The Illuminated Matsby, Vol. 16

Another image of faith and devotion…

Monsters & Motab

Be sure to check out all the virtual launch activities planed today for the exciting new short story anthology, Monsters & Mormons.


  1. Bat Boy!

  2. You put Frankenstein with the tenors???

  3. Why aren’t there any female monsters?

  4. You don’t recognize the female monsters, Scott, because they all look like yo mama.

  5. I don’t get it. All I see is a choir. What’s your contribution?

  6. Ardis,
    That makes no sense–I’ve never even see a picture of the cellist.

  7. This reminded me that I haven’t read your blog since august. Then I discovered it was gone. Do you have a new blog somewhere?

  8. My regis blog is still there. Maybe you mean my other blog. Yeah, the address changed. It is now

  9. Scott, if you weren’t a permablogger, I would SO nominate #3 as BCotW. Just struck me with a case of the giggles, tears in my eyes.

  10. LOL – and #3 and #4 are priceless.

  11. FHL,
    Snap. You remind me that we need to do a BCotW! Maybe I’ll get around to that tonight or tomorrow…

  12. They live!

  13. Atreyu is going to get really mad when he sees “The Nothing” up there singing with the women.

  14. All Creatures of our God and King?

  15. What? No Gentlemen from BtVS?

  16. I think Ardis should be for COTW.

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