Because let’s face it, 99% of Thanksgiving is dessert!








What are you thankful for today? What are your traditions?

(I realize this is a particularly North American post.)


  1. Favorite tradition: gooseberry pie. I can’t get gooseberries locally, and I’m not in a position to grow them right now. Cherry and apple pies are also tradition, but I’m having Thanksgiving with the in-laws this year, and I have no idea what they’ll cook up.

  2. Chris Gordon says:

    H. All of the above. :)

  3. Yes, plus chocolate pie.

  4. Apple, pumpkin and berry. And this year a new chocolate truffle pie that is delightful.

  5. The Brother of Jared says:

    We have pumpkin pie every year without fail. And it needs to be pumpkin, no squash allowed. This year we made a turducken, and the boys have already declared it the new Thanksgiving tradition.

  6. My mother has a tradition of making over 20 pies every year, most of them unique flavors. Some are exotic, some are standards, some are totally new. In addition to making an occasional turkey sandwich during the following week, we eat pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Truly a glorious tradition!

  7. Be honest, pumpkin pie cheesecake is the new classic.

  8. “And it needs to be pumpkin, no squash allowed.” Technically, pumpkin is squash…


    We recently had homemade “pumpkin” pie made from squash. Good stuff.

    And the in-laws, while providing a pretty decent Thanksgiving dinner, failed miserably on the pie. We had cupcakes and ice cream instead. Next year my wife and I will have to offer to make the pies.

  9. Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is pure blasphemy.

  10. Chocolate, berry, and pumpkin if we’re in the US. Just pumpkin this year (or whatever squash it was growing in my garden).

    I’m thinking that the 20 pies is the best Thanksgiving tradition ever.

  11. Totally pumpkin. Although this year I made it with a buttery graham cracker crust instead of the flakey pastry crust, and it went over well. Still very pumpkiny.

  12. Apple. Pumpkin is an apostate substitute for true pie.

  13. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, buttermilk, banana creme, coconut creme. This is why I’m fat.

  14. Wait. People really still eat mincemeat?

  15. We have toll house pie. Best. Pie. Ever. If you haven’t had it, you haven’t lived.

  16. This year we started a new tradition of homemade pumpkin custard ice cream and homemade peach cobbler. The combination is nigh unto divine.

  17. Sharee Hughes says:

    I want the recipe for the homemade pumpkin custard ice cream!!! This year I made a cranberry pecan pie (from the Lion House Pies cookbook). It was divine.

  18. 6 adults, 12 kids and 9 pies: pumpkin, raspberry chiffon, lemon meringue, cherry, apple, orange chocolate mousse, cheesecake, pecan and banana cream. Yep we will have 70% left over….

  19. A pie story: Years ago, M. and I enjoyed the annual invitation to visit friends on the Coast and have Thanksgiving with them. But
    the one drawback was that the chief cook of the family had a very serious streak of frugality. Most of the time, one pumpkin pie had to serve eight or ten people.

    Finally, M. took responsibility for her own dessert and bought a lovely bakery pie (pumpkin of course), which she tucked into the dresser drawer of our motel room. Well, the wheel had somehow turned that year, and our kind hosts had ready TWO large pumpkin pies and a scrumptious apple pie as well. In our well-fed post-prandial stupor, we completely forgot the cached pie. We checked out of our room that afternoon.

    About 9 p.m. that evening, a weary traveler checked into the motel and into our room. And he it was who discovered the still-fresh pumpkin pie in the drawer. He bounded down to the owners of the small ocean-side motel and said, “I’ve heard of some places baking chocolate chip coookies, but this is above and beyond! It’s a great conclusion to a lonely Thanksigiving Day!”

  20. I love pecan pie. No pecan pie this year though…

  21. David Elliott says:

    We had 21 pies this year for 27 guests. Pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan, pecan/pumpkin, and cheesecake. Sadly, we fell short of our traditional ratio of one pie per guest. Almost everybody stays through the weekend, so all pie is usually gone by Sunday evening.

  22. Clark, I love pecan too. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my family that does, so I have to go without. One year I made a chocolate pecan pie, just to see if I could tempt some chocolate lovers. I ended up eating it by myself over the next week. It was good though.

  23. This post is precisely the sort of apostate Liberal Mormon crap I’ve come to expect from BCC. Thank heavens for Meridian and M*.

  24. Sharee Hughes says:

    How about a poll on stuffing? Bread or cornbread? Do people do the same stuffig every ear or vary it? I rarely do the same stuffing twice–I always like to ty new thigs. Ths year my stuffing was made with sourdough bread, Itaiain sausage, fennel and caramelized apples. Very good, but not enough sage. I aso love cornbread with oysters.

  25. German Chocolate pie every year. This year no one at our house voted that we should even make the pumpkin pie.

  26. I would have loved a fruit pie this year! We had T-giving in the Philippines (temple trip), and unfortunately, it was not exactly what we hoped for. We found a turkey dinner buffet at a German restaurant with sides including gooseliver pate, red cabbage, and candied potatoes (not sweet potatoes – potato wedges in syrup and candy pieces). The pumpkin and orange soup was tasty, though.

  27. HG, your comment reminded me of strange Thanksgiving celebrations overseas, making due with what substitutions were available locally. That would be another interesting post…

  28. StillConfused says:

    We attend Thanksgiving at Zion Ponderosa. New chef this year. She made pumpkin pie and turtle cheesecake for the desserts.

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