Best Comment of the Week (Month): And the nominations are… [Edited]

Instead of selecting a winner from among the nominations, the powers that be wanted to share them all so that we can reminisce together.  The original rules for Best Comment of the Week are the same and a number of excellent comments were not eligible, sorry John F.

Here are the nominations, simply for your reading pleasure: 

Thomas Parkin on EFY’s choice of friends

Sam Brunsun on Defining Modesty

Newly Housewife on those thong-wearing YW

Leftfield on the genus of Vampires

Ardis E. Parshall on the Mormon doctrine of Goblins

madhousewife on whether Jesus wears leggings?

mostimportantly on canneries and canaries

Becky Fail Davis on whether turtlenecks work as a form of contraception


  1. All great nominations. If I had a vote, though, I would go with mostimportantly: not only was the cannery/canary a fun slip, but the comment was succinct, pertinent, and telling.

  2. esodhiambo says:

    Forgive me, but is madhousewife not your illustrious permablogger, Rebecca J., and therefore ineligible?

  3. esodhiambo, you are entirely correct. It just goes to show how little I know about my co-bloggers…

    I am now going to cover myself in sackcloth and ashes in the hope that RJ can forgive me.

  4. Thanks for the chance to laugh too loudly again.

    All of these are awesome, but my favorite is Ardis’ – especially since it led to the actual quote from Elder McConkie a few comments later. Ya’ gotta’ love Brother Bruce.

  5. esodhiambo says:

    Aaron–I’m sure you were laughing too hard at her comment to pay too much attention to who wrote it.

  6. Gotta be a tie between Sam Brunsun and Ardis.

  7. Mostimportantly says:

    Oh my gosh a (potential) major award!!!!!! Its an honor just to be nominated……

  8. Actually what I meant to say way Thomas Parkin and Ardis. I really liked Sam’s comment but it didn’t make me snicker to myself.

  9. Cynthia L. says:

    I was nominated for best comment at T&S where I am not a perma, does that count? :-)

  10. To be honest, with me in charge, everyone is up for nomination…

  11. Cynthia L. says:

    @7: This award would get even cooler if we did hand out Major Awards to go with it. Then everybody in their neighborhoods would know the house of our great commenters. Watch out though, I understand they break easily.

  12. What if this were monthly or bimonthly? Kinda like the Niblets Awards, but BCC only?….

  13. What about the turtlenecks comment?

  14. Good nominations. Great comments, all around. Thanks for the post, Aaron!

  15. My vote is for Newly Housewife!

  16. I like Newly Housewife’s too! Made me laugh out loud.

  17. Mommie Dearest says:

    Can I nominate that madhousewife be exempted from the permablogger rule?

  18. Newl
    Newly Housewife.

  19. Left Field says:

    The three genera of vampires are Desmodus, Diaemus, and Diphylla. There are bat genera or subgenera named Vampyrops, Vampyrum, Vampyrodes, Vampryscus, and Vampyressa, but not a single one of them has an actual vampire species. Go figure.

  20. If RJ can get in with her pseudonym, I insist ya’ll allow mine: Raymond Takashi Swenson.

  21. This is an outrage. If my calculations are correct, received 4 nominations, and therefore takes the prize.

  22. Becky broke a rule before it was even invented.

    And thanks for the nomination. If a prize were to be included I would like a “Get of a Church Presidency Calling Free” card.

  23. **Get Out of

  24. And now I have to nominate NewlyHousewife for the Best Christmas Present EVER. I want to know where I can order my “Get out of a Church Presidency Calling Free” card. Is it part of the Mormon version of Monopoly?

  25. I know it would require a little extra copying and pasting, but would it be possible to include the comments in the nomination post instead of just links? It’s a lot to ask, I know. It’s just that following the links and scrolling through the comments on my mobile device is quite tedious.

    Rebecca J is madhousewife?!? Is this news to only me or is it common knowledge? She commented under both monikers on the same post. I’m so confused.

    That get out of presidency card sounds amazing. How much do you think one of those goes for on eBay?

  26. Josh B. your right, thank you. Sorry I missed that one. The post has now been updated.

  27. Becca, if we ever do this again we will see what we can do.

  28. Come on, “Ardis E. Parshall on the Mormon doctrine of Goblins” has to be the best teaser. Now I want to know what the doctrine was…

  29. Click the link and read a few comments down the thread. It is worth your time.

  30. Aaron, I skimmed the thread, guess I need to read it in depth. I’m looking forward to the quote from Bruce R. M.

  31. Darn, I did not go far enough down that thread …

    Properly, a ghost is a spirit. In death the spirit leaves the body, or in other words the body gives up the ghost. … [scripture citations omitted]

    As part of the mythology and false worship of apostate Christendom — particularly during the dark ages — the true concept of ghosts was perverted so that disembodied spirits (ghosts) were conceived of as being hideous and horrible denizens of an unseen world who occasionally appeared in bodily likeness to torment and frighten mortals.

    Along with this twisting of the truth, concepts arose relative to apparitions, goblins, specters, spooks, sprites, elves, fairies, and the like. Though these various mythological phantoms do not exist in reality, belief in them arose initially out of the true doctrine of ghosts and other actual beings of the unseen world. Such appearances of spirit beings (supposed to be goblins, specters, and the like) as have actually occurred, probably, have been appearances of devils who never had a body rather than of disembodied ghosts.

    Ok, not so exciting. Fun though.

  32. Wow, I finally come out of lurkdom and I’m nominated for this prestigious honor. I humbly accept your praise and adoration. I’d like to thank all the little people…

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