Survey: bloggernacle impact

From Patrick Mason: At the January 2012 meeting of the American Society for Church History, I’ll be on a panel called “Teaching Mormonism in a Digital Age.” In my comments I’ll be considering the impact of the “bloggernacle” on Mormon studies, specifically in regard to the current generation of graduate students. I have designed the following questionnaire to get a better handle on why people read Mormon blogs and what they get out of them. The questionnaire is for any graduate student, full or part time, LDS or non-LDS, in any academic field. The informed consent form on the first page will explain more, or you can contact me at with any questions. Thanks for participating.

Link to survey


  1. Michael Todd says:

    I am non-LDS, but I read Mormon blogs and listen to Mormon podcasts as a graduate student. My thesis paper for was titled “Mormon Ascendancy and Dissidence: The History of the Assimilation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into American Popular Culture”.

  2. Patrick Mason says:

    Michael, I’d love to have you respond to the questionnaire. Also, is your thesis available online?

  3. Michael,

    As a graduate student who will be writing a thesis next year that might touch on your topic briefly, I was wondering if your thesis is available anywhere online that I might consult it?

  4. That sounds like a very interesting panel! I’m a grad student in Mormon Studies (I’m non-LDS myself) so I’ll be sure to take the survey.

  5. Patrick Mason says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated. I received over 100 responses, which far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to making sense of the data and then reporting on my findings.

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