Mormon Women Project: Salon 2011 this Weekend

This Saturday, November 5th at 6:00pm, the Mormon Women Project is hosting a fundraiser at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC, with the theme: “Crafting A Deliberate Life: Making Choices That Are Purposeful, Personal and Powerful”.

It promises to be a tremendous evening — here is the schedule and speakers (further info here):

Keynote Address: Emma Lou Thayne, Author and Poet

Breakout Sessions:
“Finding Power in Your Spiritual Heritage” by Kate Holbrook, Jill Mulvay Derr and Cherry Silver
“Finding Power in Service” by Amy Antonelli (former director of Rising Star Outreach)
“Finding Power in Your Personal Story” by Shelah Miner (of fMh and Segullah)

Light dinner, small discussion groups, and silent auction with items including signed drumsticks from Elaine Bradley of the Neon Trees, Shabby Apple dress from CK Woolley, original painting by Leslie Graff, autographed Shannon Hale books, etc.

Panel Discussion:
Prof. Valerie Hudson (BYU Political Science)
Tiffany Gee Lewis (Deseret News columnist)
Chrysula Winegar (work/life balance advocate)
Neylan McBaine, moderator

The cost is $60, with $40 being tax-deductible. Pre-registration is advised at but there will also be registration from 5:30 – 6:00pm at the door.


  1. .

    Is it difficult to sign drumsticks?

  2. This sounds excellent, but who are the Neon Trees and why would I want one of their drumsticks?

  3. Here you go, Aaron R.: “Marching to Her Own Drum” at the Mormon Women Project website.

    Also, a short piece in Rolling Stone.

  4. Aaron, they’re a rock band who met in Provo and are all Mormons (and if memory serves, returned missionaries). Elaine’s their drummer. At least one of their songs has charted at #1 on the indie Billboard list. Would that I had the money and time to go and bid on those drumsticks. Brandon Flowers isn’t the only Mormon rockstar out there (and to my mind, that’s a good thing).