Reader Question Box #6: “how do you pronounce paradisiacal”

Reader Question Box is a series where we answer questions that show up in our website traffic monitoring statistics as Google search terms that led people to us. Copious oddities are to be found in the search term logs, and some worthwhile questions. (In case you missed our previous editions: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5)

Question: “how do you pronounce paradisiacal”
Answer: Readers weigh in:

Question: “byu cougars nude”
Answer: This, and variants of it, are consistently some of our most common search terms. Luckily, I have exactly what these readers are looking for at this link. You’re welcome.

Question: “mormons recommendation of a multivitamin”
Answer: My recommendation is that if anyone in your ward tries to recommend to you a multivitamin, or any other kind of vitamin/supplement/drink/powder/cream/whatever, you should RUN AWAY.

Question: “rjhgughjelltio”
Answer: I couldn’t agree more. You’re absolutely correct.

Question: “modesty for males”
Answer: Now that is just crazy talk.

Question: “scott b possible deer sympathizer”
Answer: Thank you for alerting me. I assure you that we at BCC are taking this matter very seriously. As a precaution, I have disabled Scott’s blog account and defriended him on Facebook, pending an investigation of this.

Question: “when does mha program end”
Answer: Is it really that boring?

Question: “my heart aches for new familysearch as it is a mess”
Answer: You’re absolutely correct.

Question: “mormon blogger salaries”
Answer: It is a common misconception that Mormon bloggers are paid salaries. In fact, we operate on a billable hours system.

Question: “lds stand on rooibos”
Answer: Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I love fish tacos!

Question: “my wife likes it when i wear a shirt and tie”
Answer: Two words: Gosling, Clooney


  1. MHA’s Board is meeting today — maybe I should forward that one question to them for response?

    (Funny, funny series, Cynthia.)

  2. Love this series.

  3. There may be those who prefer six syllables over five, but maybe the word would be better off with just three. Like forecastle and boatswain being pronounced as fo’c’sle and bos’n, paradisiacal would be fine as parsicle. Especially if arriving there by sea.

  4. Coffinberry says:

    The Primary song version (the only way to memorize the Tenth) breaks it up to land syllabically as: PARE-uh-duh-SIGH-uh-cull.

    Obviously, this is correct. ;-p

  5. rhymes with maniacal

  6. I believe paradisiacal is pronounced “trah-pi-kul”.

  7. i love this. you couldn’t make those search terms up!

  8. My mission president’s wife was on a mission to wipe out the pair-a-dice-acal pronunciation. You learned very quickly not to say that way, but rather like comments 5 and 6 above.

    The search for Scott B. being a possible deer sympathizer was obviouisly sent my Nate Oman, who is anti-deerist.

  9. Kevin, I remember my mission president doing the same for “irrevocable” (hint: it’s not pronounced “ear-revoke-able”) :)

  10. Now if we can just move “saith” from “say-eth” back to “seth,” where it belongs, I’ll be in paradise.

  11. rooibus tea is an herbal tea I drank in south africa. My mission president told us it was an acceptable optionl. Frequently the water was boiled-which made it safer if you were in that part of south africa…it also involved less sugar which was key for me.

    I approve of fish tacos…but good luck getting salsa in south africa.

  12. I thought the ending of paradisiacal rhymed with maniacal.

  13. Question: “scott b possible deer sympathizer”
    Answer: Thank you for alerting me. I assure you that we at BCC are taking this matter very seriously. As a precaution, I have disabled Scott’s blog account and defriended him on Facebook, pending an investigation of this.

    It’s true, but it’s not. Basically, I did express some sympathetic attitudes toward deer, but they were not genuine. I was just trying to bait Nate Oman so he would comment on a post of mine. It didn’t work.

  14. (Psst…Scott…your account is supposed to be disabled. ixnay on the ommentingcay.)

  15. That wasn’t Scoot, that was just me foolin’ with ya.

  16. I wonder how many (other) people are submitting search terms hoping to catch Cynthia’s attention.

  17. To explain one of the three votes at the top for the last answer:
    I haven’t a clue and chose them all.

    Did the same thing for the other poll as man should be paid for all things the closer it gets to Christmas. Now if only I could bill breathing…

  18. The Other Brother Jones says:

    On the proper pronumciation of certain terms in the 10th AofF….
    I don’t think we can rely on the Primary song. I say we listen to the audio of the A of F from

    …….Back in a minute with the answer.

  19. StillConfused says:

    Umm so I just watched the cougars clip. 50 to 70 times a day? Now we are talking!!

  20. The Other Brother Jones says:

    I think they are on to us! I could not find an audio version of the articles of faith on! I thought is was officially part of the D&C, no?

  21. The Other Brother Jones says:

    Aha! I found it on the site. It is in the PofGP!
    And it is pronounced pair-a-d’icicle

  22. The Other Brother Jones says:
  23. Maybe that pronunciation flub is the whole reason those recordings are relegated to the dustbin!

  24. “rjhgughjelltio”

    I believe I have the interpretation. Note the first three letters are initials that are well known in these parts. The next four letters clearly refer to the island of Gugh. The remainder of the letters–“jelltio”–are I think supposed to refer to a small jello, a jellito, if you will, and the flip-flopping of the i and the t is simply a typo. So the searcher was clearly wondering whether Ronan ate a small jello when he visited Gugh. I’m sure this is actually a fairly common question among BCC readers.

    Thanks for the series, Cynthia. I’m loving it!

  25. “scott b possible deer sympathizer”

    AH HA! So, he’s *THE ONE* ruining deer hunting, by scaring them away!!

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