Because, Dear Readers, We Love You

As part of BCC’s ongoing quest for World Domination, we feel the need to recognize a vital part of what makes blogging fun and what makes BCC a great place to hang out: YOU!

If you’re a follower of our Facebook Page or Twitter feed (and if you’re not, then please get with the program!), then you’re already aware of a new feature, which we hope will become a fun and exciting part of the regular programming here at BCC. Starting next week, BCC will be dishing out two awards every other Friday (unless we forget or get burned out or something), one for the Best Comment of the Week and one for the Worst Comment of the Week. Now, before you start penning your acceptance speeches, there are a few guidelines to be aware of.

Rules for BCC’s BCotW/WCotW Award:
1. Nominations must be made directly in-thread–simply add a comment saying, for example, “#34 for BCotW” or “#27 for WCotW” or something along those lines.
2. Nominations can be made by anyone, but must be SECONDED by another commenter
3. Nominations must be made by Friday morning at 10am Pacific Time, or they will not be eligible
4. You cannot nominate your own comments
5. Comments from BCC Permabloggers are NOT eligible–this is about YOU, not US

Any questions?


  1. Bring it on, boyz.

  2. I’m a bit concerned. Can we not let this melt down into a popularity contest? Nainsmith really made a name for himself the other day, but only some considered it in a bad light. So stuff like that. No popularity contest crap.

  3. Naismith is a woman.

  4. Fair warning that I plan on routinely circumventing #5 by using proxy servers and sock puppets!

  5. Phil McRevis says:

    Why does the Mormon blog world need a way – or, one more way – to reproduce the junior high environment where the herd mentality determines who’s in and who’s out? Wouldn’t it be easier to have your commenters post pictures of themselves, which will then allow you to identify them as totally gay, fat as a hippo, or slutty dressers?

    I predict this will end badly.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    And we have our first contender! Thanks Phil.

  7. i nominate phil mcrevis for worst comment of the day! also he is a slutty gay hippo.

  8. Yes! My first nomination. I knew switching to a male moniker would throw y’all off the scent.

  9. Are previous comments/posts eligible for this? (Can I google “BCC’s First Post” and nominate a comment from that?)

  10. Er… public apology. Sorry about that (and the spelling).

  11. I second #7.

  12. I will have to be very careful with my commenting. Sometimes the difference between the best comment and the worst comment is a very fine line.

  13. I response to the title… I love you, too.

  14. In response…

  15. Josh B.,
    Your concern–the popularity contest–is a legitimate one, and I suppose that a clarification is in order.

    First, there are controls in place to prevent (most of) the type of outcome you’re talking about. There isn’t going to be a poll or vote here–it’s a highly secretive committee of judges who represent a (very) wide view of the issues.

    Second, this is meant to be fun, not “mean” at all. While my hope is that the BCotW is really a chance to celebrate the very best comments from the week, the “WCotW” is meant to be a more silly in nature, and not based on the actual “views” represented. More along the lines of “unintentional/intentional comedy/utter train-wreck” and less “unpopular comment.”

  16. It’s a sad thing to see a Mormon blog so desperate for readers that it would reduce itself down to bribery. Instead of smart and wise posting as we see elsewhere on the Bloggernacle, we must suffer from the zings of commenters just eager to have the best or worst comment. I hope you are planning on hiring Chuck Barris to emcee this gong show!

    Oh, and vote for my comment!!!!

  17. I nominate Thomas Parkin for lifetime achievement in BCotW, and Jason Wharton for lifetime achievement in WCotW. Can I get an Amen, brethren?

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Amen, Ardis, though in their case they would be, respectively, BCoat and Wcoat.

  19. I nominate this comment.

  20. Adam #19, is of course the first one to try and cheat. Didn’t the rules state you cannot nominate your own post? I think he, his family and all of his closest friends on all the blogs should be disqualified from winning either award for the next year. That will show them that BCC means business when they lay down the law of Moses on a contest!

  21. The comment was not my own. It is self-existent.

  22. #20: If you’re going to go Law of Moses, you really need to extend the ban to the third and fourth generations, as well.

  23. “for I, the BCC Admin, am a jealous Admin, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.”

  24. Careful, #20. He just might be your neighbor.

  25. Adam #21,
    Do we need to have a debate on whether the Church has a stance on the creatio ex nihilo of blog posts?

    RickH #22,
    Do you really think we need to punish the children for Adam’s transgression? Didn’t Mormon note that all children are alive in Christ? Or are you thinking Paul’s statement that “in Adam all die, in Christ all are made alive”?

  26. On October 17th, BCC launched a brand-new “worst comment” feature. Later on October 17th, about 1500 people told Cynthia and Kristine to stop worrying their pretty little heads.

    Truly the Windows of Heaven have been opened.

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