Saturday PM General Conference: The Edgar Albert Guest Memorial Session

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We ate (lousy) teriyaki for lunch. What about you?

The organ is playing I love to See the Temple. People in Provo are no doubt cheering.

Elder Uchtdorf conducting

Primary Choir singing. There will be no booger-eating on camera.

President Eyring is presenting the officers of the church for a sustaining vote. Elder Costa is released as a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Elder Tad Callister has been sustained as a member.

Elder Samuelson is now an emeritus Seventy; what does this mean for BYU?

Elders Huntsman and Marriot have also been released as area authorities.

The voting is unanimous. Whew!

Elder Bednar speaking,

“My message focuses upon the ministry and Spirit of Elijah foretold by Moroni in his initial instructions to Joseph Smith.”

“The spirit, power, and calling of Elijah is, that ye have power to hold the key of the …fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood…;and to…obtain…all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God.” (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: JS, 311)

See the original sermon here

See Sam Brown’s paper on Elijah in early Mormon thought here

For the original account of Elijah’s appearance to JS in 1836, see here

Second JS quote is from the King Follett Sermon! Also January 21, 1844

“The Spirit of Elijah affects people inside and outside of the Church. however, as members of Christ’s restored Church, we have the covenant responsibility to search out our ancestors and provide for them the saving ordinances of the gospel.”

“I now invite the attention of the young women and men and children of the rising generation”

“Don’t wait until you reach an arbitrary age to [participate in Family History work]”

“FamilySearch is…easily accessible with personal computers and a variety of handheld devices”

“Your fingers have been trained to text and tweet to accelerate and advance the work of the Lord”

“your patriarchal blessing, with its declaration of lineage, will link you to these fathers and be more meaningful to you.”

“Any young person can do what I am suggesting using the modules available at

“the youth can offer much to older individuals who are uncomfortable with or intimidated by technology”

Troy, Jaren and Andrew represent!

I’m not sure that Elder Bednar realizes that he is promoting every parent’s nightmare. Promoting know-it-all-ness amongst teens.

Elder Neal L. Anderson

“The commandment to “multiply and replenish the earth” has “not been forgotten or set aside in the LDS Church.”

“These are sacred decisions–decisions that should be made with sincere prayer and acted on with great faith.”

Summary message: You should have more babies, but only if you want to.

Random Christian Mother on the Interwebz: “Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps.”

To a righteous father, there are no words sufficient to express the gratitude and love he feels for his wife’s incalculable gift of bearing and caring for children.

President Monson, “If you are concerned about providing financially for a wife and family, there is no shame in a couple having to scrimp and save. It is generally during these challengeing times that you will grow closer together as you learn to sacrifice and to make difficult decisions.”

The bearing of children is a sensitive subject that can be very painful for righteous women who do not have the opportunity to marry and have a family. To you noble women, our Heavenly Father knows your prayers and desires. How grateful we are for your remarkable influence, including reaching out with loving arms to children who need your faith and strength.

We cannot always explain the difficulties of our mortality. Sometimes life seems very unfair–especially when our greatest desire is to do exactly what the Lord has commanded.

Interesting story of couple judged for not having kids.

Brothers and sisters, we should not be judgmental with one another in this sacred and private responsibility.

Elder Ian Aldern

With all [Pres Monson] does as a prophet of God, he ensures that there is still sufficient time to visit the sick, to lift the poor in Spirit, and to be a servant of all

Giving our time in the service of others is pleasing to God and…such will draw us nearer to Him

Time is a commodity that cannot be bough at any store for any price, yet wisely used its value is immeasurable

What time we have we must use wisely

Place the Lord and our families at the top of the list [of your priorities]

We must be sure that being busy equates to being productive

I sense that some are trapped in a new time consuming addiction: one that enslaves us to be constantly checking and sending social messages

As good as [social media is] we cannot allow [it] to push to one side those things of greatest importance

Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text

Electronic games and cyber acquaintances are no lasting substitute for real friends who can give an encouraging hug, who can pray for us and seek after our best interest.

I know our greatest happiness comes as we tune into the Lord and to those things that bring a lasting reward.

Take those things which rob us of precious time and determine to be their master

To have the peace the Savior speaks of we must devote our time to the things that matter most. The things of God matter most.

Satan will tempt us to misuse our time through disguised distractions.

Hiram Page had to cancel his facebook account. See here.

There is an increase of happiness in life as we use our time to seek after those things which are virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy.

My daughter is, no doubt, singing along with this song. She learned it for Primary this year and loves it.

Elder Carl B. Cook

What are you looking at down there? – Pres Monson – It is better to look up

As I thought of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s power, my heart found the comfort I had sought in vain

[The prophet] redirected my focus to look up to God where I could be healed and strengthened…That is what prophets do for us. They lead us to God.

If we exercise our faith and look to God for help…we will not be overwhelmed with the burdens of life

We will come to realize that most of what we worry about is not of eternal significance

President Monson’s encouragement to look up is a metaphor for remembering Christ.

Act of releasing balloons provide[s] a marvelous reminder of the idescribable joy that comes from looking up and thinking of Christ. [And so many sea animals will come to die]

Spiritually looking up is not a one-time experience

His leading [of the Israelites] was constant…the Lord can do the same for us

How will he lead us today? Through prophets, apostles, and priesthood leaders and through feelings that come to us

We must act on the direction we receive

As we look to [God], He will lead us.

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr.

The names of Christ give us insight into different aspects of the Lord’s atoning mission

Unlike the redemptions under the Law of Moses or in modern legal arrangements, this redemption [Christ’s] does not come by ‘corruptible things, as silver or gold.’

John Taylor quote from _Mediation and Atonement_, p. 171. For a cool analysis that looks at this book, see Matthew Bowman, “The Crisis of Mormon Christology: History, Progress, and Protestantism, 1880-1930,” Fides et Historia 40 (Summer/Fall 2008)

If we repent, we can be forgiven of our sins, the price having been paid by our Redeemer.

Elder Packer: “There is a Redeemer, a Mediator, who stands both willing and able to appease the demands of justice and extend mercy to those who are penitent…” “The Mediator,” April 1977 General Conference.

Although we can never repay the Redeemer what He paid on our behalf, the plan of redemption calls for our best efforts to fully repent and do the will of God

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Begins by slamming Nehor and Korihor. Those guys get no love (except from libertarians ;) )

Offering a list of modern Korihors and Nehors.

Pretending there is no sin doesn’t lesson its burden and pain. Suffering for sin does not by itself change anything for the better.

Repentance is an option only because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ

5 aspects of Repentance:
1. The invitation to repent is an expression of love
2. Repentance means striving to change
3. Repentance means not only abandoning sin, but committing to obedience
quotes Noel B. Reynolds, “The True Points of My Doctrine,” Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 5, no. 2 (Fall 1996), 35.
4. Repentance requires a seriousness of purpose and a willingness to persevere, even through pain.
Confessing and forsaking are powerful concepts.
Any pain entailed in repentance will always be far less than the suffering required to satisfy justice for unresolved transgression
5. Whatever the cost of repentance, it is swallowed up in the joy of forgiveness
Elder Packer lengthy quote: “The Brilliant Morning of Forgiveness,” Ensign, November 1995, 18

Elder L. Tom Perry

The church is receiving more attention across the world than it ever has before. Members of the media write or talk about the Church every day, reporting on its many activities. Many of the most prominent news outlets in the United States regularly discuss the Church or its members. This extends across the globe as well.

The Church also attracts attention of the internet, which as you know has dramatically changed the way people share information. At all times of day across the entire world, the Church and its teachings are being discussed on the internet, on blogs and social networks by people who have never written for a newspaper or magazine. They are making videos and sharing them online. These are ordinary people–both members of our faith and other faiths–who are talking about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Changes in the way we communicate partly explain why we “Mormons” are more visible than ever. But the Church is also growing and moving forward.

It is wonderaful

It is true that there will always be those who distort the truth and deliberately misrepresent the teachings of the Church. But the majority of those with questions about the Church simply want to understand.

We can help to “disabuse the public mind,” and correct misinformation when we are portrayed as something we are not. More importantly, though, we can share who we are.

If we do it with the same spirit, and conduct ourselves in the same way we do when we host a temple open house, our friends and neighbors will come to understand us better.

We declare our belief in Jesus Christ and accept Him as our Savior.

1 Tim 4:12: but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

When our personal and professional associates inquire about our religious beliefs, they are inviting us to share who we are and what we believe. They may or may not be interested in the Church, but they are interested in getting to know us at a deeper level.

Your associates are not inviting you to teach, preach, expound, and exhort. Engage them in a two-way conversation.

Always remember that it is better for them to ask than you to tell.

Elder Perry <3s

Today’s “manner of conversation” seems to be involving the internet more and more. We encourage people, young and old, to use the internet and social media to reach out and share their religious beliefs.

When directed by the Spirit, don’t hesitate to add your voice to these conversations.

In speaking about the Church we do not try to make it sound better than it is. We do not need to spin our message. we need to communicate the message honestly and directly.

1. Declare Christ
2. Speak up about the Church.

The church has obviously learned from the internet, because they are upping the cute-factor with these kids


  1. Tuna and cheese on homemade bread, with fresh peaches from UT. Yum!

  2. Started to bake something, but overturned a canister with five pounds of sugar — sugar down my neck, all through the stove burners, in the cat dishes, all over the floor … spent the time cleaning up instead of having lunch. No more baking now until I find a job.

  3. Funky almond yogurt… I’m looking forward to Pringles and Pepperjack Cheez-Its this session.

  4. Ardis! Oh Noes!

  5. Tomato soup with goldfish crackers, chocolate herb tea and a green smoothie. Still need something for the fetus but not sure what.

  6. Pork salad at Cafe Rio. Heck yeah!

  7. Frozen burrito. I’m not proud of myself.

  8. oooh, aren’t they cute!!

  9. I was supposed to eat lunch? Dang, I knew I was forgetting to do something!

  10. I had lunch during morning session (east coast).

  11. I love a good primary choir.

  12. Lunch for us consisted of samples at Costco.

  13. Man, now I’m hungry! Going to step into the other room and find something that is not salty cheese snack crackers.

  14. Ron Madson says:

    My wife tells me that she might reconsider her position on polygamy if President Uchtdorf were to be the designated spokesmen for its’ revival.

  15. Moniker Challenged says:

    Ardis–how much did you hate retrospective conversion? You could come do temp. work on updating nasty guardbooks for the Nat’l Library of Ireland…rotten commute though. Also, probably a waste of awesome ;-)

  16. Gents–
    I won’t make this session after all (and I’m not invited to the Priesthood session, right? Or can I get a really quick baptism somewhere… and get the process started (wink, wink). But I’ll be there tomorrow (and I’m following you three here!)

  17. Kids built a model of temple square from playing cards and building blocks during a.m. session.

  18. I sincerely hope men don’t collect more fire for not marrying the poor helpless dames in the world this conference session.

  19. But, before the EA Guest begins, a wonderful hymn with music by Willy Reske–native of Koenigsberg, long-time resident of New York City, Brooklyn Branch/Ward and Queens Ward Organist!

    Three cheers for Willy Reske!

  20. I think they just released my Area Seventy!

  21. It’s kind of hard to imagine the Seventy without Yoshihiku Kikuchi. He’s been a Seventy for as long as I was aware of the body.

  22. Its a little unique to raise your arm to the square with a dorrito in your hand!

  23. Huntsman Sr was released in case his son becomes president.

  24. Whew – made it back in time for Elder Bednar!

  25. He still seems so young…

  26. So, BYU pres no longer a GA. That’s interesting. And of course Seventies!

  27. We’ve lost Brooke to dreamland already. More Cheez-Its for me!

  28. AnnieinKC says:

    Narrator, #23, this also makes it possible for Sr. to contribute to his son’s political campaign.

  29. Elder Kikuchi married us…

  30. I think Yoshihiku Kikuchi was the first seventy from an Asian country? He served a long time.

  31. Ben Johnson says:

    Is it just me or was Elder Oaks missing from the stand?

  32. Ralph Hardy was my stake president in DC. Looks a lot like Christopher Walken, which was pretty spooky.

  33. My mother commented that Elder Bednar glows, mostly from the lighting, but probably from the Spirit, too.

  34. My wife made homemade teriyaki beef jerky for us to munch on.

  35. #32 but can he dance like Walken?

  36. #33 Bednar could use a littlw powder to counter the reflection on his forehead.

  37. Why doesn’t anyone in conference ever talk about Elijah mocking the priests of Ba’al before he called down fire from heaven?

  38. Scw,

    Type in Christopher Walken and “Weapon of Choice” on YouTube sometime.

  39. Ron Madson says:

    #17 Impressive, but do they have enough blocks/cards leftover to build a City Creek mall.

  40. Would you consider this a doctrinal talk? It seems like it is, and it isn’t.

  41. Sonic Creamslush for conference? Don’t mind if I do…

  42. Is there statistical data backing up the claim that the Return of Elijah initiated a global interest in geneology?

  43. Interesting that Bednar started out with such strong allusions to the sequence of the events in the restoration. That’s the primary theme of Stephen R. Covey’s Six Events. It was like he was almost quoting it verbatim. Don’t get me wrong, I love Covey, and especially that book, it was just an interesting look at Bednar.

  44. Spirit of Elijah = Holy Ghost? Interesting.

  45. I’ve always felt it a part of my calling as a Mormon to defend the people of ages past from the self-righteous judgments and ignorant condemnations of those in modern times.

  46. The thing is that the Church’s genealogy programs are soooooo far behind what the technology is, it is frustrating.

  47. I’m training my fingers right now! Bloggernacle FTW

  48. So keep twittering and texting: you’re doing the Lord’s work.

  49. Maybe they’ll launch “Family Search Jr.” web site.

  50. Neal – Looks like they already have!

  51. Oops, looks like they already have!

  52. I never saw Elder Hardy dance, but I saw Walken in ” a behanding in Spokane” in which he dropped numerous F- bombs, very disconcerting seeing what looked like my stake pres up there on stage!

  53. If you’re texting, tweeting, and using the Internet for family history work and thinking about the temple, you probably won’t follow the paths of former Representative Anthony Wiener. Tweet for the Lord.

  54. Jinx!

  55. AnnieinKC says:

    I wonder if the Spirit of Elijah includes the centuries old foundations of various religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, to honor their ancestors. Adherents have shrines to them, thanking them every day for the opportunity of life on this earth.

  56. (quietly closes Facebook tab)

  57. Dream on!!

  58. Agreed; the technology is still frustrating. And the older generation has so much more TIME available than us!

  59. Ah, there we go. Thank you E. Bednar!

  60. Fellowshipping with the saints via social media for the win!

  61. I reject the right of old people to rely on me. Get yourselves a compy, geezers!

  62. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Are any GAs on Twitter??

  63. anne (uk) says:

    Narrator: Elijah appeared in 1836; from July 1837 civil registration of births, marriages and deaths became mandatory in England and Wales,(the first in the world, I believe) and in 1841 the first census recording names was taken in Great Britain.

  64. @62: I can picture it now…”Waiting in line at Panda Express. Not being moved to head of line. Note to self–convert cashier.”

  65. All of the youth in my ward (there aren’t many–less than a dozen) were recently called to work do records extraction and other family history work. It has been pretty cool seeing them start with their own family histories! I think other wards in our stake are also doing this. I wonder if Elder Bednar mentioned these thoughts to his son, who was recently called as a high councilor here…

  66. How many kids does Elder Anderson have? Just wondering.

  67. “The thing is that the Church’s genealogy programs are soooooo far behind what the technology is, it is frustrating.”

    BIV- What do you mean? Isn’t the church’s genealogy program basically wrapped into the technology?

  68. President Costa was released form the Presidency, not “Acosta” Which is interesting given that his talk last conf. was all about Nemson’s controversial “14 fundamentals” –

  69. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    I’m glad my grandma’s sister finished all the geneology in my family.

  70. lol, Matt — apparently you haven’t used familysearch very much.

  71. Hear that potential parents? act on making babies with great faith.

  72. Oh no. Not the marriage talk. Please don’t…

  73. I love the awkward family photo!

  74. Can anyone find a prophetic quote that says anything remotely to the effect that “It’s so nice that the standards of the world are so close to the standards of the church”? I’m pretty sure prophets have been saying the opposite since there have been prophets.

  75. oh, dear. This is a very difficult talk to listen to.

  76. October 2011: A mommy blog makes conference.
    April 2012: FMH makes conference.

  77. BiV, you can view it as compensating for the very real anti-child, anti-parent culture in the United States.

  78. I’m sure I’m taking this the wrong way. But that quote on “that’s what God gave you time for” makes a woman feel like any time spent on anything besides her children is wasted and worthless. I wish men would understand that.

  79. wow… i am at a loss for words here… and not in a good way… :(

  80. I just hope that everyone listening remembers that the first thing Elder Anderson said was that child-bearing is a PRIVATE, sacred decision. It gets so frustrating when members of the church are asking my wife and I about a topic that is difficult and heart-rending.

  81. Great now everybody at church now have liscense to think that the reason my wife and I don’t have kids yet is because we don’t have faith. Sigh…

  82. I understand that this is one side of the coin, and it’s going to slap some people.

    But I also don’t appreciate modern US culture that views children as primarily means of adult self-fulfillment (like getting a golden retriever), and mocks, and sneers at those who really do sacrifice themselves for their children and family.

  83. Thanks, David. It’s been fixed.

  84. Latter-day Guy says:

    Fecundity = faith. Sigh.

  85. exactly how i took it BiV, and being a man, i found it very disappointing.

  86. I hope the next talk is about living within your means and acting frugally, because, hey, contrast!

  87. Seth, that’s a tough rope to walk isn’t it? having children is so personal, and some people can’t, and meanwhile, our society belittles the decision to have children and as an abdication of personal freedom.

  88. Eld. Anderson: When and how many children you have is a private decision that we will make for you. Soon and Many.

  89. October 2999: A gay blog makes conference

  90. On one side of his mouth he says the amount of children is a personal decision between a couple and the Lord. And then on the other side, he urges people to have as many and as often and as early as they can, as a spokesman for the Lord.

  91. @alex. Unfortunately the probably won’t, although he lead with that caveat, it was obliterated by the Pres. Kimball story. :(

  92. justsaying says:

    This talk will strain the Medicaid budget as thousands of young students get pregnant and enroll.

  93. Scrimping and saving- totally fine, understood.
    Starving? Bad idea.

  94. I caught that, too, @BIV. It’s between husband and wife and the Lord…. and your church leaders… didn’t I mention that??

  95. It is a tough line to walk Trevorm. And I think there is a real urge to overcompensate.

    It is nice that he’s talking about the exceptions to the rule though.

  96. That was my reaction too, BiV. Its more subjugating women to motherhood and denying her humanity and her abilities to be a full person in this world. Every time I hear stuff like this I remember Equally Shared Parenting gives time for fathers to be fathers, and mothers to be people. What about the importance of the involved father?

  97. Dr B. : “see, we were supposed to have 16 children, and we only had 8.”

  98. justsaying,

    The boom in children will help fund the Social Security payouts of all the adults who didn’t bother to have kids, so I imagine it will all balance out.

  99. Why would Richard Hinckley get released? He was 1st qurourm.

  100. Having MANY children is not the opposite of not having ANY children, in his medical school story. Ease off the apostle a bit.

  101. Will more Mormons now be anxious to jump on the Obamacare bandwagon? Maternity benefits?

  102. Now everyone will want an elder baby!

  103. Ben S., in that story, the med student just wanted to wait till he finished school!

  104. Sweet accent!

  105. And our first nominee for the so-called “Boyd” award for the most polarizing talk is….

  106. At first, I kind of disliked Elder Anderson’s talk. Essentially, the message seemed to be have lots of kids. I was waiting for a blast against birth control.

    But, I’ve actually been impressed. Despite the story about the doctor/SWK/wife working, he pointed out the number and timing is up to the couple. He noted we shouldn’t judge choices made by couples. He talked about those who are infertile. He talked about singles.

    I give him some credit for being nuanced and considerate. Impressive talk.

  107. Seth! I’ve been saying that forever. Our social [security] safety net needs more babies born to grow up, work and fund it.

  108. Yeah, only 6+ years after undergrad!

  109. Agreed @106 Steve. I think we’re just frustrated with now having to deal with people who miss that part of the talk.

  110. Uh-oh–bomb for social media users coming…

  111. Of note, he has 4 children — not 12. Sounds like 2 are adopted.

  112. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    “This is my friend Een.”
    “Hello, Ian.”
    “No… Eeen!”

  113. Latter-day Guy says:

    106, Yes, his qualifiers did rather alter the thrust of what seemed to be the initial message.

  114. O my gosh!! We are SLAVES!

  115. Latter-day Guy says:

    Facebook reference?

  116. It’s like he’s looking straight through my computer screen.

  117. And social network bomb dropped!

  118. AnnieinKC says:

    I do not generally object to such messages as long as they emphasize the responsibility of fathers to participate actively in the childcare.

  119. I knew none of you were my real friends. :-(

  120. J. Stapley, I can give you an E-hug if you want.

  121. You blogging buddies are no substitutes for real friends. Losers.

  122. My son thinks this guy sounds like a cartoon villain.

  123. Angry Birds FTL!

  124. Angry Birds has been dropped…

  125. Latter-day Guy says:

    Facebook = the new porn.

  126. don’t know that I agree that cyber friends are no substitute for “real” friends. My cyber friends ARE real, I <3 their ((hugs)) and they are available at 3am when I am sad. <3<3 you all!

  127. Let’s not forget that he also slammed Farmville.

  128. Angry birds are only angry because they choose to be. Finding pigs offensive is a choice.

  129. Just FYI, he has a FB page. Look it up, yo.

  130. October 2011: Angry Birds makes conference.
    April 2012: Duke Nukem makes conference.

  131. @120 – Allan, I’ll be your real friend.

  132. BCC friends are sometimes better friends than real friends.
    Just sayin.

  133. Now I’m going to have to smash my computer and iPhone to bits. Hold on while I find a sledge-hammer.

  134. Nono, catapult it towards a concrete wall

  135. Did he almost say Legrand Richards!?

  136. I first heard about Angry Birds from an Ensign article a few years ago.

  137. Sound seems to be a bit off for this hymn…or is that just me?

  138. Gotta say it’s weird hearing general apostles say ‘tweets’

  139. My mother says, “Guilt, guilt, guilt!”

  140. My 5 year old daughter is looking for herself and asking if I can hear her voice. She’s a little confused about the primary program last week and this one…

  141. Well, aside from the fact that the slow pacing on “Praise to the Man” is making it sound like a funeral dirge…

  142. I’m reaching for the mute button…

  143. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #133 and others: eFriends are often the closest friends and sometimes become Real Spouses! Don’t tell me time on line is wasted.

  144. The sister doing the conducting of the Primary choir needs a shot of caffeine, bad.

  145. AnnieinKC says:

    #145: And eternal companions sealed in the temple!

  146. Good idea: having a primary choir sing in General Conference.
    Bad idea: having a geriatric ward sing in General Conference.

  147. My wife pointed out to me that the song is probably slowed down so that the older primary children can read along with the on-screen lyrics.

  148. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ Ebenezer Robinson

    Have there been any Bloggernacle marriages?

  149. Now quit looking at your feet all you naysaying Mormon bloggers!

  150. Worst idea: having a primary choir, conducted by a well-intentioned geriatric, sing in General Conference.

  151. Man I really missed out on this intermediate hymn experience. Like a fool, I went to wash some dishes from lunch.

  152. My daughter just became distraught that the children of Israel were bitten by poisonous serpents. “The kids were bitten!!”

  153. Isn’t it interesting that he often reads his talk the computer screen on the pulpit…looking down, if you will…

  154. Oh noes! They released balloons into the air??? All those dead birds!

  155. Ebenezer Robinson says:

    #150 @Romney/Huntsman 2012: My own temple marriage and two others I’m familiar with are from the email era predating the Bloggernacle, but they give me great confidence that there have been many from the Bloggernacle. How could it be otherwise?

  156. #143–Praise to the Man *is* a funeral dirge. The tune’s been changed from the original.

  157. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Q. How many people work in the Church Office Building.

    A. About half.

  158. Cynthia L. says:

    Oh you guys are mean. It’s not easy for kids to song that song. It is one of the Primary Sacrament mtg program songs this year, so it was timely to do it.

  159. Let me make sure I’m understanding his talk right. We can be healed by looking at golden idols?

  160. His hair is in reverse Bednar fashion

  161. Those 2 glass panels beside the podium display reflections from computer monitors in the floor that scroll through the text of their talk. They shouldn’t have to look down at all.

  162. Cynthia L. says:

    @R/H– ha!

  163. AnnieinKC says:

    #157: Mormon-L and other LDS email discussion groups were the Bloggernacle of those times.

  164. Golden idols that are serpents . . . wait a minute . . .

  165. Oh my gosh! My mom just sent me this text: “I made out w the speaker who is speaking right now in conference…”

  166. I wonder if he’s going to note that all debts in Israel were forgiven every seven years under the Law of Moses.

  167. To clarify, Carl B. Cook.

  168. No way RAF, it’s nice. Less stuffy.

  169. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ Cynthia L:

    I was told that joke was made by Elder Faust, and he was only sort of joking.

  170. So who was Jesus paying?

  171. #152, well-intentioned geriatric?? That’s Vanja Watkins, thankyou. Give it a break!

  172. Finally, some stories in this talk! I was having trouble paying attention.

  173. Heavy prevalence of “ah-men” versus “ay-men” today.

  174. D. Todd used to be my Stake Pres.

  175. So, the three boys that Elder Bednar mentioned? Troy, Jaren, and Andrew? They were in my former ward. Kinda cool.

  176. D. Todd is D.-man.

  177. Ok, I’m not a blogger here but….there’s no explanation as to how Mason and his wife managed to have 3 kids while in Med school. Medicaid? That would pay for the medical but not make up for his wife’s income. Help from parents? Welfare? Bigger loans? Mason’s too old for Food Stamps as they were not around until the 60’s?? As someone else mention above plenty of BYU students live off Food Stamps, Medicaid, loans WIC and loans.

    He tries to be balanced and I appreciate that. I thought he started out well but what will stay in member’s minds are the SWK and Mason stories.

    Maybe a little softer than the SWK and Benson talks of old—but barely.

    BiV– yes, you dropped the ball after 8. And I agree with the “Woman’s mission’s is to be a mother” first and foremost is discouraging. Women can’t walk and chew gum, but men can.

  178. I think he’s got a cold…

  179. Cynthia L. says:


  180. Has anyone met any of Christofferson’s hypothetical secularists?

  181. Are you sure Atlas Shrugged, or was he just itching?

  182. Martie: A friend of mine was in med school and is now just two years into his residency and has four kids. I’ve never asked how they afford it, because it really isn’t any of my business, but I do know that they are not relying on government support, so it definitely is possible to have kids and be in med school.

  183. Narrator- Yes, several.

  184. narrator –


    Go to any “new atheist” online forum.

  185. Researcher says:

    Another comment about the music director; as gillsyk mentions, that’s Vanja Watkins and she wrote a good percentage of the music in the children’s songbook including Families Can Be Together Forever and the music for the hymn Press Forward Saints. Didn’t she also lead the music in last General Conference?

  186. Martie, see

    Yep, everyone here’s on WIC with their kids. I don’t get how they do it. But then again, I probably don’t have enough faith.

  187. I guess I just hang out with the wrong atheists.

  188. AnnieinKC says:

    Some graduate students (and medical students) do have their independent means of financial their education: savings, parents, scholarships, fellowships, etc., as well as student loans.

  189. Neal – I can one-up you. D Todd was my home teacher.

  190. 162 Neal. They all look down from the TelePrompter to read scripture quotes so it looks like they’re actually reading from a book of scripture.

  191. Ok, not all, but some.

  192. Liz – I used to have a PPI with D. Todd every month. OK, that may not top the home teacher thing…dang it!

  193. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    “Neal – I can one-up you. D Todd was my home teacher.”

    Okay, let’s not get into a game of GA one-upsmanship. Not all of us grew up in Salt Lake City.

  194. Elder Christofferson’s talk was hope-filled, loving, and inspiring. I liked it very much.

  195. I have received an important revelation during this conference session: Pepperjack Cheez-its are better than Original! I was skeptical at first; I’ve never liked any of the alternate flavors much, but having “tried the spirit” I have obtained a personal witness. I invite each of you to do likewise and share in my joy.

  196. Romney/Huntsman – D. Todd was my Stake Pres. in Tennessee. I’ve never lived in Salt Lake.

    And Sunny, I too thought it was an awesome talk. He ususally does not disappoint.

  197. Did Pres. U change his tie from this morn session?

  198. I’m feeling encouraged to comment.

  199. addressing the Mormon moment…

  200. “We the Marmons…” I relish the accent :)

  201. Yes, he did!

  202. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    “Did Pres. U change his tie from this morn session?”

    Yes. I wonder why.

  203. Ben, it’s also good to know the “Mahrmons” are moving “fahrwahrd”

  204. Elder Perry reminds me more of a Southern Baptist preacher than any other GA.

  205. Love the passion!

  206. Maybe he spilled on his tie it at lunch.

  207. I changed my tie for every session of conference on my mission just because I could.

  208. This is a very quotable discourse.

  209. Elder Christofferson was my husband’s bishop in the Rockville, MD ward. So, you don’t have grow up in SLC to have GA history.

  210. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Is this the big “Vote for Romney” talk?

  211. Alex 183. Yes, it’s possible, that’s why I mentioned parents and loans. But money doesn’t grow on trees, so it would be helpful if Anderson had listed options for young couples who tonight are going to have a big meeting and discuss how to “follow the prophet.” The fact is, many LDS couples finance children while in school with all kinds of government assistance and he wasnt going to say that. I realize many guys work and go to school at the same time, or take time off to work for a few months, save and return to school which is one reason Mormons generally take longer to get their degree. My husband did co-op work for 8 months and we saved 60% of his income after I got pregnant one month into our marriage. He never again worked while in school. He was on scholarship and I worked between the death of our first child and the birth of the next.

    Med. School and work are not compatible though.

  212. I am rarely able to discuss my religious beliefs in my professional life. That’s what I get for entering the public education system. My colleagues and I often work through our lunch breaks.

  213. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    @ the narrator

    Is Tim Marmon Mormon?

  214. Some very nice practical advise on sharing the gospel. I love the counsel to honestly engage in TWO-WAY conversations. Too often I think we forget the axiom to “seek first to understand, and then seek to be understood.”

  215. One of my bankruptcy clients last month asked me at the end of our signing meeting whether Mormons really believe God had sex with Mary.

    Her husband kind of stood there awkwardly with the sort of look on his face “honey, don’t go after his religion – we NEED this guy.”

  216. I am trying to post a little more here and there on FB about church stuff. If any friends ask more, I will go into more detail. Also, I use those cards to pass out my name and address to a person I’ve met. It kinda works out ok

  217. @R/H

    I dunno, but I guess we’re supposed to invite our friends to read his website.

  218. I often cringe when I hear some members try to bear testimony on random internet comment threads. Whatever your convictions, the ESPN board after a BYU game is not the place to change lives by proclaiming the reality of living prophets. So I’m cool with following Perry’s injunction to do so as directed by the spirit (on the presumption that the Spirit cringes too).

  219. @216, yes, I liked that too, even the “not spinning” it part. I wonder though what he would call Correlation?

  220. I loved Elder Perry’s framing of sharing the gospel. Also love the statement that.not all of the internet commentary is anti or mean spirited

  221. Romney / Huntsman 2012 says:

    Are we supposed to use Twitter or not? 30 minutes ago it was a waste of time now it’s a missionary tool?

  222. Shortest (and therefore) Best. Closing Prayer. Ever.

  223. I get more people asking me about Mormonism when I talk about the “Book of Mormon” musical than I ever did about actual church beliefs.

  224. I vote ‘No’ for future Primary choirs in Conference…

  225. Ah, Neal, think what it does for the kids to remember what they got to do!

  226. Mary – Think of the psychological damage it does the rest of us!! :D

  227. R/H: Facebook and Twitter can be time-wasters, but they can also be useful tools. Pretty certain Elder Ardern said that, too.

  228. :D ok ok! That’s why they do it Sat afternoon when all those football games are going. Neal, you are pretty awesome just to be here now, no more Primary Choirs this weekend, I promise!

  229. Neal,

    Thankfully, you don’t get a vote

  230. I only post ‘Sunday FaithBook:’ on FB on the sabbath. I share posts I have encountered during the week with some things from Not everything I post is LDS but everything is uplifting at least in my opinion.

  231. I missed most of this session live due to my son’s x-country meet. But Angry Birds is now banned in my house with the support of the brethren!!!

  232. I really enjoyed the children’s choir. My children joined in on Praise to the man along with the hand motions lovingly taught by their awesome primary president (who also enjoys singing Wassup wassup instead of Hello, hello).

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