Announcing a new blogger: Jacob Baker!

BCC is thrilled to announce that Jacob Baker has agreed to join us as a permablogger. Jacob is a doctoral student in Philosophy of Religion and Theology at Claremont Graduate University, and currently teaches philosophy at BYU and Utah Valley University. He thinks quipping is an art, doesn’t tweet, and does not have a favorite food. He wants to be like Steven Peck when he grows up.

In lieu of a hearty welcome, please send flowers to Steve Evans.


  1. Yay! Welcome.

  2. Does this mean I don’t need to post as often?

  3. I think it means that you were voted off the island, Aaron. We needed to make room for Jacob, and kicking Brad off has proved futile–he just keeps floating back to shore.

  4. Everyone wants to be Steven Peck when they grow up.

  5. It can never be emphasized enough.

  6. Mormon Newswire: Upon hearing news of man’s new role as permablogger on fringe “intellectual Mormon” website, area Mormon thinks, “that’s how God uses the wicked to punish the wicked.”

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    Welcome, Jacob!

  8. Steve Evans will only receive truckloads of gold leaf roses in his new 1%-er hover-mansion. You will need your corporate helicopter to deliver them.

    Tod Robbins
    Evans PR

  9. Err…. scratch the “truckloads” part as it does not conform to the “corporate helicopter” part. Joke FAIL.

  10. Tod,

    Let’s keep this post all about me, please.


  11. Welcome, Jacob. It’s always good to hear from new voices.

  12. No pressure to make every post as good as the first one . . .

  13. Welcome Jacob. It’s good to have someone around to keep Haglund in check. And Steve, all my dandelions are dead. Tracy may have some though. Happy thought!

  14. Welcome!

  15. Welcome aboard, Jacob!

  16. Welcome, Jacob!

  17. Lucky bastards.

  18. Jacob,

    A hearty welcome to you. Does this mean BCC will be graced with Mormon Newswire updates?

  19. Woohoo! I’m a Jacob Baker fan and look forward to his posts. Welcome, Jacob!

  20. I’m lookin forward to your comments Jacob.

  21. So happy to have you aboard!

  22. Great to you writing here Jacob.

  23. Or, great to have you writing here Jacob.

  24. Oh crap, I wanted to be like Jacob when I grow up. Now we are stuck in one of those infinite loop thingys. Oh well. I do have a concern about his coming on board. When we were in Poland this year, old ladies kept stealing his ice cream. Seriously. It was a major problem. I’m sensing he carries a gypsy curse. I’m not sure we want to bring that sort of thing on BCC. Ah, well. Welcome anyway.

  25. Steve, I’m pretty sure infinite loop thingys are one of your many specialties, so I’m not worried. Yeah, I still wake up screaming from nightmares of old Poland ladies. Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?

  26. Looking forward to reading your posts, Jacob. Nice acquisition, BCC.

  27. My greeting of welcome as well, Jacob, though I read far more than post…

  28. Welcome aboard!

  29. I want to be like Steve Peck when I grow up too! We should be friends. No, literally, please accept my Fb request!

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