The Great General Conference Sock Amnesty

I admire all of your high-minded and spiritual conference traditions, your delicious cinnamon rolls, your conference bingo sheets, your righteously-themed candy dishes. I do! But the most consistent tradition at my house involves laundry.

Years ago, I gave up on matching socks and putting them in kids’ drawers. When I do laundry, I just throw all the socks in a big basket and it’s a free-for-all finding matching socks every day. (I know, I know. Sorry, mom–you did raise me better than that!) Twice a year, I match the socks and discard all the too-small, too-many-times-worn-outside-without-shoes, too hole-y, and mismatched ones. On Monday after conference, I buy socks.

OK–your turn: confess your weird traditions here!


  1. My wife and I don’t really have any traditions, although she has a habit of abandoning me during the Saturday sessions in October because it is her best friend’s birthday. However, I just wanted to support the sock basket policy. My family (Mum, Dad, six boys, and two girls) always employed the sock basket free-for-all. I didn’t realise people sorted socks until I was in my teens.

  2. In my family, it was a sock box in the front closet. :)

  3. We eat the food in our 72-hour kits every year at conference to rotate them out. Unfortunately, we do that at April conference so I have to get some snacks for this weekend.

  4. How coincidental, I was planning on having a “Great Day of Sock Reckoning” today wherein I pulled out all my socks, and those that were found without a match would be utterly cast out, and not worthy to be trod under the foot of myself.

  5. Our tradition was to get so outlandishly long project started after Sat. Session 2 and finished in time to get to Priesthood session. Usually the only thing built was a big fat failboat. p.s. We have the sock box. Mom’s everywhere weep for the parent children.

  6. Waffles!

  7. We found two roaches in our apartment last night. Gross, I know! We’re not sure if they’re coming from a neighbor or if we brought them home with us from the traveling we’ve been doing recently. Who knows what lives in youth hostels? So, this year, I’m deep cleaning during conference. All stray food particles will be banished from the house. I really hope this does not become a conference tradition.

    Oh, and I might stop by Scott’s house for waffles. That sounds like a tradition I’d like to start. (Sorry everyone else, waffles sound more fun than socks.)

  8. I hide in dimly lit rooms with men, typing furiously.

  9. Although not a socks box matching game, I also do a household chore I abhor every conference. I dust off my sewing kit and attempt to mend shirts, dresses & pants that have accumulated over the past 6 months. From sad experience, I now have my kids try on the clothes to see if they still fit BEFORE I mend them. I only do this at conference because during family movie night, everyone wants the lights out but during conference, no one does. Whatever doesn’t get finished goes back into the “conference pile “!

    My husband always checks/changes the batteries in the fire alarms at this time. We were told to do it every 6 months and this is the best way for us to remember. Not very exciting things but practical and traditions for us!

  10. I do my paper filing. The stacks and mounds and old bills, mail, and papers from kids’ school and projects get tossed or sorted and filed away.

  11. Aw, Grant said the one I was going to say! That was a trick I was taught to always make sure that your 72-hour kit is up to date. Always eat it and replace on conference weekend.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I do household projects while listening. Today we did laundry and cleaned one boys’ room so far. My husband cleaned the game room. I love conference weekend.

  13. Smallworld says:

    I also do household cleaning/projects while listening. Or we take our motorhome up into a nearby canyon for the weekend and listen to conference on the radio amid the beautiful fall leaves. :)

  14. I tackled the sock box as well…only got through the blacks. Glad there are two more session left!

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