meetings is NOT boring or conformist – quite the opposite.

  331. He says that with God’s help you can have a large family *and* a medical degree. Unless you’re a woman, of course.

  332. oops–wrong thread.

  333. Kristine–Why does Brad’s accusations of racism get to remain?

  334. I really appreciated Elder Anderson’s talk. My dear friend just had their second baby this week. It was a hard and prayerful decision (their 6yoson is in remission from luekemia).

    I also appreciate the support. I wish people could bite their tongue instead of asking if I know what causes that, or just the random shocked exclamation by a tow truck driver this last Monday. My Vt’s comments on our family size are also unwelcome

    I would love people to bite their tongues before sharing fertility advice or judgements for people without children, as if they are stupid and can’t go find themselves a dr, or make their own choices…or as if they want to talk about their private heartache in 2 minutes in the hall

    I really felt the medical student story was more an invitation to bring the Lord into the decision, instead of relying solely on logic. I don’t assume that will mean every grad student will be having children. Sometimes the Lord asks us to do hard things-whether that is waiting or not waiting.

  335. sigh. that should go on the other thread…my comment for this thread is. Could we please update the temple list to read Durban South Africa because that is awesome and that’s where I served my mission and I’m jsut so glad. I scared my children whooooping at that one. carry on star valley and tie people.

  336. I listened to this session on the radio and so didn’t know President Monson wasn’t there till this morning when I read the paper. The other two were probably at other venues. President Monson’s absence? Hmm….weird.

  337. sprimontboy says:

    Actually, Brother Wilberg’s arrangements rely much more on tertiary relationships than on the circle of fifths. And they are always tastefully done, in my opinion.

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